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True Crime Commentary: The Russell Williams Case

The first step is to know what you do not know. The second step is to ask the right questions. I reserve the right to lean on my ignorance.


Why Should/Are True Crime Cases (be) Told, Re-told, Studied, and Analyzed?

Let's tackle the general question first.

Why do/should people tell, re-tell, study, and analyze true crime cases?

The simple answer is this: To build up human knowledge about how to spot dangerous people who hide their true motives; and thus help someone, perhaps even ourselves, evade life-threatening/life-ending danger by learning to detect and evade human monsters, "wolves in sheep clothing," as it were.

For example, the Chris Watts case in Colorado opened the door for several mental health professionals of many varieties, to take to YouTube and educate us about something called covert narcissism.

Beware: All psychopaths are narcissists, but not all covert narcissists are psychopaths!

Narcissism comes part of the package deal with psychopathy; but psychopathy may or may not come part of the package deal with covert narcissism.

If the life of just one man or woman is saved because he or she has learned to spot the signs of narcissism (with, perhaps the accompaniment of psychopathy) in a perspective romantic partner... well, that would be a good thing!

The Russell Williams Case

I am not going to go over the details of the Russell Williams case.

It is easily Google-able (I just invented the word 'Google-able').

Here's the gist:

About a decade ago, in Canada, there was a Canadian air services colonel called Russell Williams. He commanded the air base at Trenton.

During his period of commanding the Trenton facility, Williams abducted and raped four women, and killed two of them. He also broke into homes and stole hundreds of articles of women's underwear. He is also known to have taken pictures of himself wearing the women's underwear.

Question: Why did Russell Williams steal women's underwear?


  1. Because stealing women's underwear was less conspicuous than stealing women's dresses.
  2. Because he wanted to try them on: a) to see how they looked on him; b)and more specifically, I believe he was imagining what kind of WOMAN he would look like.
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Question: What do you mean he was "imagining what kind of WOMAN he would look like"?

Answer: I believe Williams is a repressed transsexual. I believe he was born a male, who really sees himself as a female. Furthermore, I think he sees himself as a gay female, thus Williams's marriage to a woman makes him look conventionally heterosexual.

Question: Why did Williams commit the violence against women, especially if he secretly wants to be one?

Answer: I believe his violence emerged as a struggle between his "demon" and his "angel."

Question: Please explain.

Let's use the angel-on-the-right shoulder -- demon-on-the-left-shoulder model.

Williams's "angel" wants him to "live his truth," as it were, and be true to himself in openly identifying as a female, and take steps to make his outer reality match his inner reality.

Williams's "demon" thinks that sentiment is nonsense. A military career would be impossible, from the perspective of the demon, if Williams were to "live his truth," as it were. Note: It may very well have been Williams's "demon" that "drove" him into pursuing a career in the military as a way to attempt to suppress, what the demon perceived as "subversive feminine feelings."

It is Williams's "angel" that broke into homes and stole women's underwear --- WITHOUT coming into contact with anyone and WITHOUT harming anyone. It would have been his "angel" that wanted to carry out the underwear thefts with no human contact, with no harm being done to anyone!

It was this "angel" that caused Williams to try on the underwear and imagine --- no doubt favorably --- what kind of woman he would look like.

This activity always supremely outraged Williams's "demon."

The demon would then cause Williams to harm women. The demon would point to the overcome female and, effectively say something to Williams (not the "angel"): Is that what you want to be?

The purpose of the demon's attack was to demonstrate to Williams the vulnerable frailty of women, as something supposedly undesirable

These attacks never dissuaded Williams from his secret desire to be a woman, in my opinion.

Question: Who confessed, Williams's "demon" or his "angel"?

Answer: Williams's "demon," of course, relieved that the "drama" is all over. There will be no sex change operation now!

Thank you for reading!

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