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Tight Race For Khan Against Bailey.

London Mayor: Sadiq Khan.


Mayoral Election in 2021.

Labour has had, sadly, a bashing during 'Super Thursday. The name was given to local and mayoral elections in England, and, parliamentary elections in Scotland and Wales.

The by-election in Hartlepool was a disaster for Labour, the Conservatives took it. Across the 'so-called' red wall of Labour heartlands, many councils fell to the Tories. Labour was lucky to retain the seats it did and Liverpool was the one city, that bucked the trend, by electing a new Labour Mayor. It is probable, Andy Burnham has retained his Mayoral position, in Manchester.

Sir Keir Starmer, said he would take responsibility for Labour's failure, during Thursday. Subsequently, after Labour's dismal performance, Sir Keir admitted he was bitterly disappointed. Sir Keir said the party, had spent too much time talking to itself. Labour, said Sir Keir, must reach out more to people and the issues, they care about. Of course, those on the Labour left and maybe even some on the Labour right, will attack Sir Keir's leadership. Sir Keir is an incredibly, intelligent and forensic individual, as befits a former barrister. Many times he has taken Boris apart, at PMQs. However, it seems leaders also, have to be charismatic and this seems to be something, Sir Keir struggles with.

Sir Keir was riding high in the polls, because of Boris' incompetence over lockdown, COVID and the incredibly high death rate. However, the vaccination roll-out has given Boris, his bounce in the polls, overtaking Sir Keir, as the people's choice for Prime Minister.

Sir Keir became Labour leader, on the back of a disastrous defeat, for Labour. Also, with Boris keeping his promise to get the UK, out of the EU and recently the success of the vaccination, Sir Keir has had to battle for air time. As Sir Keir has said, many times, Labour has and still has, a mountain to climb. The pressure, in the wake of this terrible night for Labour, will be even more backbreaking for Sir Keir now. He will, between now and 2024, the next general election, be expected to turn around the party's fortune. The clock is ticking on Sir Keir's leadership and on the Labour party itself, as a viable party. Able to be a formidable opposition and, a government, in waiting.

The Labour party ran with the recent sleaze allegations, and, you cannot blame them. Labour thought they had been gifted something, that would cut into Boris' lead in the polls. And, so it appeared to do, in some polls, with the Tories lead being slashed. However, come election day, it seemed Boris's flat shenanigans, allegations about bodies in the streets, etc, didn't cut it with the electorate. People opted instead, for Boris Johnson's flying circus for the reasons outlined, in this article.

One area, where Labour, might still retain power is in London. The incumbent Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has held that job since 2016 when he beat his Conservative rival, Zac Goldsmith.

This time, he is up against Conservative candidate, Shaun Bailey. Bailey has been written off, as a waste of time as polls appeared to show Khan on course, for victory.

However, there is admitted nervousness in Khan's team as Bailey may be proving more popular, than first thought. Khan's team have admitted, that they may have prematurely, written off Shaun Bailey.

7 of London's 14 Mayoral constituencies have declared their results, with others to follow today. If by chance, Bailey is able to unseat Khan, this would destroy one of the very few hopes that Labour has had in this election.

Many Tories privately think that Bailey's success is due to Khan's policy, of low traffic areas, of the capital. This policy was enacted, to cut down on the pollution levels in London. Obviously, it is proving unpopular, with some of London's inhabitants.

More than likely, though Khan, (who has proved for some, a controversial Mayor), will hold on to his Mayoral position. Shaun Bailey is a young man and if he doesn't succeed this time, he may get the job next time.


Nick Bishop (author) on May 08, 2021:

I am inclined, to agree with you.

MG Singh from UAE on May 08, 2021:

London has a large diverse population and migrants are in sizable numbers, hence there is a good chance that Sadiq Khan will sail through.

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