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Transferal of America to Socialism


Freedom Or Socialism? The Choice Is Still Ours | David Fiorazo


In the course of recent history, we have seen some rather impactful changes in our country and Political System. The key issues facing the United States are buried in back room deals and convoluted facts fed to the populous by our own media. Even the FBI is now under investigation.

Under the Obama-Biden Administration, the worst healthcare reform (the Affordable Care Act or ACA) was introduced as a great way to offer healthcare to people that could not afford it, The principal of the program was to shift the burden of the indigent and low-income healthcare cost from the government onto the middle class and the wealthy. While most of the wealthy already had healthcare coverage, and the rest would not be affected by or need the ACA. But because of the increases in premiums and required deductibles, the cost was so drastic to the middle-class, the program began to fall apart. Even the fines levied for non-participation were more affordable for them. And the ACA left millions of people without coverage.

When the current POTUS took office, he pledged to rid America of the ACA, however, it was so well orchestrated by attorneys and politicians, that dismantling the program too fast would leave the indigent and disabled who depended on it without coverage. Additionally, the ACA still has constituents that helped design the 2200-page debacle, earning money from it, even though they have no relation to the healthcare system.

Now that the ACA is beginning to crumble, the republican party is working on a plan to rid America of it, and yet still offer an equitable replacement healthcare plan. The democratic parties are offering another version; a “revision” and expansion of the ACA, which will help them move more Americans into dependency on its government.

But this goes much deeper than many realize. There are elements within this country and abroad, whose wealth far exceeds that of people like the Gates, the Rockefellers and Trump families. Their wealth is so great they can pay other countries to interfere in elections, pay protesters to cause social unrest, and develop an orchestrated chaos to sway the uneducated into their political agendas. With the help of the liberal media, they want to convince Americans to empower them into position and continue their desecration of the American freedoms, while still generating more income for themselves.

With the stimulus cost of the pandemic, coupled with unregulated congressional spending, the US is already beyond the point where they can pay off the National debt. Although most of the democratic and independent Americans, want to protect their rights and freedoms, there is a divisive group of individuals working to gain control of the country, by manipulating young voters into assisting them with their take over.

Turning the US into a socialist nation is only one election away. If the democratic party takes office, Biden (a puppet of their regime) will do as he promised, and lock down the country, release illegal immigrants imprisoned, and grant free citizenship to all illegals. The democrats believe they will create 20 million new voters for their party. But the fallacy is that most of these immigrants do not want citizenship and do not want to pay taxes. They will continue to send money home, where the dollar is far more valuable to them than here. Additionally, the influx of illegals will drive down labor cost and leave Americans unemployed, virtually wiping out the blue-collar workforce.

Once the economy is destroyed and Americans are on their heels, Socialism will be offered as a solution, abolishing the national debt, and stabilizing the economy. This has happened many times before in history, but because congress has removed much of history from education, the young voters are unable to see the dangers of socialism, and how in each case it failed constantly, but the ones that suffered were the people residing within its confines.

Before WW1, in the 1920’s the Nationalist Party (Nazi) in Germany, offered seemingly great changes to a desperate people, by shifting blame and turning the populous against a race of people and taking the country into domination under the third Reich. Russia was turned from a free nation into a socialist nation using much of the same reasoning after WW1 when Russia became impoverished and its people poor and desolate, turned to socialism as an answer to east their plight.

America is once again facing Black Lives Matter (BLM) which first debuted when Obama ran for POTUS and again intertwined its racial Semitism protest in the first election of Trump. BLM joined with Antifa (an anti-fascist/Terrorist group) to have “Peaceful Demonstrations” The demonstrations gained numbers when others believing they were adding to the BLM/Antifa protest, joined in.

The reason behind the protest were not what the posters displayed, or the rhetoric shouted out by participants, or to remove Police or law enforcement. The real issue was more troubling. If violence propagated and injuries ensued, the media coverage would be paramount. Americans in the rest of the country would see not the other races participating, but the Black Americans causing social unrest, resulting in injury and death of the innocent bystanders. In a shrewd choreographed display, members of the Arian white supremist filter into the protest and bring in the violence and turn it into a manifesto of their desires against Black Americans. Then as if it was all planned in advance, Biden ask Trump in the debate if he would condemn the white separatist, which would link the republican party to the demonstrations.

