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Top 6 Causes of UN (United Nations) Failure

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United Nations was established in 1945 for maintaining peace in the world.

United Nations was established in 1945 for maintaining peace in the world.


In this article, I write the causes of failure of United Nations, not it's achievements.

United Nation is an internal organization of 193 countries that was formed in 1945 after the world war two. The two World War underscores the importance of an organization to maintain peace in the world and enhance international co-operation for solving political, economic and social problems of suffering humanity. United Nation plays this rules effectively, but it is fail to achieve this objective in many cases. Although it succeeded in bringing an end to the world wars, yet it failed to avoid wars among different countries. United Nations aimed to become a center for resolving international disputes but disputes like Ukraine, Kashmir, and Palestine put a question mark on its efficiency

Main objects of UN

The major objects of United Nations is

  • Maintain law and order on international level.
  • Resolve the conflicts among different countries to avoid war.
  • Promote friendly relations based on equal rights among different countries.

Causes of Failure of UN

As already said, I am writing about the causes of UN failure. There is no doubt that UN perform its functions effectively but on some level fail. The major causes of its failure is

  • Undemocratic Structure of United Nations
  • Lack of Funds
  • United Nations, Unable to Solve Complex International Disputes
  • Emergence of Regional Organizations
  • Weak Role of International Court of Justice
  • United Nations has not Changed According to the Changing Trends in the World

1) Undemocratic Structure of United Nations

Structure flaw in the United Nations charter is the major causes of its failure. The role of the security council is undemocratic. The United Nations has not reformed it's charter, which is unable to play it's a due role in the world. Main power is vested in five permanent members of the security council. This absolute veto power is outdated and not according to the real structure of United Nations.

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2) Lack of Funds

Lack of funds has also hindered United Nations' way of progress. It has to get needed funds from resourceful countries at the cost of its freedom of decision-making. Its financial dependence forces it to lose its impartiality. This financial dependence is affecting its working credibility.

3) United Nations, Unable to Solve Complex International Disputes

United Nations inability to solve complex international issues has added fuel to the fire. It has not been able to give even a proper definition to terrorism, which is the burning issue of the day. It has also failed to tackle key issue like Kashmir, Palestine, and Ukraine. In fact, the United Nations has not reformed itself to tackle the complicated international disputes.

4) Emergence of Regional Organizations

Emergence of regional organizations has also resulted in United Nations failure. Some countries felt that the United Nations was unable to come up to its expectations. They decided to create some regional organizations to achieve their social, political and economic goals. The Shanghai Co-operation Organization and Organization of Economic Co-operation are the result of such thinking.

5) Weak Role of International Court of Justice

The restricted role of the International Court of Justice is also responsible for the fiasco of the United Nations. Powerful countries snatch the rights of poor countries, but the International Court of Justice is unable to provide justice to these suffering countries. It depends upon the rich countries whether to accept its jurisdiction or not because its jurisdiction is not mandatory at all.

The United Nations has not changed according to time, but the world has undergone many changes. Many countries have become nuclear powers and the role of the security council, and its veto powers, have become irrelevant. The United Nations has not reformed itself according to the new needs of the world. This lack of reformation has caused its downfall.

The undemocratic veto power has destroyed the concepts of equality among the members countries of United Nations. Five countries have unchecked and unbridled veto power in their hands. Any veto power can reject the resolution passed by all other member states. Such power is not according to the essence of democracy. Veto power can protect the violates against the aggrieved.


It can be said that the United Nations has not achieved its main objectives. Its main objective was to bring happiness, peace, harmony, and prosperity in the world, but it has been unsuccessful in the attainment of this objective. It ended the world wars, but could not put an end to small wars and conflict between different countries. It is the view of some people that it has adopted the path of world war three. There are some serious faults in its charter which need reformation. It has not changed according to the requirements of this global world. UN should take some concrete steps in order to save itself from decline. If it does not take steps for its improvement, there will be no use of crying over spilt milk.


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