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Tony Blair: Differences Between the Vaccinated and Those Not.

Ex-Prime Minister: Tony Blair.


It seems, ex-Prime Ministers like John Major, Gordon Brown, Theresa May and now, Tony Blair, cannot keep their mouths shut. I reported on Theresa May and John Major, joining the rebellion on cuts to foreign aid. Now Tony Blair has commented about the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

Tony Blair has remarked that is it "time to distinguish", between, those who have been vaccinated and those, who have not. The former Prime Minister stated that it, "makes no sense at all to treat those who have had a vaccination, the same as those who haven't".

Mr. Blair's remarks, came as it was revealed, that 13.5 million people have had their first and second doses of vaccination. Mr. Blair also commented on the rather lackluster NHS app. Calling it, "inadequate" and that it needs to be, "simplified and made more, effective".

Mr.Blair went on that, "vaccine state matters and that health passes can allow citizens to provide, their status, in a secure, private and preserving way". A report says that if health passes were used at home and abroad, countries could align internationally and restrictions, (mask-wearing, social distancing, etc) could safely be lifted. It would end, useless lockdowns around the world, that in the short-term, might work, but in the long-term not.

As of today, 40,333,231 have been vaccinated in the UK. The government, rather sarcastically, thanked Mr. Blair for his view but seemed to say slyly, that Blair couldn't keep his mouth shut, (on the vaccine and other issues).

Tony Blair, served as Prime Minister, from 1997 - 2007. Tony Blair, has become a controversial figure in Labour circles, because of his collaboration in the invasion of Iraq in 2003, with George Bush. At the time, both Bush and Blair, justified the invasion because they said Iraq had WMD or weapons of mass destruction. This subsequently, turned out not to be true. 1000s of Iraqis died needlessly, both civilians and military. The destruction, of Iraqi infrastructure and the cost of putting everything back together, has run into the billions. Iraq was run by the Allies and it was a total and utter disaster, right up until the time, Iraq was handed back to the Iraqis. There followed an insurgency, that has seen thousands of American, British, and other service personnel, either badly injured or dead. Iraq today, though an independent nation once more, is caught in a tug of war for influence, between the US and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Saddam was a dictator of the utmost evil, certainly. Saddam's wars on Iran and Kuwait, brought nothing but destruction and suffering, on his people. He ruled with an iron fist and woe betide you if you crossed him. However, if you were a signed-up Baath party member, you could expect a good standard of living. Women were raised up to be equal citizens, Iraq enjoyed a good level of education and a good standard, of living. Groups like Islamic State or Al-Qaeda would never have raised their heads or, caused the chaos, they did. With the overthrow of Saddam, the Allies had not planned, for the aftermath. The chaos of lawlessness, the religious, cultural, ethnic tensions, the corruption in government, that came forth were not foreseen by the Allies. Its possible, Iraq will be a viable, strong, and secure nation again, one day but it will take time. However, Iraq will probably never ever really get over, the holocaust brought to Iraq, by the likes of Bush and Blair.

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With all this said, Blair did do some good whilst, in power. For example, the 'Good-Friday Agreement, which saw peace, between former warring parties. The living wage, which tremendously saw, an improvement in ordinary people's standards, of living. Mr. Blair, though scorned by many today, has been the only Labour politician to score 3 election victories. Blair kept his promise to his Chancellor, Gordon Brown, and handed him the keys, of 10 Downing Street. Later on, Brown lost the election in 2010, handing victory to the Tories and their Lib-Dem, bedfellows.

Many on the Labour right, still look to Blair for inspiration, it would seem. Under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, the Labour right were more or less purged from the party. But it seems, with the emergence of Sir Keir Starmer at the helm, the Labour right is back.

Tony Blair today, lives as a private citizen, but he will from time to time, weigh into political, social or even medical issues like the former Prime Ministers, mentioned in this piece.

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