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Mr. President Poor People Pays Taxes

The Justice System was created for every American. America Justice system seems like it favors the rich. Innocent poor people count too.


The High-Class Trump Family

Donald Trump the Billionaire Businessman one of the richest men in America has refused to release his income taxes. Every president since Richard Nixon released their income taxes except president Donald Trump. Trump T

said his taxes was being audited and they was complicated.

The New York Times reported on information concerning the income taxes return of The President. Donald Trump found ways to avoid paying federal income taxes. Trump paid $750.00 in 2016. He paid nothing from ten to fifteen years.When Trump asked about the $750.00 he allegedly paid he lied and said he paid millions of dollars in taxes. Trump still refuse to show proof that he paid his taxes.

The American system has protected president Trump more than they have any president, Trump whim and they protect him. It 's the duties, of the Supreme Court to do their jobs they work for the American people not Trump. Trump own golf courses, Homes, Planes, hotels, and business and haven't paid but a few dollars in taxes. Poor people with low paying jobs pays more taxes than Donald Trump paid in 15 years.

In a few weeks election day will be upon us it's time for every Black and Brown person to go to the poll and vote,for the Good of America Trump believes that he is the chosen one and do what ever he wants to do. For 15 years he has gotten away with paying taxes like every other working American. Donald Trump is for the rich and does nor care about the poor.

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Maxine Daniels Foster (author) from Boston MA on October 01, 2020:

This president Trump has lied to the America people for almost 4 years. If Donald Trump lose the electionhew3ill never leave peacefully. By not Denouncing the Proud-Boys Trump has a plan to stir up trouble with hate groups If Trump supporters goes along with this they are no better than he is, JMD

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