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Top Science Vs. Matrix Insanity of Massive Brainwashing

Val is a life-long student of unexplored human potential and many challenges that self-honesty throws at us on that path.

Advancement in technology hasn't made us more advanced humans.

Advancement in technology hasn't made us more advanced humans.

Paradigms are like glasses. When you have incomplete paradigms about yourself or life in general, it's like wearing glasses with the wrong prescription. That lens affects how you see everything else.

-- Sean Covey

How "Advanced" Are We Really?

Let us start with a couple of definitions, as to make sure that we are on the same page.

Top science is dealing with those many underlying causes of everything that to us is only recognizable as our material world. Meaning the quantum mechanics, as it gets affected by our personal and collective mind, and, accordingly, manifests our world as we know it.

On the other hand, Matrix is the global trance induced by manipulative social forces, consisting of mental programs instilled into the humanity and aiming at weakening people's spirit, so making them more robot-like, and easier to rule.

Among those main known manipulators -- while those even more prominent might belong to some secret societies of the ultra-rich and influential -- are politics, organized religion, medico-pharmaceutical establishment, and business.

From the earliest civilizations we could trace all the way to these days these two distinct aspects of cultural paradigm: 1) science, philosophy, and art, with their creative impact on more advanced and easier living, and 2) Matrix, the maddening force suppressing people's awareness, true freedom, personal power, and the ability to tell apart truth from lies.

Take the ancient civilization of the Maya people in Mezzo-America as one of the more drastic examples, where it seems unfathomable how horrible contrast existed between their scientific mind and some downright bestial behaviors.

During my visit to their ruins of Chi-che-nitza at the outskirts of Cancun on the Yucatan peninsula, I had many breathless moments admiring and climbing the El Castillo pyramid, their observatory, their temples...etc.

But then I stood on the small flat platform at the edge of a steep and deep round bank of the sacrificing well -- at the very spot from which those victims of brutal rituals were pushed to their death.

Due to Matrix, human nature keeps displaying that worrisome ability to use belief, instead of logical reasoning, for their guidance.

While standing there, and for that brief moment of an intellectual shock, I just couldn't fathom how those people, advanced enough to create calendar that's only in some decimals different from ours -- and without using any astronomical gadgets -- could be so primitive in their beliefs.

Indeed, how could one see any logical connection between their genius in astronomy and architecture on one side, and a ritual with their leader drinking fresh blood from severed genitals of the captured enemy -- "to increase their own personal power."

This incredible disproportion between intellect and power of belief has left its idiotic trace through all the history not stopping with our "advanced, modern" times -- as we keep witnessing how the manipulators are using scary beliefs disseminated to secure their easy rule.

As for the brutal aspect of it, just think how our governments bomb, cripple, and traumatize some untold numbers of civilians in their non-defensive, politically inspired wars -- nonchalantly calling it "casualties of war", or "collateral damage".

Indeed, how much have we really advanced since the Mayans' times?

Mankind has survived without medicine for eons. Now, medical paradigm is crippling our spirit with fears.

Mankind has survived without medicine for eons. Now, medical paradigm is crippling our spirit with fears.

The historian of science may be tempted to exclaim that when paradigms change the world itself changes with them.

-- Thomas Kuhn

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Life Is So Much More Than Just an Absence of Sickness and Death

Now, let's see some examples of the Matrix madness at work in matters of public health, as it spreads its powerful influence to suppress the truth.

Where do you want to start?

How about this crazy discrepancy between what we know about the incredible, often crucial power of both, positive and negative effects of the mind over our physical health -- and how the conventional medicine keeps pushing their drug-and-scalpel routine.

Namely, it has been established as a medical fact that some over 90% of all conditions and diseases are caused by mind's negative routines.

Why can't doctors change their therapeutic protocols to fit that model of understanding? For one reason -- and forgive this dash of sarcasm -- they don't really want us to be "too healthy", because they are in the first place a business establishment which needs a constant flow of customers.

Furthermore, the law -- controlled by the Big Pharma -- doesn't allow them more holistic approaches, even if their medical training could provide one, since the Big Pharma is financing medical schools and dictating the curriculum, telling what is to be the "official medical science", and what is to be called "medical quackery" .

