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Three Reasons I Can't Believe the Nation Doesn't Want Trump Back


Two days from election day and it's looking very grim for President Trump. Most say it's primarily because of how he's handled the coronavirus pandemic. This is astounding to me. With 2020 nearing it's end there's been 230,000 deaths from coronavirus, including probables, while the average annual death toll in the US, according to the CDC, is close to three million, the majority of which are from heart disease and cancer. Heart disease and cancer deaths alone in 2020 outnumber coronavirus deaths by roughly four fold. This is not to suggest coronavirus isn't a dangerous pandemic that we should take seriously. It is, and we should. It's simply to suggest that it's not the end of world like most news media makes it out to be..not even close. Coronavirus will end with a readily available vaccine. President Trump has given his support to companies, like Pfizer, that are on the verge of developing one. He also signed a huge stimulus package putting money in people's pockets, and keeping the economy rolling. The stock market has performed relatively well, jobs have been coming back in historic fashion. What more do people want? Yet this is what many are saying is why he's way down in the pulls.

I think people need their memories jarred. Let's look at the good things that's happened under his administration that the majority of people apparently don't remember or appreciate. (1) we've been at peace from foreign nations. Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr., and Reagan all took us to foreign countries for military action. Did Trump do the same? He pulled us out of Syria. He ended the ISIS threat with one quick blow in the Nangarhar Air Strike just a couple months after taking office, an ISIS threat you heard about every day under Obama. He took the time to actually meet with Kim Jong-un, and now you don't hear much about a threat from North Korea. While most presidents have enjoyed throwing their war powers in people's faces, as what better way to exert power over the people, our current president has sought only peace with foreign lands, and he's achieved it;

(2) Tax cuts. Trump lowered federal income taxes by three percent for all families earning over $39,000 annually. Three percent. If you earn $50,000 a year that's $1,500 extra dollars in your pocket, yes in your pocket. Most main stream media want people to think the taxes the wealthy pay are more important than the taxes you pay, assuming you're an American of average income. What a brain wash job! $1,500 a year is a family trip to Mexico. And the corporate tax cuts lead to historic job growth and decreased unemployment, not corporate greed, like most media wants people to think. There are some bad apples in the corporate world, (as there are certainly some in the political world as well), but businesses function the best when employees are happy, and they have to compete with other businesses for good employees. Corporate tax cuts are a good thing;

(3) No scare tactics. Does anyone remember how scared people were about the national debt in the 90's, terrorism in the 2000's, global warming under Obama? Politicians love using scare tactics to make people easier to control. In truth, yes I'm actually gonna say this and mean it, in truth none of these things are really that big of a deal. Bush Sr. and Clinton both raised taxes, mainly because of the national debt, (Bush Sr. mostly opposed by his Republic colleagues who made up the congressional minority), but is national debt really such a big deal when your assets outweigh your debt by fivefold? The US presently has 132 trillion in assets with 27 trillion in debt. It's net is by far the most on the planet, with China at number 2 at 60 trillion. Is that really worth paying higher taxes over? And then there was terrorism. Yes, the Oklahoma City bombing, World Trade Center bombing, and 9/11 were all terrible events, but Bush Jr. had us all thinking that anthrax and Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, which never existed, was going to wipe out cities entirely, justifying the chaos he caused in Iraq for all those years. And finally, global warming. Obama had us spending billions through the Paris Accord Deal, and if he had it his way entirely it would've been more yet. Yet scientists, yes scientists, even the ones who are the strongest activists, confirm it's only responsible for sea level rises amounting to the width of a toothpick annually. I could say more, but use your common sense. Trump was the only president in my lifetime who never shoved this kind of crap down our throats. It just seems so sad and unbelievable to me that people don't seem to care.


lukemike92 (author) on November 03, 2020:

