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Top Science Vs. Matrix Insanity

Val offers his views on dogmatic aspects of cultural paradigm with its religious, political, and medical sterile indoctrinations and taboos.

Past civilizations were incredibly creative and incredibly brutal. Are we any different?

Past civilizations were incredibly creative and incredibly brutal. Are we any different?

Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real?

-- Morpheus to Neo in movie "Matrix"

How "Advanced" Are We Really?

Let us start with some definitions, to make sure that we are on the same page.

Top science is dealing with underlying causes of everything that's happening on our only-familiar Newtonian realm composed of solids, gases and liquids.

Meaning quantum realm as it gets affected by personal and collective mind, and accordingly manifesting into our Newtonian realm whatever appears to be our reality on earth.

On the other hand, Matrix is a global trance created by different manipulative social forces -- notably politics, medico-pharmaceutical establishment and corporative business, and possibly some extremely influential secret societies.

Matrix consists of mental programs instilled into the humanity with purpose of weakening people's spirit, thus making them more robot-like and easier to rule.

Every government has a special department whose job it is to monitor the public mood, and to perpetuate strategies of keeping a high level of existential anxiety via news media -- even including the climate and weather threats.

From the earliest records of civilized arrangements that we could trace -- as inaccurate as many of them could be -- there was science, with its inventive intellect in service of making life easier and more advanced; but also, side by side with it there was Matrix, the maddening force reducing people's awareness, personal will power, and power to discriminate truth from lies.

It may come as a surprise to many, but in respects of very basic awareness, we have hardly advanced from those brutal ancient societal practices.

Take the ancient Maya in Mezzo America for a good example. Without having our modern observatories they were somehow smart enough to figure out a calendar which is only in some decimals different from ours.

They also built some incredible architectural marvels that are tormenting nowadays architects considering their (known to us) level of technology. The reason why we never found any of their -- and others' of the ancient times -- tools, could simply be that over the many centuries all metallic parts were recycled and used for whatever purposes.

But then, being so inventive, they were also bestial to an extreme that their priests would drink blood from the severed enemies' genitals -- which was supposed to "give them super powers".

We could say that Matrix of any epoch, past or present, represents the "collective belief system" by which people live and act, and here we mean mainly that part which was corrupting man's intellect and keeping it imprisoned in darkness of crazy dogma.

Our "priests of human bestiality" don't do what Mayans did -- but they will, just the same, bomb, cripple and traumatize millions of innocent people just to achieve their political objectives.

Then they will call it "casualties of war" or "collateral damage". How is that brutality to be compared to our ability to make a computer small enough to fit into a finger ring? Doesn't it compare us to the ancient Maya?

Indeed, how far have we really advanced since them -- with the excuses of our own Matrix just sounding more sophisticated than theirs used to be?

They save lives which they could have promoted by explaining health as our own responsibility.

They save lives which they could have promoted by explaining health as our own responsibility.

The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.

-- Voltaire

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Life Is So Much More than Just Absence of Sickness and Death

Where do you want to start with viewing our own Matrix insanity?

How about this crazy discrepancy between what we know about mind-body medicine, with some over 90% of all diseases being caused by stress -- and then how the conventional medicine is still insisting on its drug-and-scalpel racket.

We know that the most medical schools are supported by the Big Pharma, which is also dictating their curriculum. We also know that the FDA, or its equivalent in other countries, is heavily influenced by the Big Pharma. It's not even any secret anymore that the World's Health Organization is under that same influence. Doesn't this hesitantly leaving pandemic ring the bell?

It has become a common knowledge in the New Edge (not New Age) medicine, that stress is causing downregulation of genes' expression, shortening our telomeres (cellular indicators of our true biological age), and drastically compromising our immunity to infection and degenerative diseases.

And yet, the whole practice of medicine is still gravitating around this mechanistic, reductionist model of human biology, while seeing us as a biological machine, and by far treating mostly symptoms instead of underlying causes.

Some honest doctor, disillusioned by that practice, illustrated it with a scenario where a person brings his car to the mechanic to be fixed -- who then removes the annoying flashing light from the dashboard.

In so many cases that's what a doctor does -- cuts out or otherwise destroys the cancerous tissue, not asking what in the psycho-physical individuality of that patient caused its development in the first place, since the same underlying cause could do some other damage, or repeat the same all over again.

The top science, on the other hand, sees us as energy beings, with our predominant emotions, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs providing the key to our "vitality quotient".

The mechanistically oriented understanding of our health got further exploited by multi-billion dollar nutritional supplements industry. So what's to be believed by that particular garden variety of health gurus?

Somewhere in south-eastern part of Europe there is a society with a stunning number of centenarians. There we see this 135 year old woman still smoking two packs of cigarettes a day and having vodka for breakfast.

How is that to compare with a typical and highly recommended "optimal diet" by our western standards?

Is that woman a super-human?

By those very standards of modern medicine -- which treats all human bodies with "one-fit-all" treatments, her anatomy and physiology should be the same as anybody else's, so her lifestyle should be viewed as suicidal -- let alone allowing her to live to be 135.

Can we see Matrix at work somewhere in the medical dogma?


Find a place inside where there is joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.

-- Joseph Campbell

We Were Born with Default Ability to Be Happy Without Anything Like a "Reason" Needed for Happiness

It's for the insane programs instilled into us by Matrix that we believe how happiness has to be "deserved" through hard work, amassing some possessions, and an altruistic selflessness,

Bullshit! -- I say.

Happiness is just as innate to us as our color of the eyes. Thus, it's not that we have to "cultivate" happiness -- but we have to remove all Matrix-caused obstacles to its natural expression -- period.

Happiness is a part of our quantum design.

Remember? -- on quantum level of our body, we are but an outlandishly orchestrated bundle of energies, with frequencies of our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes playing a conductor.

But then we also got this left-brain hemisphere which is analytical, calculative, and all-in-all the playground for Matrix with its programs.

So, why are deep meditations so beneficial to our psycho-physical well being -- other than by dulling the function of our analytical, self-doubting, self-limiting mind, and so allowing our intuitive and by default positive vibrations to heal, rejuvenate, energize every aspect of our being.

In a little more ordinary English -- we were born happy, and then life happened to us, society happened to us, Matrix happened to us.

Matrix was there to mess us up, first off with its spirit-weakening hypnotic programs, and then -- as we are frantically searching to find happiness -- by serving us surrogates for it, through possessions, through chemical crutches, medications, diets, through religion and shrinks.

As I do my daily practice of blissfulness-at-will, I am not using any verbal methods like positive affirmations -- which would be the department of "programs" in my left brain.

Instead, I keep dropping all of that conceptual contents, practically stopping being me, my social image, my everyday intimate identity -- and bringing myself down to almost a boyish level, not "making" myself blissful, but "allowing" blissfulness to be.

When we know that happiness is already there, as if in a parallel reality of our beingness, as a potentiality that only needs to be allowed into its manifesting -- it comes so easy.

Just like with meditation, we cannot "will" ourselves into it, and the more we are "trying" the less we are meditating.

A similar thing happens with healing our body.

Namely, we have to "know" that health is "somewhere there" in our DNA blueprint's signature -- because we were born healthy. We just have to step out of the way with our Matrix-infested mind that's analyzing, doubting, questioning sabotaging.

Well, so I came to this point of having to end my little literary adventure. Like with so many of my articles and poems -- I am honestly hoping that some of you may have found something inspirational, or at least eye opening amongst these written lines. --Be well everyone.

© 2022 Val Karas

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