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Tories in Trouble: A Dip in Support?

Boris in Trouble?

Boris with a decent haircut.

Boris with a decent haircut.

One remembers the 2019 general election when the Tories smashed 'red wall' Labour seats. One remembers when Boris, drove a digger and crashed through a wall, representing the UK leaving, the EU. Brexit is what won, the Tories, the general election in 2019. Subsequently, the UK has left the EU and so in that respect, Boris did deliver on that. However, Brexit is done, but not done in a sense because outstanding issues remain.

Apparently, commissioned by 'YouGov' is a poll that suggests, however, that the 'blue wall' might be cracking. According to this recent poll, the Conservatives could lose up to a dozen seats, if a general election were to happen today. Boris and his circus government could lose up to 16 seats, in such an election. The seats, according to the poll, would be lost in traditional Tory heartlands. Patrick English, a 'YouGov' Manager, was the one responsible for commissioning and overseeing, the poll. The poll took place, between 20 - 28 July and questioned 1,141 members of the public.

The Lib-Dem victory in the Chesham and Amersham seat was apparently, not a fluke. In 2019, the Tories took this easily, in the general election, however, the Lib-Dems took the seat, from the Tories, this year. One recalls, when their leader, Ed Davey stood before a plastic wall with a hammer, in hand. Mr. Davey hit the blue wall, representing the Tories and the bricks crumbled. Symbolizing, the Lib-Dem victory over the Conservatives. Also, there was the retention of a safe Labour seat, which the Tories wanted to take from Labour. But, Jo Cox's sister, stood as the Labour candidate and held onto the seat. With Labour holding on to this seat and the Lib-Dem's victory, (mentioned), many see this as a sign. Perhaps, in line, with this 'YouGov' poll that the Tory juggernaut of victory may have come, to a screeching halt.

In the area of England, where this poll was commissioned, the Conservatives are becoming extremely, unpopular. And realise this, this is taking place in safe Tory seats. It would appear also, that the Tories may also be, suffering a reverse in their support elsewhere. Why? Perhaps, many reasons, Boris' handling of Brexit, COVID and things like, housing developments. These are just some of the things, that cropped up when 'YouGov' questioned people.

Mr English, the 'YouGov' manager, has suggested that the retention of the Labour seat and the Lib Dem victory, is probably a trend. They are not just isolated incidents, again according to Mr English, cracks in the blue wall are becoming a thing. If Labour, the Lib-Dems, etc, can punch holes in the 'blue wall', alarm bells, will be ringing in 10 Downing Street.

Many up and down the country, will welcome this news of the 'blue wall' cracking. However, until the next general election, to undermine this 'blue wall' totally, there is much work to be done.

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