No it's not a crime to delete emails. But when the FBI confirms that she had an agent smash the cell phones that contained them, removing all evidence of their existence, I think any reasonable person could conclude that there was likely something rather incriminating there. And there are plenty of reasonable Democrats. I've talked to many on Disqus. People logical enough to admit that the party they support can do wrong, and the party they oppose can do right. The party I support has done things I didn't approve of. I mentioned them in my article. Bush Sr. raising taxes, Bush Jr. in Iraq. You seem to have a major issue with it. And you're having the audacity to try to sell your apparent deluded sense of the world, your badly misguided apparent notion that half the country is immoral and sick is appalling to say the least. I know plenty of close minded Republicans as well, but most do not have your kind of audacity. And furthermore, I never said she was convicted of a crime. I said it's kind of difficult to convict when evidence has been destroyed, and that the scandal she was put on trial for was not a "conspiracy theory," as you proposed. Mueller's primary goal was to charge Trump with collusion. Some guy Trump fired three months before the election does the opposite. It shows that Trump sensed a tie with someone involved with potential unethical business and a lack of desire to continue in such a relationship. And over a thousand prosecuters said they could've obtained a conviction. Do you know how many yahoos I've heard say they can throw a football better than Tom Brady. A thousand lawyers saying that are a thousand liberals who can't accept defeat. Nothing more, nothing less. Mueller was the one selected and appointed to do the job. I think that says something about his qualifications over these lawyers you're referring to. I guess that must've been " conspiracy" though, huh. And how do you commit obstruction of justice if you're not holding the office of presidency. The last time I checked holding office is a prerequisite. Yes, Obama was for killing unborn babies so he does not get credit for restrictions against it. Correct. Wearing a mask is not an infringement of rights. I don't know what crackpot you heard that from, but it certainly wasn't me. There may have been a lot less Covid spread if the Floyd rioters had believed in wearing them. And women have to carry and take care of babies after they're born too. Should they therefore have the right to choose to kill them then as well? Obama sent a 1.7 billion dollar cash payment to Iran as Americans were freed. That's been clearly documented and investigated. I'm sure I could illustrate a thousand Republicans who thought the result of the investigation was incorrect, but the fact is he wasn't convicted, and that's all a reasonable person, who hasn't lost a grip with reality, needs to say about it. But yes, it happened. I would like to add, just for your information, that as of 2017 in an objective study displaying convictions for crimes of politicians at the federal level since the Civil War, the numbers of Democrats and Republicans were very close to the same, but Democrats had a little bit more. That's to suggest nothing more than American people are American people. They're not two divided species, one who measures justice by politics and the other by evidence, as you've suggested. All Americans are subject to the same rules of justice, and enjoy the same rights and liberties. You think about that.

JOC from Syracuse, NY on November 02, 2020:

I'm sorry, what crimes did Hillary get charged with after those 33 hearings and the $7 million cost to the taxpayer? None you say, how odd. Again, deleting personal e-mails is not a crime, so what crimes was she charged with by the Trump Administration when they investigated? None you say again. That's the definition of a political smear. In comparison, Mueller secured convictions and actually made money during his investigation of Russia through Manafort asset seizure, although not able to show conspiracy with Trump himself, he laid out plenty of collusion between Trump's campaign and Russia which was then confirmed and expanded upon by the Senate Intelligence Committee. And over 1,000 former federal prosecutors confirmed they would have easily secured a conviction for the ten counts of clear obstruction of justice Trump committed during that investigation had he not held the office of the presidency.

So abortion rates dropped under Obama since 2011, to 2017, but Obama gets no credit for policies that assisted in that because he supports a woman's right to choose what is done with her body. Wearing a mask is an infringement of rights for the right, but forcing a woman to have to carry a fetus to term is not? The hypocrisy of that stance, or misogyny of that thinking from many on the right is glaring.

