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Top 5 Dumbest Things Vegans Say

Wishes you'd keep your veganism to yourself. If meat is murder, then call me Joe Stalin.


Evangelical and Insufferable Vegans

The vegans are the most insufferable persons on the planet. They often lean towards science illiteracy, and logic? Yeah, don't bother. They've all got a terrible diet, unfit for humans, and so, the nutrient deficiencies they develop can cause them to be emotionally unstable.

Large portions of the vegan community are essentially violent left wing extremists, and many of them are also part of antifa domestic terror groups. These are not likeable people. They are often emotionally unstable, and mentally ill. The upshot to veganism is that most vegans recover from the cultish fad, and go on to live healthy lives, eating a diet fit for humans, but only if they cut and run before permanent damage is done.

Talking with a vegan can be maddening. Vegans are prone to making confounding statements which don't reflect the actual world we live in. For instance, if a vegan says they're going to "free the slaves," what they mean is they plan to vandalize some hard working farmer's property. While the list of asinine things a vegan may say is endless, I've thought about this subject a lot, and here are the five which annoy me the most.

The notion that veganism is an ideology and diet which causes the least harm to animals is spurious indeed.

The notion that veganism is an ideology and diet which causes the least harm to animals is spurious indeed.

1. "Meat is murder"

I start with the phrase we all know and hold dear, "meat is murder", because it is likely everyone has heard this phrase before. And yet all these murderers are not arrested for eating meat, or producing meat for sale at market. Why might that be, I wonder.

The only way language can work is for every specific word to have a specific definition. If you yell "snake!" every time a bunny rabbit hops by, we are not going to be friends. In fact, you won't have many friends, and people will begin to wonder if you aren't a special needs person.

Could it be that meat isn't murder, because the word "murder" has a definition which has nothing at all to do with eating a healthy diet, one which includes meat, and which the human body evolved specifically for? I suspect this is the case.

Oxford English Dictionary defines murder as killing a human being with malice. Because English is the language we speak here where vegans say "meat is murder," I can only conclude vegans are people who dropped out of elementary school.

If a vegan wanted to do less harm to animals, they'd stop buying vegetables shipped from thousands of miles away. Who even knows how many animals are killed in the harvesting of crops, then add to those the numbers killed in the production of petroleum fuels used to ship vegetables thousands of miles, and then add the animals killed by the trucks in transit.

Anyone with logical reasoning skills on a high school graduate level should be able to figure out how the best way to reduce total harm to animals would be to focus the diet on locally produced meat, such as cattle or pork. One slaughtered cow, and one slaughtered pig produce a huge amount of total meals. Then, were one to raise their own chickens, and grow their own gardens, there would then exist actual reduction in harm to animals the likes of which a vegan, were they honest, would only be able to dream of.

The vegan is not interested in least harm principles, as they claim to be. What the vegan is interested in is their violent far left wing extremism, and incessant virtue signals. There's almost nothing in the way of difference between the evangelical vegan and the antifa domestic terrorist. They are often both things at once.

PETA adorns Ottawa Ribfest with half-clad woman on BBQ for “Meat is Murder” protest

Give me a steak bloody in the middle, and it absolutely cures a bout of depression.

Give me a steak bloody in the middle, and it absolutely cures a bout of depression.

2. "Veganism is about compassion for animals"

Ah vegan compassion, it is something legendary within the vegan community. In my more than five years of experience with trying to understand this veganism, and these vegans in the world, vegan compassion has shown me the common vegan hopes I die of bowel cancer, or heart attack, and that I lose my ability to have an erection before death, and the sooner it all happens, the better.

In fact, there is no such thing as vegan compassion for humans or for animals. When a vegan says they have compassion for animals, what they mean is they do not eat animals. Well, there are more animals I don't eat than I could possibly name. Let me give a couple of examples here. I don't eat coyotes. So I must have compassion for coyotes. I don't eat owls or rats either, so I've got compassion for owls and rats too, right?

