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Trump Is Blaming Biden for the Mess He Left on the Border

Trump is no longer the President of the United States. He needs to stop inferring about what Biden is doing.


Immigrates Leave Their Own Children at the Border

There is a growing crisis on the Border, it belongs to former President Trump, not President Joe Biden. Since the former president left office, he is blaming Biden for the Mess he created on the Border. Trump questioning Biden leadership on the Border crisis, where was Trump leadership doing the Coronavirus or the insurrection at the Capitol? President Donald Trump has never been a leader, to anyone except himself.

Biden has been President for Less than 2 and a half months and Republicans are in an uproar over the existing crisis left by Donald Trump. Trump is no longer the President of the United States and needs to let Biden do his job, the job he didn't do.

57% of Americans disapprove of Biden handling of the Border crisis, Joe Biden can't snap his fingers and the Border problems would be solved. Why didn't 57% of the people blame Trump and Republicans for not handling the Problem? Biden has done more in two and a half months than Trump has done in almost four years. The Crisis on the border can't be fixed in a week or a month, it will take time. Republicans said nothing when President Trump separated families taking innocent children out of the arms of their parents, under the policy of Former president Trump. Instead of rolling up their sleeves and working with Democrats to solve the Mess at the Border, Republicans are blaming Biden out of loyalty to Trump.

In 2016 Trump campaigned promises to the American people he would build a big tall beautiful wall, along the Mexican Border. The immigration plans of Trump had to include building the wall, the wall was more Important than fixing Immigration

Trump did nothing to fix the crisis on the Border doing his 4 years in office, now that he is a private citizen he has all the answers. Immigrants at the Border has gotten out of hand, people are coming from all over to get to this country. It's up to Joe Biden and his administrations to fix the problems on the Southern Borders. It's time for Republicans to stop blaming President Biden for the Mess T rump created 4 years ago, by themselves and Trump.

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Immigrant Parents

Some Immigrant parents are bringing their small children to the border and leaving them, so they can enter the United States. Children who are not accomplished by their Parents should be sent back . It will be hard, but immigrants has to realize that American can't solve all their Problems.


Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on March 30, 2021:

Immigrates are bringing innocent children to the border, so they can come to a country they know nothing about. It's shameful and Sad. America can't solve the problems of the world. These people need to stand up to their own government.

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