The reason the actions of the protesters are not condemned by the governor and mayoral leaders in those communities is because it was believed it would aid in their electoral process and bring further separation between race. Then, Democratic candidates are able will take a stand against these groups, even though they are likely, the ones that orchestrated and supported them. They can then use social issues already in place in the country, shifting the blame on the current administration and switch the unknowing populous to their side of the ballot.

In previous years we have seen gun violence and mass shootings take place, bringing in movements to remove guns from the people. But were these random acts by mentally challenged individuals? Or were they just pawns enabled into action to bring about public mindset against guns. Seemingly the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many, and the sacrifice of one life (or some lives especially a child’s), is worth the cost if it brings about a desired change.

The governmental (and anti-gun lobbyist) attempts to remove guns from the people, go in-line with the newly re-enacted Patriot Act, which gives the government the right to imprison and detain individuals without cause indefinitely, until the deemed social unrest is abolished. If guns are removed, a basic inalienable right, then Americans are defenseless to protect themselves from an oppressive government, Sadly the very thing the protesters are fighting for (their political freedom) will be stripped away and America will for the first time in history be turned into a socialist nation.

Now more than ever individuals need to educate themselves and research the facts that are being skewed on the internet and the media and seek out the truth. Only then can we stake a stand to protect our freedoms and unify America as a Nation. United we stand, divided we fall. So many have fought for our rights, many making the ultimate sacrifice, so this Nation would be and remain free. To allow it to be turned over to socialism and eventually communism, is a disgrace to them, and a disparagement to all patriotic Americans.


Sharlee on October 08, 2020:

I am of the same thought. I think the majority of American's like freedom and all America has provided.

must65gt (author) on October 08, 2020:

Your fears are well understood and many people are very confused as to which way to go some actually believed that under Biden if you make Less than a $125000 a year the you qualify for free college education. Some people don't think about where the money will come from and how all these wonderful things he promises are gonna be paid for the only answer is socialism but we as Americans are strong and I think you will find that when really put to the crunch American will stand up like it did the last election and LB no way he could overtake the righteous Americans

Sharlee on October 08, 2020:

I agree with your sentiment in regard to the need for Americans as individuals need to educate themselves through research, looking for facts instead of blindly believing what they hear and see from the internet and the media. I talk with many citizens due to canvassing for the Republican party, I can assure you more are willing to listen to the skewed media reports than you might think. Many citizens have grasped much of the rhetoric they have been exposed to by media. Much of which has been proven to be false due to being reported out of context. It also appears many on the right are accepting that the divide in our society is very much needed and willing to stand their ground. So many resolute in the belief that Biden will issue in Socialism. I have come to the conclusion the "great divide" is becoming much worse, and will actually result in a clear right and a clear left...... This kind of unity would seem to be dangerous and could lead to conflict. So my point, how can unity come about with two sides with such different ideas of which path the Country should be on?

Binoy from Delhi on October 07, 2020:

It is our responsibility to stand together and fight for unity. Each individual should stand for unity. It is well said.United we stand divided we fall. I enjoyed it. Thank You.

must65gt (author) on October 07, 2020:

again thanks for your comments, I believe in America and I believe we can accomplish what is necessary to preserve the freedoms we treasure, This too will pass, and we will persevere,

Sharlee on October 07, 2020:

I am not as optimistic about the Country staying on the path the fore-fathers desired or worked to establish. Our history shows as a rule we learn from our mistakes and work to right the ship. At this point in history, the ship may be headed for the rocks...And could become very damaged.

must65gt (author) on October 07, 2020:

thanks Shariee, although I had to change some of the content to make it more readable, I believe Americans must stand together and work to eliminate racial segregation in our thoughts and actions. The America can be the nation our fore-fathers desired to establish.

Sharlee on October 06, 2020:

I so enjoyed your article... I share your views and have good trust that the majority of Americans do too.

must65gt (author) on October 02, 2020:

Thanks for reading, i believe we all need to do aome research of our own to protect this country from the entities trying to destroy it.

Ken Burgess from Florida on October 02, 2020:

Good Article, food for thought.

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