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Torsion Field Hyperdimensional Physics Unlocks the Matrix of Consciousness and Reality


Torsion field hyperdimensional physics sounds very complicated, but it really isn't. This type of science is still termed "pseudo" science, but that really only means that it doesn't fit into the current consensus view of reality. A very long time ago, "Round Earth" was pseudoscience; now, "Flat Earth" is pseudoscience. Unless of course, you ask the "Flat Earth" crowd: they will tell you that "Round Earth" is pseudoscience. It seems that this term (pseudoscience) is much more closely related to perspective and opinion rather than to anything factual. Besides, all science is considered "pseudo" until it is accepted, then it is just called "science". We should quickly move beyond the term "pseudoscience" as soon as we see it, and use our own minds to decide what we think rather than allowing others (who probably lived a very long time ago) to dictate what we should be thinking. In the end, It really makes no difference if the science is actually correct or not; it only matters if it is agreed upon or not! When it comes to the mainstream world, facts and truth make very little difference; what the majority agree on is what is considered to be "true" and "factual". The actual factual truth doesn't really mean anything, what is perceived to be true by the majority is what matters. In this type of situation we are never going to get anything like the truth; let's use our own minds to look at this, and all things, and come to our own conclusions. Too much has been missed and lost as a result of people just believing whatever they have been told -- don't miss something important based on the opinion of someone else. What is your opinion? You can find someone to say anything is "nonsense" and you can find someone who will say exactly the opposite, so it doesn't matter what other people think. Quite frankly: other people's opinions are highly irrelevant to one's own personal "truth" -- so none of it matters. So what, whatever someone somewhere thinks or believes? It's none of my business really; why should I care what they think? I do not. They don't care what my opinion is; why should I bother myself with theirs? Use your own mind, that's why you have it; determine what you think and believe -- on your own terms. Match things up to your own experience, intuition, knowledge base, integrity, and morals -- use that to determine what you believe to be true rather than just blindly accepting what you are told. Blind obedience and unquestioning conformity have caused our world to become as it is, and let's not kid ourselves; there are some very serious problems in the world that need to be addressed. Consequently, It is time to address them. Surely we can have a better world than what we have right now, and that all starts in our own minds. We are not going to change anything by addressing things with the same level of awareness and consciousness that actually caused many of the problems we are facing in the first place. Therefore, we must re-evaluate things and have another look at all we believe to be true. The time has come to rethink the version of reality we have been lied and manipulated into believing is real. If you ever think you know all there is to know and have everything "all figured out", that is exactly when you should go have another look; because you probably don't know what you think you know ... time to have another look. It is time to move beyond the manipulated illusion and have another look at things; we even need to go as far as re-examining and re-evaluating the very nature of what we call "reality". What is "reality"? No, what is it really?

Another Look

Although torsion field hyperdimensional physics has been"officially" dismissed as pseudoscience, it is still absolutely fascinating and the possibilities are endless -- it's time to have another look at it. If this idea is true, and many people absolutely believe it is, it completely challenges every idea in what we currently accept as "physics" and "science". This theory is astounding and compellingly answers many questions that seem to be mysteries. This has the potential to become a science that is fundamental to our foundational understanding of what we call "reality" ... and the implications are probably beyond what most of us are capable of fully comprehending or appreciating. We can only understand what we are capable of understanding; hopefully, there will come a time when we will be more capable of understanding what torsion field hyperdimensional physics is suggesting.


