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Trump Derangement Syndrome

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Jack is retired. Before retiring, he worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.



Here is a growing list of people afflicted with TDS. What is TDS? A condition where rational, intelligent people seem to loose their perspective and lash out in public at the detriment of their careers and credibility.

- July 2018

Update: March 2020

Here are some symptoms...

  • Restlessness
  • hard to fall to sleep
  • depressed
  • anger
  • Hopeless
  • indignant
  • use of cussing
  • waiting for Mueller to come up with indictment of Russian collusion

Here Is A Growing List...

  • Brian Ross (formerly of ABC)
  • John McCain - Republican Senator from Arizona
  • John Brennan - CIA Director under President Obama’s Administration
  • Robert De Niro - Actor
  • George Will - conservative columnist
  • James Comey - Former FBI Director - fired by Trump
  • Peter Strzok - Senior FBI agent
  • Alexandria Cortez - Democratic Congressional candidate from NYC
  • David Brooks - New York Times conservative commentator
  • Andrew McCabe - Fired Deputy FBI Director for lying to Congress.
  • Kathy Griffin - Comedienne
  • Jeff Flake - GOP Senator from Arizona, leaving in 2018
  • Steve Cohen - Democratic Rep. from Tennessee
  • Eric Swalwell - Democratic Rep. from California
  • Adam Schiff - Democratic Rep. from California
  • Whoopi Goldberg - Actress and celebrity commentator
  • TIME Magazine editors
  • New York Times - “all the news that‘s fit for print”
  • The Daily News - a NY local paper
  • Bill Kristol - formerly conservative Republican pundit, now a Democrat
  • Chuck Todd - Meet The Press host
  • Speaker Nancy Pelosi
  • Mitt Romney - GOP Senator from Utah

The Bottom Line

Most people who claim they will leave if Trump elected President, will not. It is economics. They cannot leave because their livelyhood and family and friends are here. Most places will not accept an immigrant and have restrictions on their employment.

TDS is a real condition. Some people afflicted cannot help themselves. They will say and do things that are irrational and even at the detriment of their careers or well being.

My advice is for them to seek professional help. I have tried to talk to some with no avail. I try to use logic and common sense but it gets no where.

Sometimes, there is no other way.

Some Constructive Suggestions...

Here are a few ideas to try and focus your energy on countering Trump.

1. Debate on the merits of the issues and don’t get personal in your criticism.

2. Dig a little deeper and don’t rely solely on what is being reported in the media.

3. Get involved in your local elections.

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4. Vote for candidates that share your views and belief.

5. Win elections and persuade people's hearts and minds.

6. Be an individual and don’t just jump on the band wagon.

7. Learn our Constitution and civics. It is our foundation.

8. Be open to alternative views even those you may disagree at first...

9. Don’t let your emotions rule the day.

10. Use common sense.

Some Truths in the Era of Trump...

The reality is, the following would never happen if it wasn’t for Trump.

  • A tax reform bill passed
  • GDP at 4.1%
  • Jerusalem recognized as Capitol of Israel
  • Conservative Judge Gorsuch on the Supreme Court
  • North Korea summit
  • Iran Nuclear deal revoked
  • EU trade agreement to remove tariff
  • NATO funding increased by the European countries
  • Repeal of the individual mandate of the ACA
  • Return of the 55 remains of the Korean war.


For some reason, Donald Trump seems to have a knack for bringing out the worst in others. People afflicted with TDS needs professional help. They are taking all this too personal. After all, it is only politics.

Update Latest Victim of TDS...

  • Governor Cuomo of NY just said “America was never that great...”

Update: March 2020

I was reminded by a colleague that TDS is not a clinical diagnosis. That may be true but never the less, it is a real condition. I have several progressive colleagues who are the poster child of TDS. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, they are focusing all their energy on criticizing Trump. There is not a day that go by that I would receive several emails on this topic. Meanwhile, the rest of America are dealing with this virus outbreak, and seeing how Trump is doing a good job in response to this challenge.

The question is, what explains their current behavior? if not TDS.

Why would someone criticize a President for getting the job done? By all indicators, he is doing everything possible, getting the private sector to step up and help, listening to the expert doctors, passing relief act in record speed, working with the FDA to fast track new treatments...and testing.

It is easy to criticize from the sideline. Here, they are doing more than criticize, and crosses the line of sanity. Just like Chuck Todd of Meet the Press, who was asking the question if President Trump has blood on his hands...? What? This is considered journalism? TDS on steroids. Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, when asked had to slap him back to reality.

Then there is this comment by Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Trump. You can accuse Trump of many things but fiddling is definitely not one of them. Another TDS victim...

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