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Thoughts on the "New World Order And 2012" Hub

MY ESOTERIC likes to think of himself as a bit of a polymath with degrees in Statistics, Accounting, Computer Science, & Operations Research

Initial Thoughts

I read Jawed Iqbal's Hub titled "New World Order and 2012 " with interest. Like Jawed, I am no friend of big corporations; not even close. When one looks toward the federal and state governments, the picture does not get much better (at least they have the public interest at heart ... in theory). I almost cry, however, when I think about city and local government and the corruption and self-interest that is endemic at that level. While the general direction of the hub appears sound, the conclusions may be a wee bit overstated and based on a few shaky bits of support; at least from my way of thinking.

I am brand new to "The HUBs" and Jawed's is the first Hub I read and am very happy indeed that I did. It opened up a world of topics to write about; topics which can have threads going in all sorts of directions. However, for this, my first hub, I will attempt to keep things confined to general thoughts and responses related to some of the points and support which are presented in "New World Order and 2012 ". What I propose is to give a short synopsis of each section and then make observations regarding its content. When necessary, results of some light research will be presented where clarification is needed on facts offered or claims made that don't seem well referenced.

I hope some of you will find this as interesting in the reading as I did in the writing. (Please forgive my often incorrect use of capitalization. It is done for emphasis.)

Thoughts On: "The Hidden Forces"

Do I think there is a conspiracy going on at some level? Absolutely! Do I think that it is secret? Absolutely! Do I think the intended outcome is for the benefit of a few and the detriment of many? As an ex-Vice Presidential candidate once (well a hundred or more times) said " You Betcha'!!".

Do I think, however, this is a conspiracy that is capable of establishing a one-world government with a one-world religion as "New World ..." suggests? Absolutely not! I hope by the end of this hub you will understand why this conclusion makes sense to me and, hopefully, you.

"Hidden Forces" posits that there is a secret group of powerful people who, by the end of 2012, will have formed a "one-world government" with them at the helm. It is implied that this effort has been under way for quite some time and that we will be made aware of the supporting facts which back up the claims and forecasts that are made.

Having read this section, I was extremely interested in finding out more.

Dr. Carroll Quigley and "Tragedy & Hope"


Thoughts and Insights On: "Who Really Makes The Rules?"

This section expands on the last by introducing one of the secret conspiracy groups, International Bankers. Using a comprehensive 1965 history by the Georgetown University historian Dr. Carroll Quigley, it is suggested the International Bankers generally ran, but more importantly, still run the show; both business and government alike. (Note - Dr. Quigley was President Clinton's Professor at Georgetown and received mention by Clinton when he began his run for President as well as at his Democratic Convention acceptance speech.) It is further implied these men accomplish their agenda via various secret and not-so-secret organizations and societies. It was highlighted that the Council on Foreign Relations is funded by banker David Rockefeller. The conclusion drawn in this section is that because Congress and the President 'bailed-out" the banks and other financial institutions in America's recent (and still on-going) financial crisis, it is therefore clear that the International Bankers are still calling the shots today.

I did a quick bit of research on Dr. Quigley's book in order to get a little more background. There is no question in his mind that, prior to 1940, what Jawed asserts is pretty spot on. These guys, the International Bankers, had it all pretty well sewed up; at least for Western society. They were given control of the money flow, and therefore held great sway over the governments and and a death grip around the throat of industry. The name given to this government condoned monopoly on power is "Orthodox" financial policies. That meant that by government policy, those that controlled the banking industry were given the ability to "create" money without regulation and without having virtually any controls or oversight by the European, English, or American governments (were are talking from 1800 to 1940 here). Ironically, it is called "Unorthodox" financial policy when the government took control of this power.

Because a small number of international bankers could manipulate how much money and credit was available, without the government having the legal authority to intervene, they had essentially absolute influence, if not outright control, over public and private policy, both foreign and national. Using Dr. Quigley's research, Jawed further makes the case that these international bankers conspired and may still be conspiring, through organizations such as the Round Tables, the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) in the U.K and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in the US and the Trilateral Commission to control the world economy. (see suggested links below).

Prior to 1940. Dr. Quigley found evidence of this through the Round Tables and an associated secret group organized by Lord Alfred Milner and supported by industrialist DeBeers Diamond baron Cecil Rhodes (who set up the Rhodes Scholarship). They did have the sponsors suggested by Jawed in the US as well. However, in the end, it never really went very far. Dr. Quigley noted elsewhere in his book that these men, although they enjoyed the power they had, did not see eye-to-eye on how to exercise it. That is a problem with secret societies.

Further. the RIIA and the CFR did evolve from the Round Tables and are fulfilling the function they were designed to do. That is, provide a source of high powered intellectual thought and analysis on topic of current interest. Are they meant to educate and influence policymakers, I would think so. Are they subversive? They don't appear to be today as its membership is very broad and diverse and in spite the fact that many are rich, famous, influential, and powerful.

It doesn't seem to me that the danger lies here. It seems to me the danger is when the government stupidly turns control of economic affairs over to the financial sector in the name of free-market and capitalism without appropriate controls. This was the state of affairs prior to 1940. It took the Great Depression in 1929 to finally energize governments to put into place the final regulations and laws, the Glass-Steagall Act was one, that wrested control of the economy away from the Banking Cartel. After getting out of the Great Depression, you think we would have learned our collective lesson, but, in 1999, in a compromise between President Clinton and the Republican Congress, the stage was set once more for history to repeat itself ... and it nearly did. Like in 1929, it took a near depression in 2008 to finally move government to change financial policy from "Orthodox" where the power was in the hands of the financial community, to "Unorthodox" where the power is back with the government (although not as firmly as it once was). What scared me in this process is that the minority party very nearly stopped the necessary reform back to sanity in 2010! It is that political and economic dogma and rhetoric that one should keep their eye on.

