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Trees and Plants: What Would They Say, If They Could Speak Like the Humans.

Chitrangada cares for Nature and it's inhabitants. She wants to create awareness, among the people for environment care and reforestation.

Trees are so important for Human beings

Trees are so important for Human beings

If the trees in your garden could speak-----!

If the trees in your garden could speak-----!

What would we do without the Trees?

It was a beautiful morning, with bright Sunshine, a gentle breeze and a promising day ahead. Walking past the many lined up trees in the park, I was just looking up at them with curiosity.

The huge branches spread far and wide, sometimes being blown by the gentle breeze, as if trying to say something to me and all those people walking past them, who were unmindful of--almost ignoring their presence there.

It seemed to me as if they were asking--how you pepole ignore our presence, but what would you do without us--the Trees!

The food grains, vegetables, fruits, medicines, furniture, paper and so many more things. Can we imagine, how much dependent we are, on the trees for our very survival?

Besides food, the trees also provide raw materials for our flourishing industries, which provide employment to so many people.

In fact, all our basic necessities, that is air, water, food, clothing and shelter come directly or indirectly from the trees.

We thus, owe our very existence to the 'Trees.'


“The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade, you don’t expect to sit.”

— Nelson Henderson

“What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

short, simple yet powerful message, source: You tube

Gifts of Nature--Our Trees !

Gifts of Nature--Our Trees !

If The Trees Could Speak----

If the trees could speak, they would probably speak the following things:

  • It would say, 'ouch!', if one of us poked a pin, into the leaves, on one of it‘s branches.
  • It would scream with pain, if we cruelly break, one of its twigs or branches.
  • It’s flowers would gasp piteously, if we plucked them off, to decorate our rooms, or to gift them, to someone in the bouquets.
  • It‘s leaves would suffer from pain, if the smoke from the nearby chemical factory were to blow continuously across it.
  • The trees might shock us, by complaining that it’s most bitter enemy is---the man.
  • They might relate to us, the countless murders, of many trees by the man.
  • They would discuss fiercely, man's thoughtlessness in uprooting the trees, so that he might build tall buildings, and other modern ways for his comfort.
  • They might curse us--the humans, for not being judicious enough, in utilizing the gifts of Nature.


“A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.”

― Franklin D. Roosevelt

Trees provide shelter to innumerable birds, insects, and animals.

Trees provide shelter to innumerable birds, insects, and animals.

Trees maintain the balance in nature

Trees maintain the balance in nature

Trees are living, they have life, and they are generous

  • It is a proven fact that the trees have life, just as humans and animals.
  • We do utilise their benefits, and they do maintain the balance in Nature.
  • If they could speak, they would also express their pleasures and pain.
  • They could talk about the coming and going of seasons; which season is comfortable to them, and which season creates troubles for them, or their survival.
  • Tree trunks might tell about their age, about how long they have been there, and whom they have seen.
  • Many people believe that the trees are like our forefathers or grandparents. You can experience comfort, by touching them or hugging them, in the times of distress.
  • The trees are so generous, to provide us the food, fruits, vegetables and they are the reason for our survival.
  • Not only that, the wood from the trees is used for the construction purpose, as the raw materials, for making the ships, the railway carriages, for fuel and for so many other things. The list is endless.
  • We get cotton from the cotton plants, wood pulp to make paper, tea, coffee, spices, rubber, oil from the oil seeds, soap materials, cosmetics and so many other products.
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The Tree Song, source: You tube

Trees Maintain Balance In Nature

  • Trees keep the environment clean.
  • They take away the harmful Carbon dioxide from the air and supply the atmosphere with precious life sustaining Oxygen.
  • They reduce air pollution.
  • Forests are so essential. because they retain humidity and attract rains.
  • There will be no rain if there are no trees.
  • Trees check strong currents of wind and water and thus prevent soil erosion.
  • In this way they help to preserve soil fertility.
  • They also hold the soil together and thus prevent the fury of floods.
  • Roots of trees keep the water below the soil.
  • Forests provide shelter to innumerable number of birds, animals and insects, thus maintaining the ecological balance of nature.
  • If we keep on cutting the trees indiscriminately, there would be no rain and the vast lands may turn into deserts.
  • Mankind would perish for want of food, drinking water, fresh air and sufficient humidity.
Trees can control pollution and also cause rains.

Trees can control pollution and also cause rains.

What must be done to save theTrees?

It is a wake up call for all the humanity.

Please be grateful to the trees, for their contribution, and our very existence.

Our prime and urgent duty should be, to conserve the existing trees, and plant and grow more and more trees.

It’s not that difficult and one can inspire others by setting example. To start with, set regular tree plantation programs. Invite others to do the same. Make it a community program and watch the trees grow and multiply.

The reckless felling of the trees, and the the destruction of the forests, should be made a crime punishable under the law, with utmost severity.