When multiple sets of waves interact with one another it is called an "interference pattern". If a rock is thrown into a pond, it will create a circular ripple effect on the surface of the water; that's a "wave". If multiple rocks are thrown into the pond, each rock will cause its own wave; each wave produced will influence and be influenced by any other waves it interacts with. Waves can amplify each other, cancel each other out, or even cause entirely new waves to form. When many waves interact, it can become a very intricate, complex, and detailed interference pattern. If waves or interference patterns are viewed as a single paused moment, that moment is a perfect representation (an "image") of what caused them. In the case of the rocks and the pond, a photograph of the waves on the surface of the water would show a perfect two-dimensional representation of the rocks that caused those waves. Said another way, a single image of any interference pattern effectively provides information about whatever caused the waves that generated that particular interference pattern. In fact, the wave pattern is a perfect representation of whatever caused the waves. If we work backwards from the waves, we should be able to obtain an enormous amount of information about the rock. If we work the other way we should be able to predict with a high level of accuracy what kind of wave it will produce in the water. So far so good, right? Just makes sense really. Now ... according to torsion field hyperdimensional theory (and this is a big deal if it is true), a geometric structure called a "tetrahedron" (specifically the double opposing spinning tetrahedron) is fundamental to the very base of what we call the "fabric" of reality. This idea also suggests that this particular geometry is a necessary component in the creation and generation of all that goes on in nature, including the entire Universe, consciousness, reality, and existence itself. A double opposing tetrahedron would be a four-sided pyramid (interestingly ... just like the ones in Egypt) pointing upwards overlaid with another four-sided pyramid pointed downwards. A two-dimensional representation would be an equilateral triangle pointed upwards over another one pointed down -- as in the six-pointed star. All that this would imply and connect to is absolutely fascinating to contemplate in expanded thinking. This actually connects into so much that it would take many pages in a very long book for this information to ever come close to being in its proper perspective. These "dots" are not easily connected: one must possess an enormous amount of often obscure and elusive knowledge in order to understand the profound significance of what this could mean. In what way is the six-pointed star relevant to the world? Maybe the world is nothing at all like the way we think it is. Maybe we don't actually "know" anything; maybe we only think we do -- it is simply staggering to consider all that this really may imply and suggest.


As the theory of torsion field hyperdimensional physics progresses, we learn that the degree of 19.47 becomes of significant interest. The reason this is important: if a perfect six-pointed star (which is a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional double opposing tetrahedron) is placed inside a circle and aligned vertically (north and south), the points of the star touch the circle at 19.47 degrees. If torsion field hyperdimensional physics is correct, then we should see some examples of it ... and we do. All over the place, in fact. Researchers suggest that the reason Earth has so many fascinating and unusual features at 19.47 degrees from north and south is because of the spinning double opposing tetrahedron that apparently brings about the physical structure of the planet. This is not only true of Earth, it is also true of all the other planets too -- 19.47 degrees seems to be significant to everything in the Universe. The Universe itself may be the result of a massive rotating double opposing tetrahedral vortex that twisted and turned itself into existence in a sudden burst of amazing energy that has been mistaken for a "Big Bang". Maybe there was no "bang"; maybe it was a "spin" that twisted and turned and violently rotated itself into a vortex of "existence". What if everything came from a Big Spin and not a Big Bang? We must then be experiencing the spin cycle of a great washing machine that we have no potential of ever understanding! Why do galaxies, black holes, hurricanes, and tornadoes spin, spiral, twist, and rotate themselves into and out of existence? Why does everything "physical" conform to the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio? Why is everything -- everything -- based on a spiral? Torsion field hyperdimensional physics answers these questions quite convincingly and can be demonstrated to do so. Spinning is obviously a fundamental part of something -- if not, why is it simply everywhere you look in the entire Universe? Because: it is fundamental to all that exists; that's why, and spinning is fundamental to torsion -- this all just ends up fitting together so perfectly that something absolutely has to be happening that is beyond our current understanding of things. If someone somewhere did not want the people of Earth to know about this stuff, they sure have done a good job of keeping the information away from us. Almost no-one even knows anything about any of this ... maybe there is a reason for deliberately keeping this information from the people, and maybe this reason goes back thousands and thousands of years. It requires a huge amount of knowledge to understand how this all connects together; but if you are going to base your whole idea of reality on something, you better make sure you have done your homework. You better understand what you are doing, and what you are talking about, when it comes to this stuff. If your beliefs and ideas don't stand up to scrutiny, they really aren't worth much; they have to be based on solid factual foundations in order to truly be valid and worth anything. Before you can build a large structure, like a house, you first must have a foundation for that structure. That foundation stands under the full weight of the structure, therefore, the foundation under stands the structure -- because it stands under the structure. What if all that we have been taught, and all that we believe has no actual foundation in anything factual? And what if we have no understanding of anything -- maybe we only think we do. Maybe we haven't gone and stood under what we believe to be true about the world, and maybe this is why so many things in what we call "physics" just don't make any sense. Maybe this is because the "people" who were supposed to tell us about the true nature of reality never went and stood under anything; maybe "they" (the same people who came up with the word "pseudo", by the way) only assumed there was a foundation to what they have demanded for us to believe. Maybe "they" have no actual understanding of anything. Maybe, if we go stand under what "they" have told us, we will finally under stand (since we are standing under) that the foundation is actually based on assumption rather than fact. What if upon standing under the information we have been given for our whole lives about "reality", we finally realize that we have been lied to about the whole thing and that there is no factual foundation for any of it? What if everything we think we know was based on baloney? They tell us that torsion field hyperdimensional physics is pseudoscience, but what happens when we look for evidence of it? It is literally everywhere! One big bright glaring example is the Sun; in fact, all stars consist of huge rotating fields of unimaginable twisting and turning. Another really good example is the planet Saturn; at its north pole is a spinning vortex in the unmistakable and undeniable shape of a hexagon. Why? What would ever cause something like that? Well ... a hexagon is what is at the center of a hexagram. A hexagram is a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional double opposing tetrahedron. Therefore, a spinning vortex in the shape of a hexagon would be expected, if torsion field hyperdimensional physics is correct. There are other planets that have the same thing too, and therefore, they must also have enormous torsion fields operating within. Official science doesn't really have an explanation why these vortexes are shaped as they are or behave as they do, but torsion field hyperdimensional physics seems to explain it very well. Another example: if you look at impact craters they are always roundish, yes, but they are also nearly always hexagonal in shape. Crater after crater, on moons and planets alike, even ones on asteroids -- almost all impact craters are shaped hexagonally. Why would this be? I can think of at least one possibility ... or, uhm, maybe it's just a mystery (a "pseudo" mystery perhaps) -- never really know about these things for sure. Uhm ... excuse me ... sorry for interrupting, but did someone say "pseudo"? No, surely not, let me look away as quickly as possible. No, it cannot be! If you dismiss and condemn something, having done no research, what does that make you? Anyway, no matter where you go looking, including your own consciousness, down to the very fabric of our reality -- it really looks like torsion field hyperdimensional physics is much more than "pseudo" anything; it looks like there really might be something to this. What would cause such geometric patterns to exist at all? It just makes no sense that these patterns would exist, unless of course, there is some kind of underlying universally present cause of it being so; this is one of the fundamental questions that torsion field hyperdimensional physics is trying to answer.