So you see, vegan compassion is limited to not eating the animals which humans normally eat for food. This is to say, vegan compassion doesn't exist. It's just some crap vegans say, "veganism is about compassion for animals," which they use to presume to be morally superior to you. Then they wish you cancer and heart attacks, out of compassion, I guess.

How closed minded vegans kill more animals than they save by not eating them

I can't tell the difference between a vegan male and a normal woman - they act exactly the same.

I can't tell the difference between a vegan male and a normal woman - they act exactly the same.

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3. "The future is vegan"

This is among the dumbest things vegans say. Vegans believe veganism is taking over the world, and their evidence for this is Burger King offering a toxic waste vegan burger. Or maybe it is Olive Garden this week, with a new vegan option on the menu. What that is, is businesses taking dollars from the suckers who call themselves vegans.

Facts are something vegans are typically very allergic to in much the same way vampires are allergic to garlic, sunlight, and wooden stakes through the heart. Economist reports meat eating is rising globally, and so is consumption of dairy. Who am I going to trust on this, people with nutrient deficient brains, incapable of using simple words correctly, or people who follow global trends in economics? It's a really tough choice for me.

Veganism isn't about saving animals. Veganism isn't about saving the environment. Veganism isn't even about having a healthier diet. Veganism is about one thing, and one thing alone -having a fake sense of self righteousness.

Every time a new person goes vegan, it lessens the value of every other vegan's self righteousness. It's like currency with inflation. If everyone went vegan, there would be nothing in the way of novelty about it, and this would destroy everything the individual vegans of today have worked for. I mean it would destroy their make believe righteousness, and using veganism to compensate for having nothing in the way of an original personality. Also, for every animal a vegan doesn't eat, I'm going to eat more meat.

The vegans, having nothing in the way of sound philosophy or scientific understanding chants "the future is vegan," or "the world is going vegan." It's something they chant over and over again, and the premise is, if repeated enough times, the very laws of the universe will bend to their weakened and nutrient deficient wills. Good luck with that, vegans.

Vegans are Ditching Veganism. It's not a Diet fit for Humans

Seriously, before I knew about veganism, I didn't appreciate meat so much. Now I mostly eat meat, and I enjoy it more knowing vegans hate me for it.

Seriously, before I knew about veganism, I didn't appreciate meat so much. Now I mostly eat meat, and I enjoy it more knowing vegans hate me for it.

4. "Meat eaters have been brainwashed into eating meat!"

Anthropology and evolutionary biology are actual sciences. You know what I'm saying here, gender studies isn't a science at all, but anthropology and evolutionary biology are. You can go to school for gender studies if you like. A great man once said a sucker is born every minute, and today's universities offer lots of options, in exchange for lots of sucker debt, for every neighborhood's idiot.

There is a consensus among anthropologists and evolutionary biologists that eating meat is one of the major things which caused our ancient ancestors to become human beings. The people who think evolutionary biology is wrong, and the earth is six thousand years old, those people have less than a three digit intelligence quotient, and so they're also likely to be vegan.

If you're not smart enough to see an allegory when it is right in front of you, then you're probably not smart enough to comment on the age of the planet. But let me tell you something here, when you die, it doesn't matter what your diet was, you'll be a dead omnivore. Why? Oh, it's only because you were born an omnivore.

Homo sapien is an opportunistic omnivore, prior to Homo sapien there existed a more primitive vegetarian sort of hominid. An opportunistic omnivore is an animal which will take every opportunity given to consume the very best possible foods. So veganism indicates a defective outlook on the world. The laws presented by Darwin tend to sort these things out, so there's no reason to worry much.

No one is brainwashed into eating meat. A human is born to eat meat. If anyone has evidence to show how someone is brainwashed into eating a healthy diet including meat, then I would love to see it. I'm not holding my breath, as there have been studies which show how when the vegan consumes alcohol, they often wind up with chicken nuggets in their mouths.

Why We Should Be Eating MORE Meat, Not Less

The Guardian is nothing but a communist tabloid.

