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Top Ten Issues That Divide America

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The bottom line about Americans and America in 2019 is that we are truthly a divided nation. Our two world views are just 180 degrees out of phase. Here are the top 10 issues. There are many more smaller issues that are similar in nature but these top 10 is on the forefront.

- Jan. 2019

Here Are My Top Ten

1. Economy and Big Government

2. Healthcare ACA

3. Public Education

4. Immigration

5. Climate change

6. Support of Military

7. Support Israel

8. 2nd Amendment

9. Abortion

10. Gay marriage

Two World Views...

There are two very different world views. On the one hand, we have people who thinks we should strife to be a one world government where all nations live under a common set of rules. We are connected by economic activities and open exchange is good for all. An almost utopian view of the world.

On the other hand, we have people that believe in individualism and a sovereignty of nation. That, we as a group, need to help out neighbors around us and look out for our self interests above all other nations. We need to stay strong for our national defense. We need to protect our borders so that we can preserve our heritage and our Constitution.

Lets Review One By One...

1. What form of government do each group want? It is tied to our economic system. On one hand, it is a social democratic model like Western Europe with a central government, and the other is a Capitalism free enterprise and limited government.

2. Healthcare and ACA, one group pushes for universal healthcare for all and the other wants a market driven based voluntary system.

3. Education system, one group wants a public school system for all while others want to try school choice with vouchers and charter schools in addition to the traditional public school system.

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4. On immigration, one group wants open borders and few restrictions while another group wants a wall and law and order followed when it comes to illegal crossings.

5. On climate change or global warming, one group believe it is the single greatest threat to our survival as a species while another group believes it to be exaggerated hype to scare people into conformity and turn over control to big government.

6. The military is the single biggest part of our budget. Some believe we are spending too much on defense and should cut back and spend more on social programs. Others believe the biggest threat is terrorism and we need to be prepared for it. A strong defense is the best chance of avoiding wars.

7. Support for Israel. Some believe we should be more even handed when dealing with the middleeast region. Others believe we need to support and defend Israel against its hostile neighbors. This has been going on for 80 years...

8. 2nd Amendment - the right to own guns. Some believe it is obsolete and no one should have access to guns and assult rifles that can do tremendous harm. Others believe in the right to bear arm because it is our only insurance policy against an over bearing and tyranical government. History has demostrated many incidences in the past.

9. Abortion - Some believe in the exclusive right of the women to do as she pleases. It is her body and not anyone’s business. Others believe in the rights of the unborn. Every life is precious and must be protected and defended. There are other and better ways to deal with unwanted pregnancies such as adoption.

10. Gay marriage - Some believe it is the ultimate human right to sexual expression. The government should not control who gets married and all the other aspects that comes with marriage contract such as inheritance and health proxy rights etc. Others believe in the sanctity of marriage and it is only between a man and a women and civil unions is a better way to address legal aspects of joint ownership.

Behind the Scene

Behind many of these core issues is the question of religious beliefs. We have established a government of separation of Church and State. However, historically, our nation was 90% religious and Christian. Now, we are less religious and more secular in the 21st century. Many of the issues are based on religious teachings. Many of our laws can be traced to Judeo Christian philosophy.

The reason these issues surfaced is not by accident. It was by design of the ACLU which systematically over the decades worked to remove God and religion from our public lives. Instead of changing hearts and mind at the ballot box, they used our courts to rule on these very controversial topics.

That is also why the recent nasty fight over the appointment of Justice kavanaugh to the Supreme court. The left realize that their agenda will be threatened once the court swing more conservative. It is now 5-4 conservative leaning.

Even our Constitution is under threat of extinction. There are some members of the court that believe in the “living document” where the Constitution is open to any and all interpretations. On the other hand, Conservatives believe in the strict interpretation of the Constitution. Amendment process is the way to go to make any major changes.


In 2019, and probably for quite some times, our nation is divided. We have two very different groups with opposing world views. It is made worse by a dishonest media. Their own bias, whether they admit it or not, is the very thing that help to divide us. Their constant attack on Conservatives and the double standard used throughout is well known.

Hold on to your seat. 2019 is shaping up to be a bumpy ride for America. From the economy to trade and tarriff to immigration to foreign is coming to head and something will break one way or another.

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© 2019 Jack Lee


Liz Westwood from UK on January 09, 2019:

I see many similarities between your list and issues in the UK. Although Brexit would top the list for us at the moment.

Jack Lee (author) from Yorktown NY on January 06, 2019:

Linda, the homeless problem though serious is a local problem of some large cities. In NYC we had a serious homeless crisis years ago and the mayor at the Rudy Guliani worked to remove them from the streets.

Linda Lum from Washington State, USA on January 06, 2019:

Jack, may I add one more issue for your consideration. On the west coast, homelessness is at a crisis level. Homeless individuals camp on the sidewalks, in storefronts, in parks, and along the freeways. Human waste and discarded needles are present in public parks and there is no simple solution. It is an issue that is dividing communities.

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