As for Iran, the United States freed up assets already owned by Iran and negotiated to pay off an old debt that our country owed. Neither is a cash payment as you claim. And Barr's DOJ has shown itself to be politically motivated time and again as evidenced by their actions to misinterpret the Mueller Report, the attempt to dismiss the Flynn case, and the favoritism shown to the Turkey banking investigation.

lukemike92 (author) on November 02, 2020:

Oh and yes, Obama made a cash payment to Iran. And I guess the DOJ is investigating a conspiracy theory then if what you say is true about the Hunter Biden scandal. So apparently you have it all figured out, and the DOJ doesn't. Gee, maybe you should tell them. It could save them a lot of trouble.

lukemike92 (author) on November 02, 2020:

You just proved how closed minded you are by saying that. Bengahzi was a conspiracy theory then, huh. I think the families of those dead soldiers might disagree. And the emails that Hillary smashed, conspiracy huh. That was proven, and Hillary was under investigation for Bengahzi. It's kind of difficult to convict when the evidence has been smashed. But I guess those were just cooking instructions, eh. And I guess I just imagined Tara Reade with rape allegations, along with credible witnesses. Mmmm hmmm, conspiracy. But the Kavanaugh allegation, now that one was real I bet, ah huh. Yes, if it favored your side it had to be real. And I suppose Bill Clinton never gave the $300,000 loan to Susan McDougal as revealed in the White Water investigation. And the vanished funds from the Clinton foundation must've been figments of people's imagination. You are a sick deluded person. Manafort was fired a couple weeks after the Republican Convention, yes. That was three months before the election, Trump fired him, and Mueller found nothing to substantiate collusion. So my comment about that being "desperate" still stands. Obama was for abortion as confirmed in his own written response to a 1998 survey. He was for killing unborn babies. Abortion fell from 926,000 in 2014 under Obama to 862,000 in 2017 under Trump according to PBS News Hour and most sources confirm that's it's continued to drop since then. The six digit number drop was from 2011, but decreased birth rates played a large role in it. Subsequent restrictions supported by Trump have as well. Obama certainly did not play a role in it. Obama supports Roe v Wade, which allows states to legalise partial birth abortion as well.

JOC from Syracuse, NY on November 02, 2020:

Care to quote the source for those abortion rates? Because the most recent study I could find was 2017, which would have meant Obama had a hand in those numbers.

Trump fired Manafort before he won the primary is misinformation. Trump got the nomination in July, Manafort was chair through mid-August.

You accusing anyone of being close-minded is rich, considering all the conspiracies you noted earlier. Was surprised you left out Pizzagate, Birtherism, and Uranium One.

lukemike92 (author) on November 02, 2020:

One more thing, abortion rates dropped by SIX DIGIT numbers under Trump.

lukemike92 (author) on November 02, 2020:

Well then it must have been incriminating enough to convict if you thought so, because you don't sound close minded at all. Mmm hmmm. If Robert Mueller came up with Zilch after a two year investigation I highly doubt you have anything that could change the result, and if I'm on the side of politics, and not evidence, why wasn't I chanting Russian Collusion for two years. I suppose you think Hillary had nothing to hide either, right. Anyhow, you sound you have a lot of time on your hands. I'm trying to work right now, but I'm not gonna let you taint the true meaning of my article, which was things that affect the majority of Americans. Your irrelevant media gossip has nothing to do with it, but if you want to keep dishing it out I can play along. You obviously didn't look at the article I quoted. If you had you'd know that the kids were not taken care of under Obama. Furthermore, more people have died from illegal immigrants than the "two digit" number of kids you referred to. Mollie Tibbets was recently brutally murdered by one. You talk about moral bankruptcy, how does that settle on your conscience lady. And I can't even imagine how many have died from drugs brought in by cartels. The stern measures ICE takes saves more lives in the long run. And Trump fired Manafort before he even won the primaries. If you have to dig that deep to condemn I'd say you're beyond desperate. And for Guiliani, you obviously didn't process what I said. I clearly indicated there's no proof of blackmail, or anything else. Yes "if" he did that it would be illegal yes. If he drove drunk it would be illegal too. Who cares about "if". There's plenty of if's in the Hunter Biden case as well. But I'm not playing detective right now. Rather, I'm trying to figure out how to budget in potentially thousands of dollars more in taxes right now. See, we all have priorities. Keep on playing detective. Maybe you can solve the Kennedy assassination.

