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Traffick'd: A Survival Guide


Human Trafficking


Yes, People are still being taken despite the crisis we face every day

So full disclosure, I owe this article to my almost thirteen year old. She's a very beautiful girl. She's talented, intelligent, and very responsible. She has accomplished great things thus far. I always believe we should teach our children to forge their own paths both with and separate from our own. She has won a scholarship at 10, placed in the top 50 in the National Spelling Bee in DC in the fifth grade. She has been the Ambassador for the March of Dimes, not to mention did a little acting, and met the now Vice President of the United States Kamala, etc. To say I'm proud is an understatement I just can't wait to see what other great things she accomplishes until her graduation and beyond.

However, I would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge that our journey is leading us to move to California and one of the horrible things it shares with NY and some other cities is a problem with human traffic. I have for the past few days been watching countless stories of survivors and I will say. This horrible business of snatch and grab or lure and overtake has evolved as most practices often do. A success business adjusts with the times and the method become more aggressive.

As a kid we were told never to go with strangers and we were warned against people asking to buy us ice cream or looking for a lost puppy. We warned to stay away from vans and be in before the street lights, etc. That was in the 90's and that was in cases of kidnapping. With human traffic we are taught as women don't wear your hair in a certain style, don't go to stores at a certain time where the parking garage maybe dimly light. We were taught get in and get out and pay attention to your surroundings. I am going to attach videos of the stories I feel have tips that could save a life along with the human traffic hotline where you can report an incident if you need to.

I have learned 2021's snatch and grab be aware of the overly talkative, loud, and friendly person. They may be trying to get you to let your guard down by trying to build rapport with you. There was an incident I have in the youtubers video where the lady talked her head off while she pumped her for details to find out if she was alone, her room number, her age, etc. I will say also listen to your instincts and if something seems too good to be true or gives you bad vibes or something seems off walk away.

Another thing I noticed is they are using children who have no idea of what is happening as a way of validating that they are harmless. I mean who in the right mind would do this in front of their child right? As I said they will do anything to get you to trust them and let your guard down.

Another thing I found they have in common with the overseas scammer is they try to win your trust by either making you feel sorry for them. Oh they are down on their luck and they need your help or they are there to offer you the opportunity of a lifetime. They have learned certain things about you through their conversation and they want to help you.

Some times they work in teams and one of the team members may try to approach your after the other but they approach you in a concerned way. Like, are you okay, he was creepy, etc. Again with this I will say listen to your gut if something feels uncomfortable or off walk away. There is no shame in saying no, being rude, or feeling impolite because that maybe the thing that saves your life. Yes they tend to prey on those they feel are young, naive, alone, vulnerable, or any easy target.

I have found it seems they are not only trafficking women and children but also men are human trafficked also. I also found most victims are too embarrassed to come forward. Some are not even certain if there truly was an attempt to be trafficked made against them. In these situations knowledge is power. Awareness is everything and discernment and a quick willingness to follow your intuition can be the difference between being taken and almost being taken.

I have provided plenty of resources in this article share if you care with someone who needs to be aware. The truth is millions of people in the US and other countries go missing every day under duress. We owe it to our children and the people we come in contact with to be educated and educate them so they don't unassumingly become a victim. If you are a tourist you can be very vulnerable and these people know that. They can be at your resort, on the subway, at the nail salon, right on the street, etc. Be safe. I will be doing a follow up article on, how to spot a human trafficking victim and what to do. Take care and remember if you think you're tripping and don't trust your own vibe phone a level headed friend or family member.

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