The Guardian is nothing but a communist tabloid.

5. "Eating meat is bad for you"

Yeah, you know what? Last time I went to see a medical doctor, my doctor asked me If I was eating enough meat. So who am I to trust, some bulimic looking vegan woman on the internet who has finally mastered how to copy and paste, or my medical doctor? I'm going with the guy who has some education here.

Currently meat consumption is highest on Earth in Hong Kong, this correlates with a longest on the planet lifespan of eighty four years. Meat consumption in India is lowest among humans, and so is the life expectancy in India, sixty eight years. Correlation isn't causation, as there are a whole lot of factors involved in the health of the complex human body.

Hong Kong is ultra industrialized by capitalism, the prime mover in human improvements, and India is often a place where people don't even have access to, or desire to use modern sanitation. So besides living longer, eating meat correlates to high standards of living at the pinnacle of human development.

Most vegans I've seen use an old report put out by the WHO which stated over consumption of processed meats could increase a body's chances of getting various and sundry cancers. Vegan mentality is rather weak, and so the use of the word "world" in the WHO seems, to them, to mean the WHO is the ultimate authority of health on the planet.

This is not the case. Here in the United States, a citizen has never had a reason to recognize any globalist authority over anything involving our nation, or the health of its peoples. But let me be blunt, only a fool could have ever thought processed meat or any processed food was completely clean of carcinogens. But I'm wondering what vegans will say when they find out sunlight is also a carcinogen.

The sun, a yellow dwarf star, isn't very bright in comparison to other stars, it's rather insignificant in terms of the infinity of the universe, but nothing is of less significance than veganism, and the dumb things vegans say. Thanks for reading.

An All Meat Diet is Superior to an All Vegetable Diet

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© 2019 Wesman Todd Shaw


The Logician from then to now on on April 01, 2020:

Well Wes, there it is, the poster boy, displaying every aspect of what I’ve described, and who has said multiple times he can’t be bothered to read anything I say and supposedly doesn’t.

I’m glad you can see the broad picture I’m painting but I don’t mean to say ABD is the only or the absolute reason for the lack of critical thinking and sound reasoning, frankly lack of morality, we see in our population today but in light of the studies the medical profession has accepted as definitive of ABD from pot and the resulting consequences of ABD I just don’t see a better explanation for the observable insanity people on the left embrace. Except of course their godlessness which also can be attributed to ABD. Their minds don’t function as God intended.

Randy Godwin from Southern Georgia on April 01, 2020:

LOL! at the little turtle, Wesman. I wonder what he attributes his arrested brain development to? Want me to send you some "greens"? :)

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on April 01, 2020:

While I think it is perfectly possible what you say is true, I don't believe the lack of critical thinking skills displayed by the globalist/leftists can be reduced to something like marijuana consumption during youth or later.

People like hearing things they already want to believe, and the fact of the matter is, critical thinking requires work.

I'm much more worried about the whitewashing of history, and the all out cultural Marxism in schools. It could be harder to recover from that kind of disaster than from fogging the brain only a bit from use of marijuana.

And psych meds are an even larger worry. That stuff is mostly very new in terms of existence, and it became all the rage to just flood your kids with psych medication, and why? Oh because the kids were behaving like kids.

I've personally been prescribed and have taken more psych meds than I can even recall.

As you say, however, I never used any sort of illegal substance until I was around 20 years of age. So possibly my brain (screwed up as it may be) had already developed to such a point as to eliminate me from the idea of pot use and arrested neuro development.

I'm sure glad my parents were dirty freakin hippies :/

The Logician from then to now on on April 01, 2020:

I’m not Randying, you brought him up, although he could be the poster child for ABD but what I am saying is this is a serious societal problem only brought to light by the series of contemporary studies using MRIs to establish the real medical problem caused by pot, namely arrested brain development.