Cymatic experiment


"Cymatics" is a term popularized by a scientist named Hans Jenny, who did a large number of experiments with wave phenomena. He used powders, liquids, solids, and a variety of other materials to "see" sound waves. The materials would be placed onto flat surfaces that were easily able to be vibrated, then sound would be used to cause the desired vibration. The Greek mathematician named Euclid said, "Things which are equal to the same thing are also equal to one another." Therefore (in this context): sound = vibration = frequency. Hans Jenny's experiments revealed that the material being vibrated formed intricate geometric patterns (interference patterns) based solely on the frequencies being applied to them. When the frequency changed, the pattern changed -- always. These geometric patterns are called "Chladni Figures" because of Ernst Chladni, who had previously done similar experiments. Some of Chladni's experiments involved light frequencies (everything, including light, is frequency/vibration/sound) being applied to particulates suspended in water. Frequencies emitted from light caused the same geometric arrangements (of course they did!) of particulates suspended in water as sound frequencies did to particles resting on a flat surface. The results were the same because frequencies determine the geometric patterns of vibrating matter. Think, in this context, of all the vibrating atoms that make up every single thing in the entirety of the three-dimensional physical Universe that we think of as "reality" -- just think of what this means. This type of frequency research seems to have originated with someone named Robert Hooke, a member of the Royal Society of London. All the way back in the 1600s Robert Hooke was doing the same kind of research; he used tiny particles, like sand, placed on glass plates which were influenced by frequency ... same results -- of course the results were the same. The results are always the same -- and can always be demonstrated to be the same, no matter how many times it is done. These conclusions fit the very strictest model of what is termed the "scientific method". What this all comes down to: frequency is not only equal to sound and vibration, but as a matter of provable science, frequency is also equal to ... geometry. Ah, I see how this connects now; how very interesting and clever. Frequency/sound/vibration is geometry ... period. That is very simple, sure, but if understood properly it has the potential to change the entire way humanity sees the world and its own existence. Geometry and frequency are expressions of the same thing; that is why impact craters are shaped the way they are and why Saturn has a hexagon shaped vortex at its north pole. These things are a direct result of the underlying frequencies that caused them. What might happen to all matter if the "frequency" of the Universe suddenly changed? What if the frequency of our planet (Schumann resonance) suddenly changed? What might happen? According to Cymatics, a whole lot might happen. If there were a sudden and dramatic change in the frequency in which we live, how might that affect the cells in our bodies? What if there was a very slow, gradual, and unnoticeable change in the frequency in which we live -- one that took place slowly over a very long period of time? It could literally change life as we know it, but no-one would even know anything ever happened if it occurred slowly enough. What if that is already happening? These are interesting things to think about. How do the frequencies of cell phones, Wi-Fi, smart meters, and all this other technology ... how might this affect our physical bodies? How might it affect our consciousness? This is something that deserves at least a bit of our attention. This requires a lot of "dot connecting" to see how it all fits together, but when these dots are connected a most amazing story emerges. What are the factual foundations of what we believe to be true? How important is it for the human race to really know and understand the truth? These are important questions that should be contemplated and considered. Some people believe, and rightfully so, that the artificial "technological field" that we have created and -- are always immersed in -- is causing massive changes in the dynamics of the human being. What if it does, and what if that's true? What are we doing? Have you ever thought about it? Do you know anyone who has had cancer? And what if something is being deliberately done to the human race to achieve a particular and specific end? What this all connects into, and how far it actually goes, is profound and challenges the bounds of language, IQ, and comprehension. It is a monumental task to acquire the knowledge and perception of reality needed to adequately place into a proper perspective what this all means. What are we doing by altering the frequency that we and future generations will spend their entire lives in? And, what exactly, are we doing to the future "human" by subjecting ourselves, and them, to all of this? This is something to consider -- it's important -- and it ties directly into torsion field hyperdimensional physics.

