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Top Facebook Fads

Crazy Facebook Crazes

Who would have thought that the wondrous developments of technology over the last one hundred years or so would partly culminate in one of the most banal and trivial activities ever to plague mankind...and yes, I'm talking about Facebook.

As everyone in the (so called) civilised world knows, Facebook is a social media phenomena that has the power to spread ideas across continents in the flash of a like button. Since it's inception in 2004, Facebook has been steadily growing at an exponential rate and there's seemingly no end in sight.

Along with the growth, there's been several Facebook crazes that have swept over the globe, the latest of which is planking, but what are some of the others? The following is a list, in aalphabetical order of some of the most popular fads and fancies to ever grace a Facebook page....

Facebook Studies. Photo from

Facebook Studies. Photo from


Now this was a good one, from a sociological point of view. Dipping spawned a teenage movement which began with spotting houses on Google Earth that had swimming pools attached and then organizing impromtu pool parties through Facebook networking, much to the joy and delight of the owners..not.

Doppelgänger Week

Pretty straightforward celeberity look-alike game but it caught on like wildfire. The object was for one week, to replace your Facebook picture with the celebrity who supposedly most resembles you. Naturally there were some weird and wonderful choices.

Image from ranchwobble

Image from ranchwobble


if only more people would take to real world rural life with as much enthusiasm as they have to the tediously addictive Facebook app. Farmville, maybe our regional towns wouldn't be in such strife.

This craze/game now apparently has over 62 million players on Facebook. For those who may not be one of those millions, the social media game allows users to mangae a virtual farm - planting, growing, plowing and harvesting virtual crops. Farmville is Facebooks most popular application.


This is a combination “Facebook” and “rape” and entails surreptiously creeping onto someone’s Facebook profile and altering pictures, interests and sexual well as sometimes the poking or messaging strangers from someone else's Facebook account. As the name implies, this is a virtual raping of someone's profile. Real mature...*rolleyes*...yet strangely popular.

Facebook Numbers Game

The Numbers Game sucked many Facebook uses in because fro a while no-one really could work out what it was about and were intrigued. From what I gather, the rules are as follows:

You begin by messaging your Facebook friend a number, like say, 6 or 58903457. They'll then post a note on your wall with that number along with a crucial message informing you of what they really think about you. So,the idea is then to request other friends via status or chat to send you a number if they want to see what you think of them. Fun eh? *cough*

Miss Bimbo Game

Miss Bimbo is a virtual dress-up game, where you have the huge responsibility of taking care of opur very own Bimbo as she makes her way through a virtual life. You are required to find her a hot boyfriend, a funky place to live and a fabulous job. The game play includes styling your Bimbo, getting some plastic surgery for her, if necessary, and making sure she outshines the other Bimbos on the block.

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It's all about unlocking your secret inner Bimbo and letting her roam wild.

I Like It...

I like it..on the kitchen table..on the bearskin rug...on the back of a tractor...wherever.

Like Bra Colour. I like It was designed to raise breast cancer awareness and female users provocately udated their profiles with where they like it. Hmm..y'know.

25 Random Things about Me

This craze, which presents in the form of a chain letter called "25 Random Things about Me" is a domino-like phenomenum that works by getting by people to list, you guessed it, 25 excrutiatingly boring facts about themselves, then sending them out to 25 friends so they in turn can put in 25 facts about themselves and son nd so on until eternity...zzzzz

Expert teapotters balancing mid teapot

Expert teapotters balancing mid teapot


Planking is the art of posing like a plank...full stop. Well not quite. You lie flat with your arms tucked against the side of your body, then you get someone to take a photo and post it on Facebook. The trick to a good plank is to find an imaginative setting - just planking on the floor of your bedroom wont do much for your Facebook status; you have to find somewhere new and imaginative, like planking on top of a chicken or under a moving train. Just kidding about the last one...people have actually been killed planking in danfgerous situations, such as on top of balcony rails.

The fine sport of planking has recently seen the rise of some fascinating (yawn) variations, such as teapotting, which involves standing like a teapot in new and unusual situations.

Sharing Your Bra Colour

At least this one was for a good cause. Rumour has it the craze of noting your bra colour (red, black, beige, pink etc) in your update status began with a Deroit woman who wanted to raise awareness about breast cancer. It all stemmed from this Facebook message:

“Some fun is going on…. just write the color of your bra in your status. Just the color, nothing else. It will be neat to see if this will spread the wings of breast cancer awareness. It will be fun to see how long it takes before people wonder why all the girls have a color in their status… Haha .”

An appealing example of sleevefacing

An appealing example of sleevefacing


One of the more imaginative crazes, Sleeveface  involves commandeering an old record sleeve and with a digital camera,  taking a  picture of yourself with the record  sleeve in front of your  face and posting it on Facebook. This proved so poular that the  results were collected into a Sleeveface book in 2008.

Urban Dictionary

Facebook Fad: When somebody does something on facebook that is in essence cool but is done so frequently by so many people in such little time that it becomes redundant


This one is new, so new, no-one is doing it yet but it means putting zzz's all over your Facebook and posting them as messages on other peoples' Facebook to indicate how boring Facebook has become. Trust's going to be huge.

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