You know as well as I how prevalent pot smoking was in the youth during the critical years of brain development and I have no doubt arrested brain development is at the root of the masses of people today who display inability to sanely reason, tell right from wrong and basically behave in a way that shows a lack of intelligence - all symptoms of ABD.

The fact that the media avoids bringing this problem to light is even more evidence of it’s existence - pot smokers should be mandated to take MRIs and treatments should be developed to help people with arrested brain development but that would diminish their targeted audience for left wing lies and propaganda which can probably only be absorbed by people with defective prefrontal cortexes.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on April 01, 2020:

@T - please don't use this page for anti-Randying.

I mean you're free to anti-Randy at Randy. I feel like it isn't right to bring Mike and one of his relatives into anti-Randying.

I think there are plenty of persons with serious mental health issues which could lead to veganism, which will only exacerbate those issues - who grew up without having smoked marijuana.

Wish I had some marijuana right about now, actually, however, it is currently illegal in the great state of Texas.

Not that I let petty things like legalities get in my way very often, but the sad fact of the matter is my marijuana guy was hit by a rock truck on the highway several years ago. The man was a horrible driver whether he was smoking marijuana, or not.

And I don't socialize much, being very poor, so I don't know anyone selling the stuff. Also, I couldn't afford to buy any if I did know someone.

But were I to have some pot to smoke, I would absolutely fire up some skirt steaks right about now.

The Logician from then to now on on April 01, 2020:

“veganism as a very hippie sort of movement.“

“a HUGE crossover where vegans are also into violent far left wing extremism, like antifa”

What more evidence do you need that behavior such as Mike’s relative is caused by arrested brain development as you will find both those categories, hippies and violent far left wing extremists are self admitted heavy pot smokers especially in their youth.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on April 01, 2020:

@ Paula - well howdy there, Paula! Hope you're doing well, and by doing well...shit, everyone knows what that means just now.

@Mike - I should have said in first comment. I had a vegan cousin. Super duper genius. One of the most intelligent relatives I had. His brother would currently be the most intelligent relative I have.

Anyway, my vegan cousin killed himself. This was a few years before I ever had any interest in the subject of veganism.

So I take vegan hysteria and all the emotional outrage of vegans pretty seriously, and I always think of it as directly tied to pre-existing mental health issues, and the last thing someone needs when they are already fighting some serious mental health stuff is to then engage in a cultish movement with a horrible diet.

Veganism is a monster to me which preys upon persons who already had enough problems.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on April 01, 2020:

@T - I can confirm veganism as a very hippie sort of movement. Also, there is a HUGE crossover where vegans are also into violent far left wing extremism, like antifa; which are basically communist terrorists - and Animal Liberation Front is also an absolute terrorist organization.

I use the word "organization" a bit lightly, as such persons are hardly capable of being well organized.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on April 01, 2020:

Thanks Mike! I've read of countless incidents such as these.

It almost seems as though, for the vegan, veganism is absolutely NOT about the animals, the environment, health, or anything else the vegan may claim veganism is about.

Seems more like veganism is about demanding attention from people. And if a person feels starved for attention, then even very negative attention is preferable to no attention at all.

So there seems to be an underlying mental health issue there. Low self esteem.

Suzie from Carson City on April 01, 2020:

Mike.....Just in time for Easter!! .I think you MUST send your relative a Honey-glazed HAM & an apology note......…..Where ARE your manners?!

The Logician from then to now on on April 01, 2020:

Typos (fat fingers) should be 150 studies and publicly not public ally.

The Logician from then to now on on April 01, 2020:

Hey Mike! Can a person suffering from arrested brain development be considered obnoxious or are they just handicapped.

I say that because from my personal experience I have found that people I’ve known who behave like that are or were heavy pot smokers during the development years of their brain (which lasts into their 20s) which studies now show creates arrested brain development in the prefrontal cortex of their brains where early prefrontal lesions impair the maturation of moral judgement and behaviors.

Was your relative a pot user? Because everyone I’ve known to have smoked pot during development years behave just like she did, they are incapable of cognitive reason and are ruled by their emotions.