"The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work... when you go to church... when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth." - Morpheus - The Matrix

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Humans are Blind

If the human eye could see everything in all of the space around us, we would see interference patterns everywhere -- because they are everywhere. A fully functional human eye can only detect about 0.0035% of the electromagnetic spectrum -- that's tiny. If you could only see 0.0035% of what a perfectly sighted person can see, every eye doctor in the world is going to say you are "visually impaired" or "legally blind", and so we are. We cannot even detect 1% of what is actually there; how can we consider ourselves anything other than "blind"? You think you are seeing all that is in the space around you, but you are not. You are not even seeing a fraction of what is there -- you cannot, not even remotely close. Visible light occupies a tiny section of the full spectrum: we can't see as well as we think we can. Why do you think "scientists" freely admit that they cannot "see" the vast majority of what is in the Universe? Because, they can't, that's why -- and these are the very people we trust to tell us about "reality"! What a sick joke! "Scientists" will never be able to see "all that is", and they know this, or at least they should. The fact is, that human beings can only physically detect an exceedingly small portion of what is actually there ... think about that the next time you suddenly feel as if you are being "watched" in an otherwise empty room. Maybe you are being watched ... maybe it is the "connected dots" that are watching you, sure seems to be plenty of them around here. More dots: if you could suddenly see all that is around you, you would agree that your previous ability to see was very close to actual blindness. Humans are basically blind, and that's just all there is to it. This is the same with all of our "senses" really; do you think you are hearing all there is to hear? Maybe your dog knows the answer. Further: there are things we have no senses capable of detecting; much exists that the human body simply has no ability to detect, no matter how refined ones senses might be. Human noses cannot smell things that dog noses can smell; human eyes cannot see things cat eyes can see, and even though this is obvious we still tend to think we are somehow fully aware of everything around us -- we are not, not even close. Even with all of our senses combined we only barely scratch the surface of detecting "all that is"; there are countless obvious examples of this that we all know to be true. What about the stuff we don't even know that we don't have senses to detect? We can only conclude that there is much going on that we still don't know anything about, such as torsion fields and hyperdimensional physics -- we don't know anything about that. Part of the reason we don't know anything about torsion field hyperdimensional physics is because this type of information has been deliberately kept from us. Slapping it with the word "pseudo" and never telling us anything about it has been extremely effective at separating us from this knowledge; but if human eyes were capable of "seeing" the electromagnetic fields that we live immersed in for our whole lives, life on our planet would change in that very instant. It would stun us to the point of never being the same again; some of us can "see" it -- and we are not the same. We will never be the same again after seeing it -- after seeing "The Matrix". Torsion field hyperdimensional physics is part of the scientific proof that, indeed, we do live in an electromagnetic field that when properly understood could only be called ... The Matrix. The Matrix is real, we live in it, we are it, and torsion field hyperdimensional physics can help us understand it; this is also (dots) what Einstein's unified field theory was about. If we could see Einstein's unified field, with our own eyes, it would be blatantly obvious to us how everything connects to everything else; we would easily realize how everything is part of us and how we are part of everything else. If we could actually see this thing, we could easily understand how touching one part of the unified field (Matrix) would cause ripples (just like a rock in a pond) that would expand out in all directions affecting the rest of The Matrix (reality). Physicists call this "quantum entanglement" and Einstein said it was "spooky action at a distance" -- this relationship is also expressed in the concept known as the "butterfly effect". There are really no secrets here, nothing all that mysterious; but when the connections are not made, the picture is not clear. However, when all the "dots" are rightly connected, a whole new vibrant brilliant life-changing image of reality emerges. If we could actually see what we think of as "reality" -- everyone would call it "The Matrix" -- and torsion field hyperdimensional physics is a scientific approach that can ultimately help us to understand it. The Matrix is real, we live in it, and even our "physical" (there is actually nothing physical about our reality) bodies are an expression of it. In fact, we are imprisoned and locked within it (The Matrix) -- torsion field hyperdimensional physics may help us unlock it and escape.

