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Hello Thrivalism


Thrivalism - Power to the people


Goodbye Socialism. Goodbye Capitalism. Goodbye Communism. Hello and Welcome "Thrivalism."

On 04/17/11 - I wrote an article on the pending changes facing mankind and the planet. In that article (Found Here ) I made a quote. “We need to stop making such a huge deal about manufacturing "things" and we have to start making a big deal about building character. Build a new man from the inside out. No longer running from who we are inside.” ... this quote is more needed and more accurate today than it was four years ago when I made it. Mankind IS making the shift.

As stated in the mentioned article, mankind in general has been on an incredible journey. We have explored the difference between good and evil, we've made huge leaps in manufacturing and technology and continue to do so. We can now sit on our butts and fly over 400 miles per hour and surf the internet at the same time. We can explore the planet with the dated technology found on google earth and get a birds eye view of many places on the whole globe. The Hubble has extended our view of the cosmos and we find complete galaxies in regions of the sky, that until recently, we thought were void of any life forms. Our amazing, “amazing” world (and universe) continues to fascinate us. Continually revealing even more surprises, and thus adds further questions as we (mankind) continues to expand. Unfathomable.

We've explored Socialism and see the flaws. The State and a few power hungry individuals try to tax anyone earning, and give to the poor. We've explored Communism and we see state run business's completely fail, because the workers have NO incentive to perform. And again a few power hungry individuals are basking in the good life while everyone else suffers. We've explored Capitalism and we've seen that evolve into an illusion of freedom while once again a few power hungry individuals manipulate Governments and squash the little Entrepreneurs in a completely unfair and unethical manner.

I know the last paragraph may cause the hair to rise on the backs of many individuals as those statements attack the core of the beliefs, from “all” the mentioned systems. But I encourage everyone to set aside your inclinations to defend your political position and read on with an open mind. I will say up front “I do NOT have all the answers, but it is painfully obvious not a single person on the planet does.” What I will share is what what I believe is a simple base upon which to create a new and practical system that caters to all current needs of the planet, and mankind in general.

Common Sense - from Ayn Rand


March To Your Own Drum Beat


Paradigm Shift For Government

Rule Makers under ALL political systems, in general, are dictators in disguise.

1- Under socialism the rule makers “try” to establish rules that are fair to both large corporations as well as address the needs of the individual. In the end – there is a plethora of ridiculous rules and laws that are so in-congruent and mixed up a room full of lawyers go home exhausted and confused. Added to that is the need then to collect more tax revenue form tax payers who soon become burdened by the expense.
Socialism gives the Government too much power.
Socialism tends to create rules upon rules and a plethora of useless permits perpetuating the myths attached to "Politically Correct"
Socialism creates a burden on the tax payer that is totally in sane.
You or your friends may already be feeling the TAX pinch.
Trying to satisfy both corporations and the individual (under the current monetary system) is simply impossible.

2- Under Capitalism the rule makers give tax incentives to the wealthy in order to secure and create jobs. Laws are made thus to protect the rich and in so doing become completely unfavorable to the poor. It now has escalated to the point that the rich in order to continue to maintain market dominance squash any and all little entrepreneur and mom and pop owner by shear power of their buying power. We even have ridiculous laws in places where it is illegal to capture rainwater from your own roof and you are “forced” to buy power from the grid. One can not become self sufficient in some areas. No doubt you or some of your friends feel the restraints and the added burden or costs of permits, unfair laws and controls. .
Capitalism Creates the False Golden Rule, namely "He who has the gold, makes the rules."
Capitalism perpetuates the notion that “Masters Need Slaves.”
Capitalism dose NOT consider the value of a human being.
Capitalism makes currency a weapon of power.
The Trickle Down Effect is pure Bull Shit - "Cream Rises To The Top."
All the above is amplified under the current monetary system.
You may find this article helpful - Capitalism Vs Currency.

3- Under Communism the rule makers establish rules to keep everyone under their thumb. Incentive for an innovative entrepreneur is nil and progress is thus halted. The current monetary system does nothing to correct these flaws.

Anyone can easily see the truth of all the above statements without being a political scholar, an economist, or a business graduate. Stay with me.

Radical Changes Take Radical People



Thrivalism and the monetary system.

