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Death to the Republic Democrat Reign of Terror

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I am a Historian, Martial Artist and Criminal Justice/ Military expert having focused my lifetime studying Warrior Ethos and culture.

We are a Republic


The Erasing of A Republic

1776 marked the birth of the American Republic. 2020 will mark it's death. Our Founding Fathers set out to create a free republic based on Christian principles, Law and Order. The Hallmark of Republics is exactly the rule of law. Democratic Elections were our only instrument to ensure consent of the people and prevent a dictator or tyrannical leader.

However over time the education system has failed the future adults of this country in conjunction with the media via a great disservice. Somehow in the period of 250+ years we went from understanding what America was; to not knowing. History and Civics took a backseat to ideals of communism, socialism, Marxism. Children were being taught to hate America. Truth became an evil lie. Capitalism became the enemy. So instead of sending out model citizens of a republic; a force of confused, dimwitted, whimsical bunch of adult babies are set upon destroying the greatness of America. A mob of socialist democrats vie at an attempt to institute principles of socialist-Marxist ideals on the American populace since the 1970's. 2021 will be the precipice of such adverse indoctrination.

Schools are deficit in history and civics. Most citizens believe we are a Democracy. The Constitution clearly says we are a Republic and guarantees a republican form of Government. Only thing Democratic is the voting process which is confirmed by the Electoral College.

Throughout 2020 BLM comprised of a majority of white liberals took to the streets to play on racial injustice and propagating the lie of racial victim-hood that has plagued Black, Asian and Hispanic peoples flamed by the same people that are supposedly causing the discrimination: white liberals. Their biggest mission the summer/fall of 2020 was trying to erase history. They targeted Abraham Lincoln as being racist. Lincoln was the President during the Civil War that freed slaves, and granted them citizenship. Lincoln was a Republican party member. He was killed by a white democrat. THIS IS WHY HISTORY IS IMPORTANT!!! The liberal minded folks will have people believe that what is true is false and what fits their agenda is true; only when convenient with them. They have pulled the wool over a lot of people under the false guise of racial discrimination and political suppression by the conservatives.

The best way to overcome a government is from within. Indoctrinate the next generation with the beliefs that you want changed ie: socialism, communism via propaganda which will draw them to believe as truth. Tell them how bad the current system is. Tell them there is mass inequality, systematic racism, global warming and downplay how things have changed over time for the better to how things are just so unbearable and that law and order are the hallmarks of those fascist, racist pigs "the white enemy". The impressionable youth then go home with their revisionist history and say to their parents they are wrong and that they are the problem with how bad the country is and they need to change. The said country's government will collapse and in the vacuum you are able to institute the government of your choice. This is a Special Warfare tactic. Without history the youth are ignorant, they have nothing to compare their mistakes to. They take at face value what they are being taught although science and facts have proven it wrong or skewed in view. But the kids are so brainwashed they can't accept facts and instead uphold to what they are being taught. As a historian, there are two types of histories at large, real history and revisionist history. Sometimes it is hard to cipher which is which unless you are well versed and read plus common sense is key to know what is real and what is propaganda.

If any of this is ringing a bell then you are ahead of the curve. If this seems like another one of those conspiracy theories, then it's time you left behind your dissident cognizance and realize you are being played. There are no such things as coincidences, unfortunately, when it comes to both crime and politics.

Kids being taught to hate America

    "When you're bombarded with so many anti-American beliefs and sentiments, it's easy for somebody growing up in this country to learn to hate America."...

Political Subversion

America plagued by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Alexandria Cortes, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Maxine Waters; has faced violent and disruptive rioting, looting, burning of businesses all perpetrated by BLM and Antifa (domestic terrorist groups funded by G. Soros a rich Nazi). The fire became stoked by Democrats in office urging chaos to continue. The police who are sworn to protect lives before property were left powerless due to leftist politics and politicians.

When Trump put National Guard and federal agents on stand by to assist in quelling the "protesters" and their open rebellion in the streets; he and others who support law and order were silenced and were marked as white supremacist, racists. While any death is a shock to the community, we as a nation have been swayed to believe the media stirred bias of use of force and the thought process of police being fascists and abusive without gathering the totality of the circumstances. Many times the actions upon investigations were deemed justified. Regardless however countless police and leo's were attacked, ambushed and murdered without reason; and in full support from Democrat politicians.

We as a nation obviously haven't read the Constitution recently, if ever, the Federalist Papers. We ought to take the time; Politicians while riding around in your government provided luxury executive jet, everyone else as well to do just that.