Try to come up with a cheap and effective cure for cancer, and then experience the wrath of the Big Pharma, for trying to threaten their multi-billion dollar cancer business.

Hey, it has been done more than once, and some brilliant minds got the taste of criminal lawsuits.

"The rumor has it" that the Big Pharma has its influence in the World Health Organization, as well as in the FDA, which just might explain why so many drugs have been quickly approved, only to be removed later on after being proven either downright lethal or seriously damaging.

While it's an undeniable fact that doctors keep saving lives on daily basis -- that would cover mostly the emergency cases with one or another kind of trauma.

Other than that, when it comes to long term therapeutic procedures, their practice is all about drugs and cutting, with a reductionist, mechanistic model seeing us only as "biological robots" -- while treating symptoms, not causes.

An honest holistic medical doctor once compared that practice to the one of a car mechanic who would take out the alerting light bulb from behind the dashboard -- instead of finding out why it's flashing.

On the other hand, the top science based on principles of epigenetics, psycho-neuro-immunology, placebo and nocebo effects, and neuroplasticity, sees us as energy beings, with our thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs playing a crucial role in the model of our psycho-physical functioning.

As an increasingly strong rival to the conventional medicine, the multi-billion dollar business of nutritional supplements is turning into another Matrix venture, brainwashing people with fears about their "chemical imbalances & deficiencies", about "dangers of polluted air, water, and soil".

Somewhat making a laughing stock out of all these Matrix concerns are those numerous examples of people in the so called "Blue zone", with centenarians being common -- and their rather monotonous and simple diet.

For a treat-example, let me mention a certain 135 years old woman somewhere in a Caucasian mountains community, who is a heavy smoker and has vodka for breakfast.

How is that comparing to our much prescribed "typical balanced diet", which doesn't only sound like being optimal, but also as the only one to keep us alive.

To recapture those moments of genuine joy seems like an impossible task -- with our belief system posing the obstacle.

To recapture those moments of genuine joy seems like an impossible task -- with our belief system posing the obstacle.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

-- Buddha

Born Happy -- Then Messed up

It's for those insane programs instilled into us that we believe how happiness has to be "deserved", -- with hard work, decent behavior, and an altruistic, or guided-by-God behavior.

Bullshit! -- I say. Happiness is that part of our default nature which our upbringing based on Matrix managed to mess up.

And then, the only way to bring us back to our original capacity for happiness, is through positive thinking, elevated emotions, some attitudinal advantages, and life-promoting beliefs.

In its energetic nutshell, happiness is a quantum feature of our beingness, Remember -- that's where we are just an incredibly orchestrated bundle of energy with information attached to it, vibrating in frequencies that are either harmonious with our DNA blueprint, or they are not.

Matrix is there to do two things in its insane repertoire: 1) to mess us up, and 2) to invent for us some artificial ways to get out of that mess, with some surrogates for peace and happiness -- through possessions, chemical crutches, diets, through religion, and shrinks.

That's what it does globally -- first create some massive problems, and then pretend to be benevolent by inventing solutions which carry the seed of some other problems.

Now, on the other hand, why is a properly done meditation so effective to bring inner peace, fixing our physiology, harmonizing our relations with ourselves and with the world? Because in that half hour it puts out of commission our analytical mind in the left brain hemisphere where the Matrix claimed its playground.

And then it allows the right hemisphere, mid-brain, and brainstem to do all repairs, all rejuvenation, in a vibrational environment of those alpha, theta, and delta brain waves.

The less we are fussing, analyzing, and being in conflicts, the happier we are -- spontaneously, not by "trying hard to deserve happiness" of that toddler to whom happiness is simply the way of being.

When I do my regular daily practice of blissfulness-at-will, that's exactly what I am doing -- dropping all conscious contents, being in the unknown, being a nobody of any importance, until nothing is left but the essence of my consciousness, which feels simply divine.

In those kundalini moments I am in my quantum body where no Matrix can exist with its low range of vibrational frequencies.

Well, I just can't think of a better way to end this article but by this thoughts of happiness which defies the whole craze of Matrix and its manipulative grip on the mankind.

Yes, there is a way to sneak out from underneath the heavy foot of it -- by refining our inner world, by cultivating inner peace -- for that's the only environment in which true freedom can blossom.

An inspirational video about changing our inner paradigm

© 2021 Val Karas

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