"It's simple to fool people into believing in a lie, but it is next to impossible to get people to believe in a truth that goes against a lie they have been trained, or fooled, into believing"

What is Thrivalism?

To start with - It may be valuable to look at what Currency vs Capitalism looks like.

It is a system that looks at every single human being as an individual who has a right to be here on planet earth. A right to food, shelter, clothing, education and health care. It is a system that considers the planet as our “collective home,” and that the planet itself has needs, thus it is our responsibility to first reduce, then eliminate our destructive actions on the environment and wildlife. In short - “How would love look for global solutions.”

Thrivalism is a complete paradigm shift, formed by looking at all the above mentioned political systems, and realizing all are broken and need a complete replacement. Not a stupid analytical band aid solution, but a completely new and untried system. In looking at all the above systems, the only common thread is the current monetary system. So let's take a deeper look at it first.

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The current monetary system is upside down. Money is made out of thin air, and doled out the wealthy to maintain the position of power that they hold now over the entire world. To get a visual of this craziness is simple. I live in Canada and the thickness of a $100.00 bill is .0036 inches. One million dollars is 10,000 X .0036 or 36 inches, or 3 feet high. One Billion dollars is 1000 X 3 or 3000 feet high. One Trillion dollars is 3000 x 1000 or 3,000,000 feet high or 568.2 miles high. There are less than 2500 Billionaires on the whole planet, and one group with a collective asset of an unknown amount, that at best guess, is close to 100 Trillion dollars. True or false, there are rumors of already existing Trillionaire individuals, although proof is impossible to acquire.

Under Thrivalism, money would still be printed out of thin air, but not doled out to support business's like under the current BS system of fractional reserves. Rather money would be printed to be allocated to Public required upgrades and improvements. This would include roads and infrastructure, improvements to all city slum area's, education and health care. Also printed and doled out to business's that make pollution clean up, environmental and wildlife support, their business focus. This needs to be done “Globally.” Just think of all the job creations possible. Money would flow because everyone would be working and all companies would have have an increase in sales. Thus no mega companies would need bail outs nor tax favors, that are now all too familiar under the current mess.
(At the writing of this article I had not heard of the term Universal Basic Income.... but as you see.... that is what I am advocating.... read on)

See - Thrivalism and Global Economics

Under Thrivalism, Governments function is to “ONLY Govern.”

ALL – I repeat “ALL,” public jobs would be awarded to private corporations under bid depository rules. Any project not completed within budget, would result in the private companies responsibility. The Federal level Government would establish rules based totally on ethics and the rights of any and all individuals. Governments at all levels would only need administration staff to monitor ethics and review open bids on projects on the go.

One aspect of ethics would include a cap of some kind on just how much one individual could be worth. Let's face the truth, an individual worth 100 Million dollars virtually has no life style changes if they earn an extra 5 Million a year. Am I proposing a cap of 100 Million? No..... as I said I do not have all the answers, but let me ask you, “what would love do?” Personally, I would cap it at $500,000,000. Anyone who has business assets above that should be doing one of two things, paying his people more via shares or wages, or selling his product cheaper. A ceiling of 500 Million still leaves the person who has a passion for business something to shoot for and accomplish, and considering the rights or EVERY individual, he should have a right to live a worthy dream. Note – this ethical rule removes the power of greed. Ethics would also be needed in monitor joint ventures... as joint ventures would leave a door open for greed and power hungry people to play games. Ethics at root core is not that difficult to imagine. Ethics (as implied here in this paragraph) at it's core simply accepts other people having life values different than yours. As long as the individual does not try forcing those values on you, ethical choices or ethical guide lines are easy to make.

Crime control would also be necessary and funded publicly, and greed plus the hunger for power would both be made a crime. All acts of war should be seen as a crime. Of course Health Care would be funded and an emphasis placed on living a healthy life would be paramount. The study of health rather than disease would take precedence, although medical research on diseases would of course remain.

In A Nut Shell

Print money out of thin air (as we already do) and rather then funnel it to the people from the top down trickle effect, put it into things that matter. IE- Education, Health Care, Planet Care, Universal Basic Income (but work for welfare be implemented) , Public Utilities, Infrastructure...... in other words places where everyone benefits. Cream rises to the top.... the trickle down effect is pure bull shit.
Everyone has a right to THRIVE.