The Democratic Party represent Socialistic and even Marxist principals that our founding fathers tried to avoid when setting out the capitalistic republican form of government represented by our Constitution. They are doing so openly. They are not hiding it anymore. Soros has openly stated that American Blacks are so easy to manipulate because they are ignorant and all they need is a little push with the bait of racial injustice. Oddly enough people in general are falling right in line and supporting real racist in BLM, Antifa and the Democratic Party. They claim to be "woke" but are in fact daydreaming.

It's members and spouses and significant others are multi-millionaires with much of their fortune being made as a result of their holding office at the cost of hard working American Tax dollars. They have controlled legislation that has enhanced their investments both on and off shore. At the same time they redistributed the wealth of others. Our system of a free market economy is being destroyed by the likes of them. They ride around in a Gulf-stream airplane at the tax payers expense while criticizing the presidents of companies who produced something for the economy. They add nothing to the economy of the United States; only subtract therefrom. They try to obliterate the second amendment all the while being protected by armed guards; with semi auto handguns and the dreaded Armalite Rifle 15 (AR-15) which they wish to ban from citizen possession.

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A speech to the deaf; by Rep. Gaetz

Rep. Gaetz just reported on the House floor that facial recognition proves some of the criminals who stormed the Capitol were Antifa. The President just issued an order on Antifa yesterday.

The ingrate criminals who attacked our Capitol proved definitively that violence solves problems. In favor of the violent parties. Senators backed off their support of the elector contest, cabinet members threatened to resign, and everyone who fought for election integrity (lawfulness) is blamed. The criminals got what they wanted. They blocked the objection of the Biden electors and cowed our “leaders.”

The senators and cabinet members who made these changes in their position reward the rioters’ violence. They capitulate and incentivize *more* violence. Rewarding bad behavior.

We must not stop pushing for election integrity reforms, and above all, demand law and order. Those who attacked the Capitol should be prosecuted to the fullest extent on the law - as should the people who burned American cities this summer. It’s all the same thing, and I believe, the same people, as facial recognition proved with the criminals today.

Letter from Disgruntled American

I came across this piece that was sent to some of the leading politicians by a retired Military officer.

Dear Washington DC politicians (of both parties): You sat and watched all summer as "protestors" burned down police stations, stores, homes, churches and police cars and did nothing. You sat an watched as people rioted and looted stores, homes, liquor stores and stole personal property. You watched as they encroached on people's property and arrested the people for trying to protect themselves and their property. You formed organizations to bail out rioters so they could get back out there and riot! You let rioters take over a police station and call it their own autonomous zone with zero consequences. You resisted Trump when he wanted to send in help.

Now you fake humans want to bitch, moan and become apoplectic over some protestors breaking into the Capitol?? You want these protestors to be prosecuted to the "fullest extent of the law" because the chickens came home to roost in your own backyard??

The problem is that Politicians DO NOT CARE unless it effects them directly. Politicians are FAKES on both sides of the Aisle. Nothing was burned, nothing was stolen, the protestors didn't hurt anybody, but one of shot and killed by the DC police. So, there is your revenge. You took out a woman Trump supporter and you don't give a damn because in your warped thinking, they deserved it when only a few windows were broken and some protestors trespassed for a photo op.....

Trump said a LOT of crazy stuff in his tweets the past four years... Let's examine them:

He said: My offices are bugged. He was right.

He said: The FBI, CIA, DOJ and the Obama administration were plotting against him. He was right.

He said: The media both liberal and social are liars . He labeled them FAKE NEWS. He was right.

He said: Russian collision was a hoax. He was right.

He said: He could bring manufacturing back. He was right.

He said: If we build a wall and manage immigration it will create jobs. He was right.

He said: Joe and Hunter got rich off of shady corrupt deals with the Ukraine and China. He was right.

He said: new trade deals would be better for the people. He was right.

He said: Moving the embassy to Jerusalem would be the right decision. He was right

He said: getting us out of un-winnable wars would create peace. He was right.

He said the Clintons were corrupt. He was right. And still are!

He said: locking up minority’s for decades for non violent offenses was wrong so he changed it. He was right.

He said: Jobs are worth way more than welfare so he gave the people jobs.

He was right.

He said: our government is filled with corrupt people and he will fight to drain the swamp and right the wrongs. He is right.

President Trump has been right on just about everything he said. So when he says the election was rigged I’ll bet my life on him being right.

When I was growing up, the news was reported and you based your own opinion. If you heard something you didn't like or you didn't understand and you were taught the reasons and value of Freedom of Speech.

