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Top Science vs. Matrix Insanity


Val is an out-of-the-box writer often questioning the validity of many popular tenets of cultural paradigm..


How "Advanced" Are We Really?

Let us start with some definitions, so to make sure that we are on the same page. Top science is dealing with the underlying causes of everything that's happening on our only familiar Newtonian realm. Meaning quantum mechanics, as it gets affected by personal and collective mind, and, accordingly, manifests our world as we know it.

Matrix is the global trance created by different manipulative social forces, consisting of mental programs instilled into the humanity with aims of weakening people's spirit, and so making them more robot-like and easier to rule.

Among those main known manipulators -- while those even more prominent might belong to some secret societies -- are politics, organized religion, medico-pharmaceutical establishment, and business.

From the earliest civilizations we could trace, all the way to these days, these two distinct aspects of cultural paradigms -- science, with its inventive intellect in service of making life easier and more advanced; and Matrix, the maddening force reducing people's awareness, personal will power, and power to discriminate truth from lie.

Take ancient civilization of Mayans in Mezzo America for a most drastic example, where it's almost unfathomable how terrible contrast existed between the scientific mind and a downright bestial behaviors.

So, on one hand, there we had this mysterious source of knowing, which created a calendar which is only in some decimals different from our modern one -- albeit with none of nowadays sophisticated sky observing gadgets.

Also, their architectural knowledge and skills are tormenting the archaeologist's mind, considering their level of technology -- unless, over the centuries all those tools were recycled into some other metallic tools and weapons, so that we don't see any around.

But then comes the Matrix part, which is hard to believe, as we cannot see that inventive mind going so bestial that their leaders and priests were drinking blood from severed enemies' genitals, which was to "give them superpowers".

Indeed, what was the "belief" system of those otherwise advanced people?

And, if we would fast forward and see our leaders bomb, cripple, and traumatize some innocent civilians, just calling it "casualties of war" -- can we put that arrogant idiocy side by side with a computer that fits into a finger ring?

How much have we really advanced since the ancient Mayans?


Life Is More Than Absence of Sickness and Death

Let's see them, one by one, some of these opposite pairs, where the top science can't explain the level of Matrix madness.

Where do you want to start? How about this crazy discrepancy between what we know about mind-body medicine to be the underlying cause of some over 90% of all diseases -- and how conventional medicine is still insisting on its racket of drug-and-scalpel routine.

We know that the most medical schools are financially supported by the Big Pharma. We also know that FDA, or any of its equivalents in other countries, is heavily influenced by that same Big Pharma. We even know that the World Health Organization is under that very same influence.

It has become a common knowledge in medical circles that stress is causing a downregulation of our genes' expression, shortening our telomeres (cellular indicators of our true biological age), and drastically lowering our immune resistance to infection and degenerative diseases.

And yet, the whole practice of medicine is still gravitating around this mechanistic, reductionist model of human biology, seeing us as a biological machine, and by far treating mostly symptoms instead of causes.

Some honest doctor illustrated it perfectly with a scenario where a person brings their car to mechanic and asks him to remove the annoying flashing light from the dashboard.

For, in so many cases that's exactly what a doctor does -- cuts out a cancerous tissue, not asking what in the psycho-biological individuality of that person caused its developing -- since the same underlying cause might do something else, or more of the same again.

The top science sees us as energy beings, and our emotions, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs, provide a manual for our personal "vitality quotient".

This mechanistically minded model of our health is further exploited by the multi-billion dollar supplementation industry.

Somewhere in south-eastern parts of Europe there is a society with a stunning number of centenarians. So here we see this 135 years old woman smoking two packs a day and having vodka for breakfast. How is that to compare with our western "balanced diet, crucial for our health, and even survival"?

Who are we kidding with all this crappy Matrix programming? How did we ever become so fragile, so sensitive, so scared -- while we are living in the most favorable conditions that mankind has even had in its long history?