Enjoy Life - For No Other Reason But Enjoy


Thrivalism, Social Programs and taxes.

My personal take on welfare and social programs is simple. All people must contribute something to the rest of the world. It may be art, music, crafts, or sweeping sidewalks and washing windows. Even many Handicap people can contribute something small. The point is...... we are all here as one society of humans, yet every single one of us experiences life from our own individual perspective, which should be accepted and appreciated.

Wages should be "added to" once again by printing money from thin air if need be. What I mean by "added to" is this. Everyone should be given an income that meets living standard for their local. If the job they are able to do is not able to pay that much, then the Government would top it up. As example, should it be determined that an individual needs $30,000 a year to live comfortably in his area, and the best he can do job wise is earn $20,000 – the Government would top it up to $30,000. Everyone can Thrive.

Should there be taxes under Thrivalism? Of course. We can not print everything required, but there should be NO taxes on income earned below the standard of living required for a comfortable life. In my above example that would mean, all individuals earning $30,000 and less in that area, would pay NO taxes.

No doubt you or someone you know will fall into this category.

To Embrace Change - Leave The Old Behind


Just 16 Inches


Thrivalism is a doable concept.

Power to the people and freedom to be an individual yet contribute to the whole of society is in my opinion possible. Thrivalism is simple – As I quoted in the article written April 2011 (Found Here ) . “We need to stop making such a huge deal about manufacturing 'things' and we have to start making a big deal about building character. Build a new man from the inside out. No longer running from who we are inside. We can learn to love life and love living by realizing the most important root goal everyone really has, is TO BE HAPPY NOW"

Yes Thrivalism conceptually is simple – yet simple is not easy.............. A book (hell 25 books) could be written on this theme. I know the resistance to such a shift from the current paradigms is huge yet Thrivalism, in my opinion, is 118% possible. People in general, will fight to maintain the current mixed up model(s) because their belief system is narrowly focused only on "what is," rather than "what could be." Shifting away from a persons current beliefs on "what is," is the only reason Thrivalism will appear to be an impossible dream. But is it truly impossible? Thrivalism does not take books written on the subject. All it needs is you and me adopting the ideals and living them.

Again - “We need to stop making such a huge deal about manufacturing 'things' and we have to start making a big deal about building character. Build a new man from the inside out. No longer running from who we are inside. We can learn to love life and love living by realizing the most important goal anyone can have is TO BE HAPPY NOW. It is time we woke up."

One thing few people understand, is the "Power of Duplication." This should be understood at a deep level as all great society changes happen through the power of duplication. See how it works here. "The Power Of Duplication."

If this article touched your heart, while challenging your beliefs, even just a little, I would like to leave you with two questions. 1- “Will you share this link with just 2 of your friends... or share on the social sites you belong too?” 2- “What would LOVE do?”

© Neil Raymond Sperling

Current Monetary System is Upside Down


“A miraculous healing awaits this planet once we accept our new responsibility to collectively tend the Garden rather than fight over the turf” – Bruce H. Lipto


Compassion - A Message From The Man On The Moon

How to promote an Idea or and Ideal

Radical Shifts Made From The Heart


Will Rogers Knew - Back In 1932


Time We Woke Up



G on April 20, 2019:

Private ownership makes this all null and void. The richest will only once again amass all the wealth in this system; it is still flawed.

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on October 10, 2017: - The solution is much bigger than real voting. Left Vs Right is Hogwash. The problem is the monetary system, as the article points out. on October 08, 2017:

What we really need is to get rid of gerrymandering and have real voting. A voting site that can be accessed on any computer the same way that we access our bank accounts. Our accounts should print out a hard copy of our vote that can be hand counted. After hand counting the paper ballots should be machine counted. That would give us three counts of the vote. All three results should match up or at least be close enough to prove that the results really represent the will of the people. I say let the people decide what laws we want. Any new law needs a 70% approval by the people. Our elected officials need to act as secretaries to write up the laws that the people have approved. We do not need Kings, Queens, politicians and dictators. What we need, is the will of the people to be respected. I have refined my ideas since I wrote this up. And the people can continue to refine the idea but this is just to indicate that the people want an honest and reliable vote. How to solve voter fraud.

ion delsol moruso on September 16, 2017:

Yes Neil Sperling, "tribalism" interpreted as universal humanism is a noble ideology. Also, the need to change the (capitalist) economic culture based on money into an (socialist) culture based on an egalitarian distribution of goods and services, is a common hope for many of us.