JOC from Syracuse, NY on November 02, 2020:

I've looked at the evidence. Plenty there to convict - but politics won the day. You stand on the same side of the politicians who chose politics over evidence.

I do love Russia deniers - especially when the GOP members of the Senate Intel. Committee confirm Manafort, while campaign chair, knowingly shared (coordinated) internal polling data with members of Russian Intelligence. Couldn't prove conspiracy of Trump, but clear coordination between Trump's campaign and Russia.

Yes, the children were cared for under Obama. None died. Look it up. Double digit children have died under Trump and 545 have no idea where their parents are. Morally bankrupt trying to defend that.

As for Guiliani - you could not process what I said. If a campaign does paid opposition research it is legal. Accepting information from a foreign government for free is illegal. It means there would e a quid pro quo expected later on. So, if Guiliani did not expense the information legally in campaign documents, he broke the law.

lukemike92 (author) on November 02, 2020:

You called it "blackmail." If he committed "blackmail" I think he would've been removed. He was acquitted, as was Clinton for lying about the Lewinsky affair. Are you saying it was a conspiracy theory that he was acquitted??? I don't know what the hell you're talking about. I suppose the Russian probe was no conspiracy theory though. Oh and the children were taken care of under Obama. I suppose the cages were just built as a decoration then. You need to read "Weeping in the Playtime of Others, the Obama Administration's Failed Reform of ICE Family Detention Practices," by Dora Schriro, because you're obviously just saying things that sound good to you. That's complete bologna. Separating families is a consequence of deportation. If the alternative was to let everyone stay, every drug dealer, cartel, human trafficker, and terrorist would come here with kids. No one's smiling about it, but people know better not to come here illegally. You said Guiliani fraudulently claimed funds were for a campaign. Now he's just been indicted. You can indict a ham sandwhich. That's no proof of anything. Far from it. The DOJ is investigating Hunter Biden, but did I ramble on like that somehow affects my life and the lives of my loved ones. That's media gossip for people addicted to the Inquirer Magazine. And nobody was masked or distanced at the George Floyd riots. Were you there when the Third Precint was burnt? I witnessed it, and there wasn't a mask in anyone, and people were squeezed together like a football huddle. You can't blame getting Covid on Trump.

JOC from Syracuse, NY on November 02, 2020:

1. Just one little piece of numerous pieces of evidence and testimony:

September 9, House begins investigation into why Trump Admin withheld aid, much of which they weren't legally allowed to withhold. September 11, Trump releases the aid.

2. Sally Yates, Vindman, Any Democratic Governor, Fauci, McCabe, Comey, Tried to fire Mueller. The list goes on and on.

3. Withholding military aid to an ally in a military conflict is support? Yeah, no.

Sharlee on November 02, 2020:

1. There was no evidence to impeach the president, and a House majority impeached him all Dems.

2.There is no evidence Trump punishes anyone other than media what if's...

3.The Ukraine has only really had America's support under Trump. And not sure how or why you feel the president automatically would lie under any circumstances. I can't comprehend that form of thought process. It leads to believing just what you want to believe weaving bits and pieces into conspiracies, that hold no real facts, just innuendos.

JOC from Syracuse, NY on November 02, 2020:

Well, let's see Sharon.

Fact 1 - The House did impeach Trump

Fact 2 - Trump does punish all who do not follow him

Fact 3 - Ukraine needs the backing of the US

Those are all facts that lead to a very logical conclusion. That is, if you believe in logic. Based on Trump supporters abandonment of scientific principles, it's understandable why something logic would be hard to grasp.