There is no discussion or debate anymore. We either cancel, silence or create an environment where you are placed on one side or the other.

Some Interesting Articles

The Fires of Rebellion

Remember in 2011 when tens of thousands of Democrats surged on the Wisconsin Capitol building in Madison and physically occupied it for more than two weeks? We were told, "This is what democracy looks like."


Remember in 2016 when Obama was President and hundreds of BLM blocked interstate highways and violently accosted police (even killing several)? We were told, "To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible."


Remember in 2018 during the Kavanaugh hearings when a mob of Democrats stormed the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington, DC, and pounded their fists in rage on the door. We were told, "It's understandable."


Remember this summer's riots in major cities across the country when groups of Democrats marched in the streets, set buildings on fire, looted businesses, assaulted and even killed bystanders and police? We were told, "These are mostly peaceful protests."


Remember when Democrats seized several blocks of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in downtown Seattle, declaring it an autonomous zone?


Remember the guns ad deaths and utter destruction? We were told, "It's a block party atmosphere."


Remember when a crazed mob gathered after the Republican National Convention and attacked Rand Paul, a sitting U.S. Senator? We were told, "No justice, no peace."

Remember the Democrat "summer of love" which included assaults on civilians and police, riots, arson, murders, looting, molotov cocktails, bricks, frozen water bottles, and occupation of government buildings and American cities that was cheered on and bankrolled by some of the same people voting for impeachment. Wow. The stench of hypocrisy is overwhelming. Perhaps it is the stench smelled 'round the world. Everyone of them that backed Antifa and BLM and told them to attack Conservatives no matter where they were or what they were doing. This would probably eliminate half of the Democrats and even a few rhino Republicans.

The Senate should use this opportunity to finally have a trial on the handling of the election. The people who stormed were angry. Ask them why? No one has satisfactorily explained why there were so many inconsistencies in the results of the election. Flip the narrative and present evidence of why the people were angry - not being incited - but acting on own volition to have the Government address their many questions. Precisely he tells his people to go peacefully and patriotically they told theirs to go get people they should be removed just as they are removing him stop the double standard I think their guilty regardless. Dems have said more, instigated more and caused more chaos in the past 4 years. A lot is documented on tv...We the people are getting mad as hell and aren't going to take it anymore. It goes both ways they need to be charged with the same thing they encouraged and bailed out the ones over the summer they should be held to the same standards many children died from that many police many men and women. They have incited and abetted riots, looting, the burning of towns, condoned all this with not one word of condemnation. Wish there was a way to begin impeachment proceedings on many of them, beginning with Pelosi. Swalwell who has been caught with a Chinese spy is now on the impeachment committee and is on the national intelligence committee. The corruption is appalling. I’m getting kind of tired of repeating this but...

I have a genuine question. If Trump can be impeached for an uprising after he told them to peacefully and patriotically assemble, does that mean any democrat who supported antifa and BLM after they annexed a portion of Seattle (which is a formal declaration of war against the United States from a registered domestic terror group) can be charged with treason? I watched the entire speech, and Trump clearly stated "you all can head over to the capital now, and exercise your freedom and right in a peaceable manner". He never once said, storm the building, cause havoc and chaos. I certainly was not moved to go burn, loot, kill and injure people. Maybe I have too much common sense?


Incoming Reign of Fascist Terror and Unconstitutionality

The Democrats are using the outrageous and unsupportable Capital riot the same way that the Reichstag Fire of 1933 was used — as a pretext for an authoritarian crackdown in Germany. Goes to show they are rewriting history to fit their agenda. The Nazi party used this excuse of the fire to take control of the government façade and then commenced to not only silence their political enemies by revoking rights, but by sending them to prisons and ultimately killing them. They had a register of all gun owners and began to roundup and confiscating all weapons from the citizens. They silenced all other political movements which resulted in a one party system through which the tyranny of the National Socialist Party under the dictatorship of Adolph Hitler went on to do such atrocious things like eugenics, elderly and sick being killed as well as the slaughtering of Jews.

The Democrats have supplanted the political system with mail in ballots, dead voters, ballot machine being hacked and a slew of other widespread voter fraud. They cheated so well with the help of the media that everyone now believes that there was no cheating and they have threatened anyone of influence if they speak out about it. There is no way in hell that anyone could be winning then when polling places are supposedly closed or have "damage" and counting stop then all of a sudden, boom; the loser is winning. That is way beyond reality and common sense. Yet anyone who comments on it's absurdity is labeled a racist and a threat to democracy. The democrats are pointing the finger, yet have four other fingers pointing back at them, as the things they are blaming the conservative side of the aisle they are doing themselves. The sad thing is they are doing it in plain sight and people are not standing up against it at all.