Kari Poulsen from Ohio on September 06, 2017:

Yes it does :)

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on September 06, 2017:

Thansk so much for sharing............. so much appreciated,,,,,,, the evolution goes faster when we work together. ❤

Kari Poulsen from Ohio on September 04, 2017:

I did share it to my Facebook page. I really agree with your concept. And we are in the middle of an evolution. Finland recently started giving guaranteed basic income to 2000 people as part of a study.

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on September 04, 2017:

Kari - Thanks for your time and comments. I appreciate it a lot. Pass the link around now and then...... momentum is building and changes... in fact amazing changes are happening all around us. Evolution is happening.

Kari Poulsen from Ohio on September 03, 2017:

I love the idea. I support the concept of universal basic income, I think thrivalism adds some great ideas. I especially like the Will Rogers quote...he knew it in 1932, lol. :)

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on July 21, 2017:

Thanks Bruce - pass the link along :-)

Bruce Anderson on July 19, 2017:

OK, count Me IN !

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on September 17, 2016:

CrossCreations - Thanks for comments.................. I truly believe humanity is waking up - we are on the verge of creating something new. My article Sacred to Awakening elaborates that statement.... in depth read.

Thanks again - your support is appreciated.

Carolan Ross from St. Louis, MO on September 17, 2016:

What a breath of fresh air to consider such an epic era in political history as an opportunity! Inspired by this way of thinking, to treat it like the paradigm shift it needs to be - AWAY from greed, fear and corruption and TOWARD entirely new system that embraces changes for a brighter future. Excellent writing here, well done!

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on September 04, 2016:

My Esoteric - The past is gone..... and with the changes happening as I spelled out in my hub "Sacred to Secret to Awakening" you'll find humanity is less chained to repeat past mistakes. It's all part of the awakening.

Thanks again for your cool dialogue. Cheers -

Scott Belford from Keystone Heights, FL on September 04, 2016:

Very true - Forever Forward. But, if you ignore the past, you are bound to repeat it, over and over again ... as history shows and go backwards. People don't change, so unless rules are in place (like Glass-Steagall) to mitigate or prevent the previous mistakes, then it is axiomatic . .. they will happen again (like the 2008 Great Recession)

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on September 04, 2016:

My Esoteric - simple because times "they are a changing" - history no longer repeats itself - and answers for the future can not be found in the past - forever forward.

Scott Belford from Keystone Heights, FL on September 04, 2016:

"We should also keep in mind that with increasing automation and smart computing, having a job is eventually going to be a privilege vice sop." - Why do you think this is true when it hasn't proven so in recorded history?

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on September 03, 2016:

Wayne Straight - I love the way you worded your reply............ much of what you said is exactly what I believe..... some of my wording has evolved to reflect the message you replied in some of my other articles linking back to this one. I very much appreciate your input. Thanks a Billion

Wayne Straight on September 03, 2016:

I don't like the word "system"--that indicates that we already have pat answers for every problem. Rather our motto should be: "We don't know yet, let's try it and see if it works."

I also don't like the idea of privatizing absolutely everything. There are certain key societal functions that should be governmental, to wit: healthcare, policing, judiciary proceedings, penal system, emergency response (i.e., 911, fire dept., etc.), and education.

We should also keep in mind that with increasing automation and smart computing, having a job is eventually going to be a privilege vice sop.

It's another form of singularity w/ potential for enormous social disruption. We should be preparing society for this transition. How will it look? What will people do with their time? What will the medium of exchange be? What will be the measure of personal success? What will feed and form self-image?

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on September 02, 2016:

My Esoteric - I'll address the main feature of Thrivalism that you have not yet seemed to grasp - Flip the Monetary System right side up. This article on Fresh Water may make that clearer - very short read - (Linked In Article) ...... as for bulding man from the inside out - See my hub "Sacred - Fear - Awakening" ..............

I am enjoying this conversation - and yes I should take time to get the links to the articles re: "not able to leave the grid and collect rain water."