Radcliffe has shown himself to be a partisan hack. Best to exclude him. Ron Johnson's investigation was another partisan and baseless attack. Only Christopher Wray has shown himself to be credible.

It's been noted that Hunter Biden traded on the Biden name - the same way that Trump's own children peddle influence of the Trump name and Trump himself host government events at his own properties for profit.

It's like the issue with women, both main candidates have them. But those looking at them objectively find that Trump's transgressions far exceed those of Biden's in both number and danger to the country.

JOC from Syracuse, NY on November 02, 2020:

Ah, you list all the conspiracy theory greatest hits.

Many Senators admit he was wrong, but just determined that his crimes were not great enough to justify removal.

Yes, the cages were built under Obama. But children were taken care of and not sacrificed as a deterrent to immigration. Child separation, which was denounced by the majority of the world, was not used as a deterrent under Obama.

Guiliani is under federal investigation right now as a foreign agent. With all the politicization under Barr, not surprising that it's in no rush.

And now we're on to comparing protests that are outdoors, masked, and distanced to Trump rallies and those politicizing the wearing of masks. The equivalency of that isn't even close either. I suppose a papercut is the same as a gun shot wound to you.

Sharlee on November 02, 2020:

Joc -- You have offered no factual information. Only bits of what you have picked up form the media - "First off, the House impeached Trump, not the media. And Trump has shown how he retributes against those that cross him, and the US backing of Ukraine is literally a life and death necessity, so Zelensky could not afford to cross Trump publicly."

And you consider this a fact?

" Please tell me how much Guiliani paid Russian intelligence for the material he got from them and then leaked to the NY Post. Yeah, didn't think so." The Hunter/Joe Biden information was confirmed and vetted by the FBI as well as whistleblower Bobulinski. as well as Senator Ron Johnson. Radcliff has provided a statement that the Hunters laptop has nothing to do with Russian disinformation.

Bobulinski information confirmed after vetting documents.




The evidence against Joe Biden shows without doubt he used his place in Government to make millions. He does not belong in Washington. Hopefully, love will win over hate tomorrow.

lukemike92 (author) on November 02, 2020:

Yes, and the Senate acquitted him. That had nothing to do with facts, and everything to do with partisanism, and you know that. It was the media that convicted him in the public's eyes. I addressed your comment that children dying was based on Trump policy. Trump's policy is if you want to come to this country that's fine, but come legally or you will be deported. That doesn't sound to difficult to follow,

or support. And no child died under Obama? Okay, if you say so. You do realize the cages they were allegedly put in were built under his administration. And information is paid for in investigations all the time. If that is in fact what happened, and it's illegal, why isn't Giuliani behind bars. I'm not assuming anything about what Biden will do, but I would bet money he'll do it if he wins the Senate. Democrats haven't changed much since '92. And Trump supporters wear masks and social distance too. And there are plenty of Biden supporters who don't. Do you really think all the George Floyd rioters were Trump supporters. You can't blame that for Trump.

JOC from Syracuse, NY on November 02, 2020:

First off, the House impeached Trump, not the media. And Trump has shown how he retributes against those that cross him, and the US backing of Ukraine is literally a life and death necessity, so Zelensky could not afford to cross Trump publicly.

And I noted that children die and you do some whataboutism about the separation policy. Then you compare what happens with children with parents in jail to the putrid conditions children have been subjected to under Trump. Such a false equivalency. And before you go bring Obama into this, no children died under his administration - that's the point. Either Trump's administration is incompetent or willfully cruel. Many think both, actually.

It's not a crime to do paid opposition research that you claim publicly on campaign fees. Please tell me how much Guiliani paid Russian intelligence for the material he got from them and then leaked to the NY Post. Yeah, didn't think so.

And then you're guessing the worst about what Biden will do based on what past presidents have done.

