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Tired of Silence


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I Woke Up to Discover I was in the Matrix

I no longer choose to be silent. As one of the “non-victims” of the world, I am tired of the shit raining down on this beloved country from the myriad of overly zealous zealots. For me, the questions are many and answers are few. How does righteous anger turn into an opportunity for extortion? When does the crowd go from well-intentioned folks who want to improve their lot to a riot full of ne’er do wells, thugs, opportunists and folks who believe chaos is an excuse for lawlessness? And for that matter, what the hell do the Antifa members and Black Lives Matter thugs think they are doing? When do those in charge in the various jurisdictions take back the streets? When do we stop fearing the crowd of cell phones recording every action knowing that only a select few streams of video be played to support the videographer’s narrative? How do we ever get to hear the full story, including the wrongs perpetrated on innocent victims, by those who are suddenly thrust into a martyr status simply by being a minority injured or killed by police officers? Why are they painted as angels when their halos are tarnished? Will serial criminals ever have to deal with the stain of their actions when the zealots want to bury them in a gold coffin, hoisted on the shoulders of their particular cause? When do the entertainers and athletes realize that their voice only makes more people angry and further divides this country? There is no respect for their opinions, why are they constantly given a platform to express how oppressed they are? When do the news outlets become objective sources of information rather than hate-spewing political organizations that manipulate the message to their cause? What happened to this country? How did we allow the screams of the few to drown out the will of the majority?

We are going in the wrong direction and it is time for the silent majority to step up. It is time for the citizens of the United States to hold their “leaders” accountable. It is time for these political leaders to take responsibility for their actions and remember they were elected to serve their constituencies using majority rule and minority rights as their guide. Their job is not to fear personal embarrassment or harm based on doing what they were elected to do. If they fear to do the right thing, they should not be allowed to remain in a position of authority. If they are in a position of authority only for financial gain, they should be monitored and prosecuted if they fail to live up to the ethical standards of the office. We have laws and a means to interpret and enforce these laws. No one should be allowed to arbitrarily ignore or amend these laws based on an attempt to appease a minority of constituents or for personal or political gain. For them to be held accountable, the silent majority cannot remain silent. We cannot be in fear of controversy. We cannot fear being branded for our beliefs. We cannot fear standing up for our personal safety and to protect what is ours. We cannot buy into the propaganda fed us whenever we turn on the network news. We need to examine the facts ourselves to make informed decisions. This takes work and more time but it makes informed choices possible. We cannot stand by and allow our history to be rewritten and torn down. History is there to remind us of what humankind is capable of, both good and bad, and that the lessons of history are often repeated.

Silent majority, we must stop allowing this to happen. We allow the indoctrination to liberal thought in our schools. We don’t insist that the message be balanced. We allow the lessons of history to be rewritten rather than to insist on an objective discussion of all sides. There should be warning labels on news shows or periodicals to remind the viewers, listeners or readers of the bias of the editorial staff of that particular outlet. The label should say this is an “entertainment” program, equipped with entertainers, NOT an objective news source. Until the information outlets are held accountable to a full and complete story, they will never be reliable sources of information. This applies to Fox just as much as CNN and it isn’t a restriction of free speech, just a reminder that the data being delivered may be hazardous to the listener’s health. Groups such as Black Lives Matter must be recognized for what they are, an organized extortion group bent on using tragedy to further their financial gain, without directly benefitting their namesakes. Antifa, should be squashed and members prosecuted to the full extent of the law, much like we would prosecute a terrorist organization. Zealots cannot be allowed to impose their zeal on innocents. The voices should be heard but the violence should not be tolerated and the thefts and property damage should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This applies to extreme left as well as extreme right wing groups.

As an American citizen, I will follow the constitution and the laws as interpreted through the courts. If someone decides that they are entitled to injure me or my loved ones or to burn, break or steal my property, I will exercise my rights relative to self-protection, without regard to how it might look in the media. If someone enters my property and threatens me, I will respond with deadly force, no matter what their ancestry might be or what personal tragedy they or their ancestors have had to endure. I will not be a victim of the political environment and no longer will I be silent in the face of adversity.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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Sharlee on October 01, 2020:

I have confidence the silent majority will step up this time around. Mosy American's appreciate our Constitution. Yes, there will always be some that don't. There always have been. However, it is evident that throughout history they are put in their place, and common sense will once again prevail.

I enjoyed your article, I can see you have a very common-sense point of view. I appreciate your view.

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