Thanks for your input and conversation.

Scott Belford from Keystone Heights, FL on September 02, 2016:

It also occurs to me that one more sentiment needs addressing, and that is your statement that "Build a new man from the inside out. No longer running from who we are inside.” ... That statement is the definition of "Tilting at Windmills".

Communism tried it and failed. Pure socialism tried it and failed. Capitalism doesn't even try, instead it relies on humankind doing its own thing; it relies on liberalism.

It is my observation, from researching history and listening to hundreds of hours of lectures from a variety of professors talking about humanity from the time before agriculture was invented to today, THAT man (and woman) hasn't changed in their basic psychological make-up in 10,000 years. We react the same way to situations as we did 10,000 years ago when the Black Sea was filling in with the Great Flood.

You had Donald Trumps, Mother Theresas, Einsteins (equivalents), Stalins, Abraham Lincolns, etc, etc once humans finally settled down into communities. Simply put, it is impossible to rebuild man from the inside out without creating a Frankenstein; in my humble opinion.

Scott Belford from Keystone Heights, FL on September 02, 2016:

Neil, I am responding as I read, so sorry for being so disjointed.

- When you make broad, sweeping generalizations like " illegal to capture rainwater from your own roof " and "you are “forced” to buy power from the grid", you jeopardize your credibility if you don't caveat them with a statement like "some states ...". You see, as a generalization, your claims are false because there is almost always an exception to your rule; for example Texas is pushing for rainwater collection and Oregon for disconnecting from the power grid. Once these statements are found to be hyperbolic, then that colors all the rest that I read.

- No income tax on individuals making $30,000 or less is a virtual reality today after you consider tax credits.

- Thrivalism, as you define it, is illiberal.

- As you describe Thrivalism, it does not appear to be a separate economic system at all. It seems to be a cross between some forms of socialism and capitalism ... but mainly capitalistic. It appears to be a set of policies to cure perceived ills (many of which I perceive as well).

Bottom line it still allows private ownership of property, it allows people to more or less trade freely amongst themselves, and it allows people to make a profit (the three foundations of capitalism). Thrivalism seems to be one way of curing some of the negatives of capitalism, but certainly doesn't appear to be replacing it with anything new.

At least that is the way it looks to me; sorry,

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on June 27, 2016:

MizBejabbers - As Thrivalism unfolds - you will be surprised by how much 5th D will become apparent. "The Times They Are A Changing" ❤

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on June 27, 2016:

Good to know, thanks. You're saying it's a transition, then. My interpretation of a paradigm shift is a little more toward the 5th D. Maybe I'm too eager.

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on June 27, 2016:

MizBejabbers - thanks for your comment..... but Thrivaism is NOTHING at all like communism. Communism does nothing to support the individuals journey of life and awakening.... whereas Thrivalism definitely supports, and encourages, the growth of each individual. As for a cashless society... that may evolve........... but long after alternate solutions for here and now (as you stated) are put into action. Thrivalism can be put into action NOW. One step at a time..... it is nothing more than a Paradigm Shift.

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on June 27, 2016:

Neil, I could go along with your concept except you lost me with the printing of money. That is so 3rd Dimensional. We have to strive for the building of character and soul ascension for the 5th Dimension. The first thing we have to do is get rid of overpopulation. Don’t worry, I’m not advocating mass extinction. Gaia will regulate that herself. New souls will be coming in with whole new concepts that will overlay 3rd Dimensional greed.

Lightworkers are looking at new individuals being born, like Crystal children, who won’t have to be “ruled” and or even controlled by a set of laws man’s laws. These souls would live under an umbrella of love and re-enact the Law of One. But that is 300 to 500 years in the future. Perhaps what you’re suggesting is workable in the present while we wait for the extinction of old ideas, but frankly, some of Thrivalism sounds like communism reworked. I did visit the Soviet Union 30 years ago and see some of that in action, such as 85-year-olds still working.

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on May 28, 2016:

Thanks Paul - it was a pleasure meeting you.... thanks for commenting... share away ☮

Paul Harris on May 28, 2016:

I just skimmed over the site and I have to say all what you are talking about is where I am falling at this time in my life. We will talk soon.