How does a president lying about a pandemic affect my daily life? It does when I've gotten the virus, and then my 72-year old mother got it because some dipshit Trump supporter decided she didn't need a mask and wanted to greet her with a kiss instead of watching social distancing guidelines being trampled daily by Trump and his followers. That's the easy answer, but if you can't see how dangerous rhetoric that foments domestic terrorist plots would affect the country, I cannot help you.

lukemike92 (author) on November 02, 2020:

They went to sleep with the Biden rape case, they went to sleep with the Hunter Biden scandal, they went to sleep with White Water, the Fusion GPS scandal, the Clinton email scandal, Benghazi, the Clinton foundation scandal, and the Iran Nuclear deal bribe. And yes, the biased media didn't do any of these these things either.

lukemike92 (author) on November 02, 2020:

Most of what you're saying is proof of the media's bias. If the president blackmailed a foreign government why didn't president Zelensky, the person he supposedly committed the "blackmail" on think any wrong had been done. Does the media know more about a phone conversation than the two people who were actually on the phone? And if it's bad policy to separate parents from children does that mean every time someone commits a crime carrying a jail sentence they have to remain free when they have children? And since when has it been a crime to dig dirt on an opponent? We're really in trouble if that's against the rules. I think you should be more concerned about the dirt that was actually dug up than the fact that it was dug up. Do you think everything you hear from the business for profit news media is gospel. I'm sure you would agree it would be gullible to believe everything a vacuum cleaner sales rep tells you, so why would you believe everything you hear on the news. They have ethical codes to follow, but that doesn't mean they can't biases what they depict. If Biden breaks his word and raises taxes on the middle class, and the media backs him by saying "oh, it's for the best," which they're sure to do, are you gonna buy that too? And furthermore how does any of this media gossip affect your life, or lives of your closest loved ones.

JOC from Syracuse, NY on November 02, 2020:

Biased media didn't lie to the American public about a pandemic. Biased media hasn't made policies that have killed numerous immigrant children at detention centers at the border. Biased media didn't excuse a foreign dignitary of the murder of a journalist living in the United States. Biased media didn't use rhetoric that directly led to domestic terror plots against multiple governors. Biased media didn't get impeached for blackmailing a foreign government to cheat in the 2020 election. Biased media didn't send their own personal attorney to meet with members of Russian intelligence to dig up dirt on their 2020 election foes.

Really makes one wonder where America is headed when so many can excuse so much lethal negligence, divisiveness, and corruption.

Sharlee on November 02, 2020:

I enjoyed your article. And it also baffles me why more have not realized all of Trump's wonderful accoplishments. Really makes one wonder about where America is headed when so many can be lead around by the nose by biased media.

lukemike92 (author) on November 02, 2020:

At least he didn't take us to seven different countries for military action, like Obama did. I also haven't heard of any test missiles being fired by North Korea for a very long time.

Biden says he'll only raise taxes on people earning over 400,000. Clinton's campaign was very similar. He said he'd only raise taxes on the upper 2 percent, and the rest would get a tax cut. He didn't give the tax cut, added a new tax bracket, hiked fuel taxes by 4.3 cents a gallon, ended the cap on Medicare tax and increased the cap on social security tax. If Biden wins the Senate and keeps his word on taxes I'll be truly amazed.

Everyone runs down their opponent. I agree he doesn't have good mentality. He's an overly defensive blabber mouth who shoots himself in the foot almost every time he talks. But when I consider my life, and the lives of my loved ones now, compared to four years ago, things are better, and I feel safer.

I don't agree that our response to Covid was one of the worst either. If you take an honest look at all the facts and statistics, and consider population differences, we've pulled through it pretty darn well.

JOC from Syracuse, NY on November 02, 2020:

1.) Trump gets credit for ISIS, but North Korea and Iran are both more of a threat today than when he began his term. He abandoned allies to coddle dictators and his personal business interests come into question when he forgives murderers like MBS. We are now laughed at and Trump mocked on the world stage, openly.

