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One of America Worst Presidents

Trump has a personality disorder he is dangerous, deranged, and needs to be held accountable for his actions.


One year ago, the United States Capitol was under siege by President Donald Trump supporters(mob). Before the attack, President Trump held a rally outside the White House, urging thousands of his supporters to march to the Capitol. Trump told them to fight like hell to take back their country.

Members of Congress were inside counting college electoral votes, certifying Joe Biden as the next president of the United States.

The former President Donald Trump created one of the biggest lies in history about a stolen election and election he lost on his own. He manipulated his supporters into his dirty work, he goes back to the White House to watch. The president didn't want his supporters to know that the great Donald Trump was a loser. He pumped up the heads of his supporters before they headed to the Capitol Chanting, we will fight for Trump.

President Donald Trump's erratic behavior was responsible for the loss of lives, and a police officer; who was there to protect the Capitol. Some of Trump's supporters are in jail, and others are being sorted out.

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Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on October 09, 2021:

Some of Trump supporters are questing Biden leadership and what has he done a few months after being elected President. If Former Donald Trump would allow Republicans to work with President Biden, America would get on the right track. What did Trump do after four years ? He displayed poor leadership during covid-19 after thousands died. Trump turned his back and walked away from one of the most deadly pandemics in history. People dying didn't stop Trump from campaigning for the 20-20 election. When Trump lost the election he blamed everyone except himself. One of the most damaging things Trump did was incited a riot on America soil.JMD

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