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The Duality of Liberals: The Toxic Cancel Culture

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The cancel culture or the call out culture is a toxic practice used by feminists and liberals to socially ostracize people and alienate them both personally and professionally. How ridiculous would it be if the class leaders still wrote names of the talkative students on the white board? That is exactly what liberals seem to be doing, with the difference being that they do it online. Try shouting out that you murdered someone and no one bats an eye. But try shouting out that there are just two genders and the liberal world will show you the emergency exit. This is a major problem with the world we live in today. Major issues that deserve attention are sidelined and attention is given to issues that don't even remotely deserve it.

While liberals rant about free speech and freedom of opinions they are being blatantly hypocritical. On one hand they apparently 'fight to make voices heard', but at the same time, they are the front runners when it comes to calling someone out for voicing their own opinion. It started with the Me Too movement that came as a shock to the world exposing secrets unknown until then. But what irks me the most about this movement and the people associated with it is that they lack the resources to verify or get to the right side of the story. Eventually, lives are lost and destroyed because a story wasn't verified, yet was carried by social media. This is not restricted to men but women as well.

J. K. Rowling was cancelled because she spoke in support of someone who lost her job over a tweet in which she voiced her opinions. It is high time that people realize that not everything can proceed in their preferred method. It is high time people realized that every single human on earth has a difference of opinions. The cancel culture alienates people just because they have a different opinion. It is a highly toxic mindset to be carried in 2021.

We talk about accepting people for who they are but instead we take a bunch of people who are just being themselves, round them up like criminals and condemn them affecting their public reputation, mental health and costing them their job, relationships and even life. How can something like this be justified or defended?

If it is changing the world that you intend to achieve by doing this, you are only creating a bunch of people who will bottle up their feelings out of fear of being alienated from the society; a bunch of pretentious teens and adults that will go around lying to your face because you wouldn't accept them for who they are. This will only do more harm than good to the society as a whole. How many feminists are actually feminists? How many men and women fake being feminists to avoid the wrath of orthodox liberals? Are we going to continue living in this hell that we call a modern world? Are we going to allow liberals to tell us how to live or what opinion to have?

You might be thinking that I am defending all the homo/trans-phobias or the sexist and racist people out there. I am defending the basic human right to speak how we think and to be ourselves. The cancel culture hasn't been very transparent about who they target. There have been instances where people have lost their jobs for simply associating with a political party. There have been instances where boys have lost their lives after being blamed of being sexual predators when they weren't. There have been instances of celebrities have been in the limelight for being neutral and not siding with the liberals. These are what we need to oppose and discard from the society.The question here is, is the society playing into the hands of the liberals? Are we mimicking them because we fear them? Why should the society think the way they want and why should people be boycotted because they have a difference of opinion?

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What should be done to crawl out of this perpetual web?

Cancel the cancel culture

Stop caring about liberals that cancel people for no apparent reason. The internet gives them the right to voice what they want but you have the same right. Call out those that unnecessarily target people for voicing their opinion.

Speak your mind

In a world where even memes offend people, it is difficult to exist without offending at least one person. People should use their popularity to make common people aware of the cancel culture and its toxic system. It should be common sense that people can speak what they want.

Stop apologizing!

Stop apologizing for saying something that was on your mind (unless it was about legalizing relationships with minors or legalizing sale of drugs etc that are actually illegal). Speaking your mind isn't illegal, you don't deserve to be demonized for it. The society has become a bunch of sensitive flock of sheep that blindly follows what liberals preach to them and it is high time we created a tough society that knows how to take a joke rather than one that finds even your 'hi' to be offensive.

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