2.) Biden is not going to raise taxes on those under $400,000. So you'll have the same benefits for those making 50k, but without the trillion dollar deficit that the next generation will need to pay off.

3.) No scare tactics? Are you on drugs? Trump has claimed that Biden will:

-Hurt God

-Hurt the Bible

-Cancel Christmas and Thanksgiving

-Cause an economic collapse

-Ban all fracking

-Dismantle police departments

-Be a socialist

-Make suburbs more dangerous

-Dissolve the borders

-Confiscate guns

-Terminate Religious liberty

-Lockdown economies

His whole campaign has been one big fearmongering exercise because he cannot run on the fact that the US response to Covid-19 is one of the worst in the world.

lukemike92 (author) on November 01, 2020:

Anyhow, unless a miracle happens you're gonna get what you apparently want on Tuesday, so take it easy. I can only hope he doesn't do all the things I fear he will.

lukemike92 (author) on November 01, 2020:

It doesn't sound to me like any politician could meet your standards. The allegations against Trump are not proven either. Reade had credible witnesses. It's not that people who aren't taking it seriously, it's the media that isn't. I don't like hearing about bad behaviour either, but it's the job they do that matters the most to me. How do you know all things in your household weren't made by companies owned by rapists, or people with bad behavior habits. You bought them obviously because you liked them. Might I add that recent polls show the majority of Christians support Trump. The vast majority of non- religiosity associated people support Biden. That doesn't sound to me that it's bad moral behavior choices that's turned people against him, as you implied. And we all know Clinton and Kennedy cheated on their spouses. It's bad, and wrong, but people in power do it...c'mon.

John Coviello from New Jersey on November 01, 2020:

Trump has rape allegations and has been asked to submit a DNA sample, which would clear him. But he won't do so.

The Tara Reade allegations were never proven. She has a sketchy history looking for attention according to people who know her, so I don't think anyone's taking her allegations seriously. Anyone can accuse anyone else of anything.

No human is perfect, but how many have done what Trump has done as far as cheating on 3 wives, including his current one with a porn star, disparaged and mocked a report with a disability, derided opponents (including former staff). Is that how you live your life? I sure don't. I'm not perfect either. Sometimes I get mad when I shouldn't or don't clean up after myself right away. But, I sure don't act anything like the President does to my wife or to others or to disabled people.

I didn't vote for Clinton the 2nd time because I was disturbed by his affair. Some people, like me, actually do care about the moral fortitude of our leaders.

lukemike92 (author) on November 01, 2020:

And might I also remind you of Tara Reade. If it's all about voting for someone for their good behavior, how could you possibly vote for a man with rape allegations over his shoulders. Everyone has skeletons their closets. What you're saying about morality is complete nonsense. No human is perfect. What's done for the country as a whole is by far what matters the most. That's how I believe anyone with a sense of "morality" would vote anyways.

lukemike92 (author) on November 01, 2020:

I care far more about what affects Americans in general. If you don't like what you hear about Trump's behavior choices, blame the news. They're the ones that are always showing it. Or don't watch the news. Bill Clinton had his share of behavior issues too, (and frankly I didn't think he deserved to be impeached over the Lewinsky scandal). Behavior choices don't impact the lives of most Americans. Taxes, and wars, however do.

John Coviello from New Jersey on November 01, 2020:

Trump is going to lose because he didn't govern to a broad coalition of Americans but rather governed to his hardcore rightwing base. Some may like that, but it doesn't win elections. He'd be sailing to easy reelection if he was a modest person who was smart enough to pivot to the center of politics and treat people with respect instead of disparaging those he disagrees with, including many former members of his cabinet.

Personally, I don't think he has the moral fortitude to be our President. The guy bragged about grabbing a woman by her genitals (married women at that), cheated on all three of his wives (including Melania), mocked a disabled reporter, etc. Anyone with any sense of morality (right and wrong) wouldn't support such a person for President.

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