Why would an eclipse effect a pendulum?

Why would an eclipse effect a pendulum?

A New Science

In the 1950s, Maurice Allais made a major contribution to torsion field hyperdimensional physics. He was most notably a Nobel prize-winning economist, but he was also something of a scientist too. On June 30, 1954, in an underground sealed laboratory, Maurice Allais was doing some measurements using pendulums. On this day he observed his equipment behaving strangely: Allais noticed his pendulum suddenly began swinging in a different direction -- this is very strange because the swinging of a pendulum is dictated by the rotation of Earth. So, how could it change directions? There is absolutely nothing in Newtonian physics or mainstream "science" that would address such a thing. At the time, no-one had ever even heard of something like that before; in so many ways it still seems as if no-one has ever heard of anything like this. As he attempted to figure out what happened, Maurice Allais learned that at the exact moment his pendulum changed direction there had been a solar eclipse. At the time of the eclipse, he was in an underground lab that had no windows and he was unaware of what was going on outside. Allais had no idea what caused the changes in his pendulum and he was aware of nothing in physics that explained it -- the eclipse was the only variable. Everyone was sure that it could not possibly have had anything to do with the eclipse, but Maurice Allais wasn't so sure. So, in 1959, during another eclipse, he tested the idea ... turned out that he was right. The same thing happened and it correlated precisely with what happened in 1954 -- the results were identical. Everything was precisely the same; therefore proving that the eclipse was, in fact, the cause of the strange behavior of his equipment. Consequently, this was the birth of a whole new physics, and it fits nowhere in the modern mainstream accepted "scientific" version of reality -- what passes for "science" these days is absolutely pathetic, and yet we allow them to forcibly (by law) indoctrinate children into it without ever asking any questions. Why do we allow that? The reason the mainstream insists on labeling torsion field hyperdimensional physics as "pseudo" is because not only does it not fit into their incredibly limited version of reality, it absolutely destroys it. Of course they are going to call it "pseudo"; it destroys everything they have worked so hard to manipulate the entire world into believing. This is a brand-new physics that absolutely annihilates every previous model that has ever been imagined into existence -- and it is called torsion field hyperdimensional physics. Rotation, twisting, turning, and spinning is what torsion field hyperdimensional physics is about. It is the study of rotating bodies -- like galaxies, black holes, solar systems, planets, stars, hurricanes, tornadoes, the molecular structure of the human body, consciousness -- this is the study of the cause, and source, of our entire physical reality. It is amazing that we exist at all -- even more so that we can actually contemplate that existence ... this is torsion field hyperdimensional physics -- and it truly is not nearly as complicated as it sounds.


