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Top 10 Longest Time on FBI Most Wanted List

On the heels of two of the biggest captures/ killings of the FBI’s most wanted criminals who spent a long time running, how do Whitey Bulger and Usama Bin Laded line-up in the list of criminals who spent the longest time on the run on the FBI’s Most Wanted List of 491 fugitives in history?


10. Wardell David Ford

Placed on list: 12/20/89 Located: 9/17/90. Wanted for Homicide and Armed Robbery in Detroit where Ford stole $45,000 and left a scene of a dead guard and his dead partner. He was known for taking money any way he could, including conning his family and friends. He was found from a tip from a viewer of America’s Most Wanted.


9. James J. “Whitey” Bulger

Placed on list: 8/19/99 Located: 6/22/11. Bulger was wanted for racketeering, 19 counts of murder, extortion, conspiracy, money laundering, and narcotics distribution, being the oldest criminal placed on the list at 69 years old. All his crime activity is linked to his position as head of the Winter Hill Gang in South Boston, Massachusetts. For years he served as an informant to the FBI to maintain his “business” until the deal became public and Bulger was placed on the Most Wanted list for all his crimes, only escaping from a tip from his FBI “buddies”. Whitey Bulger was captured in his home in California.


8. Usama Bin Laden

Placed on list: 6/7/99 Located: 5/2/11. Bin Laden was officially wanted in connection to the 1998 bombings of the US Embassies in Dars Es Salaam, Tanzania, as well as Nairobi, Kenya. Also a member of the Top 10 Most Wanted Terrorists, he was also supposedly connected to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon, as well as many killings that ensued in an attempt to find him. He was killed in Pakistan in his million dollar complex by US Marines.


7. Leo Joseph Koury

Placed on list: 4/20/79 Located: 6/16/91. Koury, who owned many Richmond gay bars, was wanted for fraud and murder. He was accused for fraud to his rival gay bar owners but was officially listed as wanted for two murders as he killed a bouncer at one bar and sent a gunman to another, who killed one and wounded another. Koury was located when he died in a hospital of a brain hemorrhage in San Diego, California, he was 56.


6. Katherine Ann Power

Placed on list: 10/17/70 Located: 6/15/84. Power was wanted in her connection to the robbery of the Massachusetts Nation Guard armory and a bank in Brighton, Massachusetts that ended in the killing of a police officer. Although she was only on the Most Wanted list for 13 and a half years, she remained at large for another 10 when she turned herself in in 1993. She was removed from the list because she was no longer “fit” to be a Top Ten Fugitive. Power spent only 6 years in a Massachusetts prison and 14 years probation and is said to be living in Boston now.


5. Frederick J. Tenuto

Placed on list: 5/24/50 Located: 3/9/64. Tenuto was a mafia mob hitman, and only the 14th fugitive on the list of historic Top Ten Fugitives. Tenuto was assassinated by Albert Anastasia when Anastasia had Tenuto kill Arnold Schuster for working with the police. His process was dismissed when he was allegedly killed.

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4. Glen Stewart Godwin

Placed on list: 12/17/96 Located: Still on list. Godwin was arrested in 1983 for the murder and robbery of a man in California. He was sentenced to 26 years to life in prison but escaped in 1987. He was placed on the Most Wanted list 9 years later and remains on the list, still at large.

3. Charles Lee Herron

Placed on list: 2/9/68 Located: 6/18/86. Herron was wanted for the shooting of two police officers in the 60’s. He was arrested in 1986 from an extensive FBI investigation and plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter a few months after his arrest.


2. Donald Eugene Webb

Placed on list: 5/4/81 Located: 3/31/07*. Webb was wanted for the attempted burglary and murder of the police chief in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania, the first murder in the town’s history. He was taken off the list in 2007 when he “no longer met the criteria”, but remained at large. Experts believe he is deceased after 29 years on the run but this report has not been verified.


1. Victor Manuel Gerena

Placed on list: 5/14/84 Located: Still on list. Gerena is wanted for his connection to Los Macheteros and the armed robbery of a Wells Fargo armored car facility in West Hartford, Connecticut of about $7 million. He remains at large and holds the record of the longest streak on the list. He is believed to be in Cuba but nothing more is really known about his current situation.

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