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on March 05, 2016:

Hi 1981ld - Thank you - Hope you share it.......... that's all it takes

1981ld on March 05, 2016:

Really like this page and would like to try it again. I really can't believe what I heard. This is great.

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on February 23, 2016:

Thank You Terrie ......... I Appreciate you taking time to read and especially welcome your comment. Share on!

Terrie on February 23, 2016:

Awesome article...

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on January 28, 2016:

Ian Cumming - your words are accepted and appreciated..... yes more to come. Did you read Thrivalism and Global Economics?

Thank You So Much. :-)

Ian Cumming on January 28, 2016:

Neil, keep on keeping on, your time has been well invested and your words do inspire.

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on January 08, 2016:

vkwok - thanks - lets all do our part.... the shift IS happening. ☆ ☆ ☆

Victor W. Kwok from Hawaii on January 08, 2016:

You have an interesting proposal. It'd be interesting to see it applied to real life.

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on January 05, 2016:

Lynn Friedman - I'm delighted I made you both laugh and cry by touching you deeply with the paradigm shift. These are exciting times we live in Lynn - Thanks so much for sharing such a clear and thoughtful comment.

Lynn Friedman on January 05, 2016:

Neil, this is as spiritual journey as well as a practical one. I am deeply touched by your paradigm woven so beautifully with inclusion. I often feel that this society has gone mad with increasing distasteful greed. The huge layer beneath is fear. War being a crime made me laugh out loud while collectively protecting mother earth brought a tear to my eye. Thank you.

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on January 02, 2016:

Amelia - THANK YOU.... I've posted it on a number of groups on LI plus I've made some graphis with article quotes shared on my recent activity on LI. Lets connect Linked In. I'm easy to find - Neil Raymond Sperling

Thanks for commenting and a HUGE thanks for sharing ❤

Amelia Griggs from U.S. on January 02, 2016:

Your link actually showed up on LinkedIn and then redirected to Hubpages, I will share your article and pin it too on Pinterest. :-)

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on December 31, 2015:

Amelia - Why thank you. :-) I plan follow up articles so stay tuned - hope you shared the link. Thanks again.

Amelia Griggs from U.S. on December 31, 2015:

Wonderfully powerful article, Neil! I agree with your thinking and I think we need to see lots more articles like this.

This really makes one think and also is a good way to spread the word of Thrivalism. Looking forward to reading more.


Easylearningweb (Amelia)

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on December 30, 2015:

lctodd1947 - thanks for reading and taking time to express your accurate observations - The changes I mentioned are in process of unfolding - but you have to look behind the scenes as well as within your soul. We are waking up. Read the link I mentioned in this article that I wrote 4 years ago.... Love - Light - Laughter

Linda Todd from Charleston on December 30, 2015:

You have educated me about Trivalism. Our country is in a mess, for lack of a better word. I was just re-writing one of my articles of Real Clear Politics. Change is needed, but will it happen? I can't help but wonder the real heart's desire of each politician. Do they want to serve America, or do they want to serve themselves and their party. The majority of American's since the beginning of Congress has been conservative according to Core values means the fundamental belief of an individual or organization, it is in writing only and not practiced for both parties. It is all about the $$$ that will flow back to the individual or individuals.

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on December 29, 2015:

whonunuwho - I appreciate your comment - I'm glad it was well received - Thanks again :-)

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on December 29, 2015:

Ericdierker - Thanks a million. Your right - "Why Not?" -- I appreciate your taking time to read and comment - Thank You

whonunuwho from United States on December 29, 2015:

Nice concept and a message well received my friend. whonu

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on December 29, 2015:

You have done Thomas More and John Locke proud. So the question only becomes: Why not such a society? All of this was enjoyable to read. It gives me pause to consider "What if".

Neil Sperling (author) from Port Dover Ontario Canada on December 29, 2015:

Jodah - Thanks - changing the existing system is futile - it is antiquated and out dated. Hope you shared the link - and thanks a Billion for taking time to read and comment Jodah ... You are Appreciated greatly

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on December 29, 2015:

This is an incredible article Neil. I agree totally with your concept of "thrivalism" as the current system is unethical and unfair to 90% of the population and needs fixing/replacing urgently. This change needs to happen and your idea needs to be seen by as many as possible. Great work.

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