Torsion field hyperdimensional physics also suggest that there are more than just three dimensions; this is where the "hyperdimensional" part comes fully into the already "not as complicated as it seems" picture. In hyperdimensional physics, there can be many more than three "physical" dimensions. Attempting to think of other dimensions can be quite a chore for the feeble human brain, but if it can be simplified and visualize it is easily understood. Visualize a fish tank inside a house, and understand that the fish tank is the "reality" of the fish that occupy the tank. The fish have a three-dimensional "space" inside the tank, but nowhere else. Everything else, that from our point of expanded awareness obviously exists, is outside of the dimension (reality) of the fish. To the fish, everything outside their tank is from some other dimension beyond their extremely limited perception of what is possible. We, in so many ways, are just like the fish; we haven't got a clue about the house our "tank" sits in. How could we? The fish tank and the water, to the fish, is what "The Matrix" is to the human -- haven't got a clue! Beyond the house, what about the city the house is in? This is yet another dimension. What about the landmass that city is part of -- another dimension. This could keep going on and on, but it is clear to see. And think of the poor fish confined to their little tank, what do they know of the ocean? What could we possibly know about the "all that is" that we call reality and existence? The fish know precisely as much about the ocean as we know about "The Matrix" (which the fish are part of too by the way). Torsion field hyperdimensional physics is an attempt to study this aspect of reality; it is a possible doorway into getting a glimpse of what would be the "house" from the perspective of the fish. I am just a "fish" trying to understand the house my tank is in -- quite remarkable really! Another way to visualize this is by thinking back to the rock being thrown into the pond: there are only three dimensions inside the water, but the thrown rock is an object from another dimension. What must the fish in the tank think? Their food comes from another dimension; imagine if your food came from another dimension -- how very odd such a thought is. When the rock enters the dimension of the water, it causes waves to go out across the surface of the water. These waves are the direct result of an object from another dimension being introduced and injected into the dimension of the pond. If we measure the waves we can determine the energy, amplitude, size, speed, direction and almost everything else about the rock ... this is something we can measure, and it is a way to "see" what caused the waves. The waves will be a perfect two-dimensional representation of the three-dimensional rock that caused them. Torsion field hyperdimensional physics attempts to observe our dimension to determine what "caused the waves" (don't rock the boat) that generated our reality, and peer into the workings of a dimension that we do not occupy.

These poor fish have no idea where they are.

These poor fish have no idea where they are.

Waves are All the Same

All waves have a certain frequency; some waves are long and some are short, but they all behave in the same manner no matter what kind of waves they are. When "wave equations" are applied to waves, it can be determined what caused them. This is always true no matter what we are talking about; waves from a rock thrown into a pond behave in exactly the same manner as waves produced by giant rotating bodies in space such as stars and planets.

Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto

"Alpha waves in the human brain are between 6 and 8 hertz. The wave frequency of the human cavity resonates between 6 and 8 hertz. All biological systems operate in the same frequency range. The human brain's alpha waves function in this range and the electrical resonance of the earth is between 6 and 8 hertz. Thus, our entire biological system - the brain and the earth itself - work on the same frequencies. If we can control that resonate system electronically, we can directly control the entire mental system of humankind." - Nikola Tesla