There is a buildup of Immigrants at the southern border, and more continue to come sporting their Biden t-shirts. Biden claims they are coming because he is a well liked guy. Personally I can't stand the ignorant mind-deprived so and so. Nonetheless the demorats are pushing for no ID's to vote. If you put two and two together then you should see the next step would be to allow illegal immigrants to vote. There is no way to tell if they can or not. I have met many who have learned English enough to be able to communicate properly, so it would be possible to lie about one's status and eligibility to vote. We don't and can't vote in other countries elections and neither should non citizens. Biden's administration will use the continuing flooding of unaccompanied children at the border as an excuse for some sort of humanitarian crisis. It's all his fault and he should take action to stop illegals from entering our border illegally. This is a man made crisis due to Biden's idiotic policies. However this opens up for cartels to smuggle more drugs and people. He is creating the drama and is putting lives in jeopardy. I have spoken with many illegals in the course of my lifetime and the trip to cross the desert at the border is very treacherous to say the least for adults. Now kids are being used as pawns. It is sick and should not be happening period. There is nothing wrong with proper immigration. The US is looking for people to make a substantial impact on our economy and an influx of unskilled illegals do not make the cut. Most of these people don't even speak spanish and have little to no formal education. We have plenty of US citizens who have little education and are unskilled that should be given priority over illegals anyway. These people who make the effort to journey on such an arduous trek should instead seek to improve their own country instead of abandoning it; only to become a burden on another countries socio-economic resources. They get $1500.00 just for coming here, they get free meals, free hotel rooms, free medical care, sports, libraries, computers; all the while US veterans and some citizen are homeless, penniless and in bad bad shape.

The re-impeachment of President Trump and the banning of his emails, tweets, texts and Facebook posts are merely the first examples of a growing authoritarianism. If they are able to revoke the First Amendment without pushback to someone of influence; what it the next logical step? That's right, your freedom of speech, religion and all are in danger at this very moment. That is the new premise of the coming Democratic reign of terror: That political statements charging that the election of 2020 was stolen or riddled with fraud are, by themselves, inciting violence by Trump supporters. The Democratic reign of terror first targeted our President and is now trickling down to every citizen and organization that opposes the Democratic left. We see it as the left attempts to frame the remarks of Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Josh Hawley, R-Mo., — and those of President Trump and his supporters — as incendiary, false, and designed to cause a riot, thereby allowing them to criminalize it.

Biden want's to do away with Armalite Rifle- 15's (AR-15) commonly mistaken as and called assault rifles. There is much debate about this and that, however a quick look at Britain would show that criminals don't follow laws, a quick look at New York City would show that criminals don't follow laws, a quick look at Chicago will show that criminals don't follow laws. Unarming law abiding citizens is not the answer. We need to get tough in the court room. It is based on my experience that the laws that are currently on the books work when enforced and when judges act accordingly. The second amendment clearly states SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Owning and carrying weapons is a right, not a privilege. Driving is a privilege not a right. So Licenses to drive is correct, licenses to own a gun is unconstitutional period. If you don't like guns, then don't buy any, and don't call the police who carry guns for protection to bail you out of a violent encounter with an armed criminal. Politicians have security with fully automatic guns, but they tell you that you don't need any guns period, automatic or otherwise. But there is an underlying reason. In order to institute tyranny you have to disarm the populace. A people without resource to keep the government in check are slaves. Armed patriots threaten only a tyrannical government. The worst is yet to come....


The future will be grim, if the American people do not stand up and demand the government keep their hands off our liberties guaranteed by God and protected by the Constitution. The Militia are the people in general and have the right to own and carry arms for protection against the government as well as for themselves. The government is not our friend, let alone savior. Being a patriot means to have love for your country not your government. Because when left in the hands of the likes of Biden, Harris and the rest of the dead-brain communist cohorts called democrats there becomes a tyranny.

Draconian measures such as lock downs, masks, vaccines and vaccine passports need to be blocked. These are encroachments on our liberties. Those that would rather have security will lose their liberty and once the government takes your liberty they are less apt to give it back. This is your speak up call. There are too many who say they are "woke" but they are daydreaming. Communism, Marxism and the other crap policies that the Democrats are pushing do not work, have not worked and need only look at history to show they are useless. But our schools have failed this generation of people, and the generations before need to speak up! To hell with being "woke" be an AMERICAN CITIZEN AND PATRIOT!!!!!


This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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