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Three Electronic Machines in an Election in India

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Ballot Unit, VVPAT, Control Unit


Ballot Unit, VVPAT and Control Unit

Three Electronic Machines:-

There are three electronic machines in the coming Lok Sabha elections in 2019. These three machines are a Ballot Unit, a Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail and a Control Unit. Ballot Unit and Control Unit are of most importance. Ballot Unit is connected directly with the voters who press buttons of their own choices to vote for candidates of their own choices. A Control Unit is controlled by a polling officer to issue a vote. If the polling officer presses cast ballot button, one ballot is issued. Then a voter can cast his vote by pressing his finger on a button beside the name and symbol of a party or a candidate of his own choice.

VVPat is now applied to make a poll more clear about the transparency to the voters. It is to show that a vote of a voter is cast in the right way. A voter can check his vote that his vote is given to the right person. Thus, it is a checker machine. Thanks to the Election Commission of India who has been developing the concept of free and fair election again and again.

Three Connections:-

Connection will be made in a manner in which BVC or Ballot Unit, Voter Verified Paper Audit Trial Machine, and Control Unit will be connected consequently. It means the cord from Ballot Unit will be plugged into VVPat and the plug from VVPat will be plugged into Control Unit.

BU - VVPat - CU

Latches should not be pressed during plugging in. But when the time comes to plug out, the latches behind should be pressed.

Ballot Unit and Control Unit


Ballot Unit

Ballot Unit:-

It is the unit in which voters will cast their votes. Polling personnel has no worry about this machine as it has no any kind of sealing procedures. But they should check it well before connecting it with the other machines. One should see minutely the number of the machine. He should see the 16 buttons carefully. He must check the number of candidates and their names clearly printed on this Ballot Unit. Other buttons except those should also be checked if those are locked or not. Now, the first duty is to connect it to the VVPat.


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VVPAT or Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail


A VVPAT has come in action as a clear checking system with printed proofs. Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail allows voters to verify that they cast their votes in the right places. Election fraud or malfunction will be detected in this modern electronic machine. The result will also be provided correctly with the printed papers stored in the VVPat.

After a mock poll, the switch must be made vertical to make it locked. Papers of the mock poll will be cleared out and taken into a black packet. A plastic packet will contain this black packet with tightened pink paper seal. Two address tags will be knotted outside the door of a VVPAT where the printed result papers will be out from. The plug out of the VVPAT will be plugged into the Control Unit.

Control Unit, VVPAT, Ballot Unit


Control Unit

Control Unit:-

This is the most important unit among the three electronic voting machines. It has the control capacity by which voters will be allowed to vote. Polling person will press the ballot button on this machine when a vote can be given by pressing the button of his choice. But before allowing someone to vote, it should be sealed properly. A Green paper is sealed at first properly. Put the paper leaving green part atop and the white part below into the right position. Then one will put the special address tag around the close button with gala sealing. Then the outer door will be shut. Address tag will be knotted with gala seal. Then the strip seal must be stuck in the right way. A is stuck directing the paper towards rightward, then folding it direction is changed towards left and sticking the B, then C will automatically ; D will be fixed after revolving it once. come.

How Control Unit is Sealed

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