Born Happy

It's for the insane programs instilled into us by Matrix, that we believe how happiness has to be "deserved" -- with hard work, decent behavior, and altruistic selflessness. Bullshit! -- I say, happiness is as innate as the color of your eyes, and has nothing to do with what we "do" -- just what we feel, think, what we believe.

In other words, happiness is a quantum feature of our being. Remember? -- on quantum level we are just an incredibly orchestrated bundle of energies vibrating in frequencies that are either harmonious with our DNA blueprint, or not.

In a little more ordinary English -- we are born happy, and then life happens to us, society happens to us, and so we royally mess it up.

Matrix is there to first mess us up and then to make us further complicate things by frantically searching for some peace and some surrogates of happiness -- through possessions, through chemical crutches, diets, through religion and shrinks.

Why is a properly done meditation so effective that it brings happiness, fixes our physiology, harmonizes our relations with ourselves and with the world? Because, in that half hour, it puts out of commission our analytical mind in the left brain hemisphere, where Matrix claimed its playground.

And then it allows the right hemisphere, midbrain, and brainstem, to do all repairs, all rejuvenation, in a vibrational environment of those theta an delta brain waves.

In other words, the less we are fussing, analyzing, being in conflict, the happier we are -- automatically, not by "trying hard" to evoke those emotions.

When I do my daily practice of blissfulness-at-will, that's exactly what I am doing -- dropping all conscious contents, until nothing is left but the essence of my consciousness, which feels divine. Those are my kundalini moments, that surge of joy which tells me that higher than that is only something that religious people might call "presence of god".


Why Simple, If It Can Be Complicated

Was it Erich Fromm or someone else who was the first to observe it -- but I know I am not the one -- that all aspects of human studies are way too much about "what could go wrong", instead of, "what could go right".

Indeed, even the academia operates from the position of conflict and any conceivable aberrations from normalcy. Let me give you one quick and maddening example.

As it appears, and investigations are underway already, Covid-19 was engineered in a lab, where it was to be studied as a possible future biological weapon by an adversary, so that we could be ready with an antidote.

And then the crappy little critter (allegedly) escaped, so here we are having our Matrix style pandemic.

Can you see? We are in a constant conflict with some imaginary enemies, in constant creating problems so that we have something to be pissed about and worry about.

Keeping the world's populace in a chronic state of both, paranoia and anxiety, helps the protagonists of Matrix to keep us weak, confused, and cling to this or that warring faction against something out there that's after our precious asses.

Think about it.

We elect our leaders so that they keep us safe, and they don't do it by seeking international friendships and global harmony -- but by advancing our weaponry which will keep us safe from all kinds of nonexistent enemies.

How is that for insanity? Again, always focused on "what might go wrong". instead of "what might go right".

We are either promoting our creativity or our survival, either proactive, or reactive, either openminded to new models of coexistence, or perpetuating our crappy history filled with animalistic tendencies of greed, arrogance and seeking power.

Even our body cells are operating on two basic modes -- either growing, or on defense, and one always minimizes the other when it's dominant. That's why Matrix is, from our very basic, cellular level up, anti-life.

By our genetical predestination we are happy, genius, healthy, vibrant avatars. Matrix managed to trim us down to pissed off political freaks, fragile and scared-shitless race inventing new and new reasons to feed our addiction to our self-inflicted misery.

If you think this is too harsh a description, be my guest, watch any next news.

I love humankind, but that love doesn't go that unrealistic that I would sugarcoat our episodes of stupidity. Matrix only has the power over us as long as we agree to be subservient.

A poet once said: "...And blessed be that dark force that gives us wings to our freedom". Yes, in a sense, Matrix could be seen as that "dark force" providing an evolutional kick in the ass out of our trance.

© 2021 Val Karas


Val Karas (author) from Canada on May 29, 2021:

Amara -- Thank you for reading, my friend, I am glad you liked it.

Amara from Pakistan on May 29, 2021:

Hi Val, I completely agree with you.. Excellent article..

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on May 28, 2021:

Val, just read your article about your youth under socialist/communist regime, but didn’t get to it in time to leave a comment. I found it very interesting to read some of your background history my friend.

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