Think in a New Way

If torsion field hyperdimensional theory is true, it means that, so far, as a human race we don't know anything. In relation to all that is, was, and ever can be, it seems that we really must know nearly nothing. Maybe we have been wrong this whole time about reality and how things actually work. What if we have been wrong about how reality works and what it actually is? Torsion field hyperdimensional physics suggests that "consciousness" has an enormous role in how reality works and what it is. Researchers in this field suggest that consciousness actually dictates, creates, and generates much of what we call "reality". Another dot: if consciousness has the ability to "physically" alter "reality", this would tie directly in with prayer, meditation, affirmations, positive thinking, and visualizations. Also, the idea of "looking within" is fundamental to nearly all spiritual concepts and ideas; "within" is where you will find your own personal bit of consciousness, which is what creates the "reality" that you believe yourself to be experiencing. Consequently, torsion field hyperdimensional physics may be a scientific approach to understanding these things in a new way, a way that we have not previously thought of. What did Einstein say? "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." Yes, exactly. We are not going to solve "mysteries" and things that seem to have no explanation by addressing them from the level of thinking that considers them to be a mystery. It is not a mystery; none of it is. Not when you look from another perspective, from a different way of thinking. Sometimes a "mystery" fades away completely and is immediately replaced with "knowing". When "knowing" replaces "mystery", one is no longer operating from the same thinking as before. We might actually be able to move forward and progress as a species if we move into a new way of thinking; that is the only way we are ever going to be able to solve the problems we are facing, and torsion field hyperdimensional physics might be able to help us do that. If it does nothing more than open pathways in the mind that lead to greater potential, more freedom, a wider sense of reality, more awareness, and an expanded consciousness then it has been worth the exploration. If it turns out to be more than that, the associated information, knowledge, and wisdom have the potential to radically alter everything the human race is. And, doesn't the human race need to be radically altered? Yes, it does. Honestly, look at it; something surely needs to be radically altered -- the only way we are going to get there is by a radically new way of ... thinking. What if our state of consciousness does affect the reality we experience? Wouldn't that be interesting? Everyone knows that plants respond to being spoken to, but why do you talk to your car? "Come on baby!" "Please start ... " "Just make it a little longer." Does your car ever seem to somehow just "do" a little better after being spoken to? How 'bout after giving it a good cleaning and showing it some appreciation? How does that affect the performance of your car? An astonishing number of people will agree that their cars do indeed run better after being talked to and appreciated, but those same people have a hard time accepting that conscious thought can affect physical reality. Brain waves can be measured, so we know they exist, and when you think of this in relation to Cymatics it is only logical to become aware of the simple truth -- our thoughts affect the reality we experience. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese writer and researcher who demonstrated that thought and human consciousness do, in fact, alter physical reality. He did experiments that involved flash freezing water and then viewing the structure of the frozen water under powerful microscopes. Before being frozen, thoughts would be "attached" to the water. This would be done by labeling the water with certain words and thoughtfully assigning various expressions to the water. Some of the experiments involved various blessings or curses placed on the water by spiritual oriented individuals. The results quite stunningly proved that thoughts do indeed affect reality. How much of the human body is water? How much of our world is water? The results of Masaru Emoto's studies were quite stunning really. The water that was cursed with negativity became very negative indeed; the molecular structure of these samples were obviously, and visually, imbalanced and unhealthy. The opposite was true of the water blessed positively; those samples were obviously, and visually, harmonious and balanced. When looking into this research it is more than clearly obvious what is happening. What are your thoughts doing to your body? In the medical world there is something called the "placebo effect". This happens when a patient is given a placebo instead of a real medication, but believes they have been given the real medication. As a direct result of their belief, the patient becomes well -- even though they were given no actual medication. The placebo effect means that people can heal themselves by believing they are being healed; they can also cause themselves to become unhealthy by believing themselves to be sick. So much of the illness we have is a result of our own belief; some people call this "psychosomatic illness". It is very important to your own health to understand how this works. Keep this in mind the next time every TV commercial you see has some medical looking person telling you how sick you might be. Do you think there might be "people" on this planet who might benefit from you believing yourself into becoming sick? Oh look, more dots! Hurry, gather them up at once! Surely that is not true ... well, actually ... uhm ... However it goes, the placebo effect is medical and scientific evidence that the human mind is extremely powerful in ways that we do not understand; torsion field hyperdimensional physics might help us come to that understanding. It has the potential to finally get us to realize what we actually are -- infinite eternal consciousness (all that ever was, is, or will be). Sound, frequency, and vibration are fundamental to this whole area of science, as we have seen. Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” And so we shall. Within the context of sound, there is something called "Sympathetic resonance". Sympathetic resonance happens when a frequency is absorbed by something and that thing begins to resonate at that same frequency. For instance: strings of a violin will vibrate according to the dominant frequency they are subjected to. If four violins are being played precisely the same, and there is a fifth violin in the same room which is not being played, its strings will begin vibrating in harmony (sympathy) with the other violins. We could call it "peer pressure" and effectively visualize the same thing. If we think of all this in terms of consciousness, it is precisely how "peer pressure" works. If all of your friends are consciously thinking the same energetic thought form, when the energy of that thought form becomes powerful enough the "field" will be imprinted with whatever the thought form is ... it won't be long before sympathetic resonance happens in your own consciousness; pretty soon you'll be experiencing the same thought form. There are countless examples and expressions of this, but it is really all the same thing; this idea is also sometimes called "entrainment" -- once you realize the potential and power of it neither you nor any aspect of your life will ever be the same again. When this happens to enough people, the human race and "life on Earth" will also never be the same again.

© 2017 Jason Horne

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