Often and I’ve seen this in hubbers, their brains are so damaged that they actually believe and public ally pronounce that smoking pot enhances their cognitive ability to reason and are completely in denial of what over 250 studies have proven and the medical profession accepts as fact, that pot smoking arrests Brain development and ages the brain!

Readmikenow on April 01, 2020:

I have a relative who is a raging vegan. This is what I got once when she came to dinner and we were having venison. This was back in the day when I hunted regularly. She was horrified and said, "You are eating flesh. The flesh of a creature that was living and breathing before you murdered it."

I told her murder is a legal concept of our society. Does a wolf murder a deer when it kills it for a meal? I tried to explain how venison is free of fat, hormones and is very healthy for you. I tried to explain how there are pray animals and there are predators. She wouldn't hear it. She wouldn't let it go. She said "Do you expect me to sit here and accept the murder of an innocent animal for your sadistic pleasure?"

I told her, "No, I expect you to sit here, shut up, and accept you're with people who don't agree with you. If you don't like it you can find somewhere else to sit where you can do something other than annoy me about my dinner." She stormed out of my house is a rather dramatic fashion. How obnoxious is she?

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on April 01, 2020:

It's a fine meme. My only problem with it is I remember the same photo taken from the last major Hurricane evacuation.

So I hate being like this, where I can't enjoy the meme so much for knowing the image is a re-tread.

I'm sure, however, another similar photo could appear for use at any time.

Over on Facebook, where I've just created a new account (I've likely had close to 20 permanently banned accounts)

But hey, Reddit permanently banned at least 8 of my accounts there within a span of around a year.

Reddit's censorship goals are truly impressive. Also impressive is their belief they can survive such rigid ideological anti-intellectualism.

Anyway, today on Facebook the cute vegans are saying pandemics are always directly linked to animal agriculture.

Probably such a statement could be verified or deemed another fake news leftist nonsensical, of which numbers have grown as though there were Chinese social credits for publishing leftist dum dumb dumb dumbs.

The Logician from then to now on on March 31, 2020:

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on November 23, 2019:

Well thank you very much, Umesh Chandra Bhatt!

In the United States veganism is associated with the most privileged but dumbest of white people, especially.

I'm talking about the kind of persons who think the world is dying, and it is their duty to save it. The world isn't dying, and stupid people aren't likely able to even save themselves, much less anything else.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on November 23, 2019:

Interesting and informative.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on November 21, 2019:

Luis G, I appreciate all the shares.

I'm sure there are vegans out there who mind their own business and don't say stupid things, like in the article, to people.

Internet veganism is something else though. What I've seen from vegans on Facebook may haunt me for the rest of my life.

Luis G Asuncion from City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines on November 21, 2019:

Although I am not a vegan, however, I have some vegan friends. I will share this article to them. Cool.

Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on November 21, 2019:

Mr. Happy!

Oh man, I have endless anti-vegan things to say. Sometimes it is very hard to even know where to start, and even harder to know when and where to stop.

Vegans are as racist as it gets. They do not acknowledge any of that, however, as they are full of fire and fury "for the animals.'

They don't give a damn about anyone's heritage or culture, and it doesn't mean anything to them at all where that culture is located on a map - if they eat meat, they are WRONG, WRONG WRONG!

LOLOLOL. It's a big stupid religion, I'm telling you. Half the things they say are basically religious in nature, as there's nothing in the way of logic, proof, etc, to back up those things.

Like Eskimo and Inuit just shouldn't have ever even existed.

You realize these people think riding horses is animal abuse too, right? OH MAN. It's like they think humanity shouldn't have ever even existed.

But driving a car isn't animal abuse, I guess, unless there is leather in the car.

You've heard of first world problems - problems that don't really exist, except in the head of first world persons of some degree of wealth. That's veganism.

You can't win an argument with a vegan by using facts. Facts don't matter. Facts are for 'carnists,' as they call us. What an exciting time to be alive! LOLOL

Yeah meat sells itself because