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Top Largest and Most Powerful Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs of the World


Top Largest And Most Powerful Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs Of The World

Top Largest And Most Powerful Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs Of The World


The Pagans started out in 1959 as a Triumph Motorcycle club. It wasn't until 1965
when The Pagans became a 1% outlaw motorcycle club. When the pagans were first formed
in 1959 there were only 13 members however today there are around 400 members in total.
The Pagans now have a presence in Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina,
Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Michigan, Virginia, and West Virginia. According to law
enforcement The Pagans are involved heavily in smuggling narcotics such as meth, heroin, cocaine and


The Vagos started out in 1965 in California..The Vagos now have more than 4000 members
and 200 chapters in total. The Vagos have chapters spread througout the United states,
hawaii, Canada, Mexico and even Europe. The Vagos membership is mostly made up of
Hispanic and caucasian members. According to law enforcement the Vagos are
involved in serious organized crime such as drug and firearm traffacking and extortion.


The Rebels are an Australian outlaw motorcycle club with more than 2000 members in total.
The rebels started out almost 50 years ago however they were originally called the Confederates
however they later changed their name to The Rebels.. The Rebels have now have chapters spread
throughout the world including New Zealand, Fiji, Malta, Italy and many more.
The Rebels claim that they are the largest big twin Harley Davidson club in the world.

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The Outlaws MC started out in Illinois in 1935 making them the very first 1% outlaw motorcycle
club. The outlaws Number 1 enemy is the hells angels and a common phrase used by outlaws members
is "Adios" which to them means "Angels Die In Outlaws States"
The outlaws have chapters spread throughout the world Such as the united states, The UK,
Australia, Canada, Germany and more.
There are also many clubs who share the same name as the outlaws mc but are not the same club.
For example in New Zealand there is an outlaw motorcycle club by the same name however
their patch and colours are not the same.


The Mongls MC were formed in california in 1969. The Mongols now have around 1000 - 1500
patched members in total. The Mongols are spread throughout the united states with chapters
in 14 states. They also have chapters throughout the world in 18 different countries and in
2013 The Finks outlaw motorcycle club decided to patch over to the mongols mc.
Like all outlaw motorcycle clubs when you join the mongols you join for life
and when you die you become a member of the number 13 chapter. According to law enforcement
The Mongols are involved in serious criminal activity such as manufacturing methamphetamine,
money laundering and extortion however the president of the Mongols denies these acusations
and says that the club is not involved in criminal activites however certain individuals may be
however the club has changed it's rules to exclude these kinds of individuals.


Originally the bandidos started out in 1966 In the state of Texas
in The United States. There are more than 5000 fully patched
bandidos members across the world. The bandidos have
chapters spread throughout The united states, Europe,
Asia, Australia & New Zealand. A common saying amongst Bandido members
is "we are the people your parents warned you about"


The Hells Angels are the largest and most powerful outlaw motorcycle club in the world.
The Hells Angels started out in 1948 and now have 425 chapters spread throughout the world.
To become a Hells Angels prospect one most have a motorcycle over 750cc and
also must not have ever applied to become a police officer or prison guard.
The hells Angels do not have any race policies however Sonny Bagger the president
of the hells angels said in an inverterview in the year 2000 that there are
enough racist members within the hells angels that a black guy would never
get accepted into the club. The Hells Angels are commonly reffered to as
HA, The Angels and 81...81. The reason for 81 is because H is the 8th letter
in the alfabet and 1 is the 1st letter in the alphabet. The current national
president and original member Sonny Badger has featured in many films
and even appeared on Sons Of Anarchy... Sonny is also the author of
5 books. Hell's Angel: The Life and Times of Sonny Barger and the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club (2000),
Dead in 5 Heartbeats realesed in 2004, Freedom:
Credos from the Road released in 2005, 6 Chambers, 1 Bullet
released in 2006, and Let's Ride:
Sonny Barger's Guide to Motorcycling released in 2010.

The Top 7 Largest 1% Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs Of The World

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