Thoughts on "The Idea of World Government"

This section lays out where the idea for a One-World Government originated in the late Nineteenth Century. It then identifies the organization within the United States that is currently behind this effort, the before mentioned CFR, as well as the tool to implement the takeover, the United States Federal Reserve System. According to this Hub, the Federal Reserve System is "... controlled by this cartel of private banks ." By this method a "global cartel of financial institutions ..." and "... the powerful elites at the helm of these groups ..." intend to effectively gain " ... total control of this planet and its people." by"... influencing the political system and economy of each country in it." (note: the phrases in quotes are not in that order, and therefore are admittedly taken out of context, but, there is no distortion in meaning from the original). It is here as well where the assertion is made that the conspirators are primarily Masons.

While not quite straight on the facts regarding the origination of the idea of a One World Government, Jawed is still essentially correct. Cecil Rhodes (1853 - 1902) did advocate the establishment of a secret society. While alive, he certainly talked about and acted on his belief of what is basically White Supremacy, British style. But, the genesis of the societies was primarily from his Last Will and Testament where he stated "I contend that we are the first race in the world and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race ." and "To and for the establishment, promotion and development of a Secret Society, the true aim and object whereof shall be for the extension of British rule throughout the world, ... " (In the same will he established the Rhodes Scholarship which some say is one attempt to breed the conspirators to further is death wish. Ironically, the opposite results may have been achieved, e.g., President Clinton was a recipient.) That said, it wasn't Cecil Rhodes who moved to form these societies but his friend, Lord Alfred Milner (1854 - 1925). The result, however, is the same. In 1910, Lord Milner founded the Round Table to help promote the cause of the British Imperial Federation. The Round Table still exists today, but in a much less influential form.

At this point, the hub appears to focus on the American arm of this global conspiracy for one-world government. But to analyze it, one must view it from a world perspective. When this is done, an obvious question arises which pertains to the nineteenth, twentieth, and most importantly, the twenty-first century: "How does this group of Anglophiles intend to take over the entire world?" Without probing too deeply at this point, one can see such a case being made if our universe was the English speaking countries or those counties under their control. But when you start to consider the fact this cartel must either include the rest of Europe, Africa, and Asia or assume that England, America and friends will have subjugated the rest of the political systems by 2012.

I would think the first case is highly unlikely from a practical perspective simply because Europe, let alone the rest of the world, has never been able to get along with each other for any length of time. One would have to presume that the cartel, who is make up of highly successful, powerful, ego-centrinc, greedy financiers from England, America, France, Germany, Italy, etc could remain conspirators who are focused on the same overarching objective over the long-term. One would also have to believe that these men could suppress their egos and greed sufficiently so that the whole cartel would not collapse from its own internal bickering and backstabbing. Now if you add to this volatile mixture the bankers from Japan, Taiwan, China, Russia, etc. ... I will leave the result to your imagination.

The second case is equally improbably. At the time the Round Table was formed, Britain was at the height of its imperialistic world domination. The purpose of the Round Table was to keep that domination in place and expand it, if possible. They failed. For that matter, in the last three centuries every attempt by one power or another to dominate the world has ended in failure. It is hard to believe that the outcome would be any different this time around.

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Federal Reserve Districts


Federal Reserve System


"The Real Federal Reserve System" Revisited

At the end of the last section titled "The Idea of World Government" it is claimed that the International Cartel influenced Congress and the Executive branch to create the Federal Reserve System (Fed) of banks. This was done in order to turn these banks over to the control of the very same Cartel of Private banks who were then given the authority to print money and make loans to the US government. This section, titled "Control of the Economy Through The Federal Reserve", starts with a video titled, "The Secret World of Money",that purports to describe the Federal Reserve System and how it works. (The video is by a Mr. Andy Gause, an apparently self-proclaimed "currency historian"; a quick search failed to turn up much background on Mr. Gause. If you have any ideas on where to find such information, please let me know.) Then the nexus between control of the Fed and Global control is presented.

This is done by first beginning with a quote from Thomas Jefferson that paints a very scary picture of bankers and establishes his belief that the power to control currency be moved from Orthodox financial policy to Unorthodox financial policy (explained earlier). Jefferson wanted the power to issue currency restored to the people, i.e., the government. (I am not sure "restore" is necessarily correct because I don't believe, up to that point in time, the people ever had the power to start with.) When Jefferson wrote this, the bankers were firmly in control of the, American, English, and European economic system .. from powers granted by the current governments. Later, Jefferson strongly opposed the creation of the First Bank of the United States for this very reason.

Other supporting points made are that:

1) the private bankers control the Fed (this would be Allen Greenspan at this point in time) because they own stock in it,

2) the private bankers engineered the American (which led to a global) financial crises of 2007 - 2010+,

3) the Fed created the [real estate and then financial] bubble

4) the Fed knew full well that people will make loans they could not afford

5) and that the Fed planned on the government, with tax payer dollars, would step-in and bail out the banks.

Keep in mind that the Hub of which we speak was authored during the time that our current, and on-going, financial crisis was at its zenith when considering the conclusions that follow from this Fed/Private bank conspiracy. They are:

1) hyperinflation,

2) the collapse of American society and martial law in the US,

3) the establishment of the Euro as the main trading currency,

4) the opportunity for the globalist to form a "North American Union" made up of America, Canada, and Mexico leading to the lose of American sovereignty.

My! What a startling set of predictions. Where to start?

It seems the sole underpinning of this line of reasoning and these scary conclusions is relationship between the Fed, the Government, and the Private banks (and those who run them ... the International Cartel). So, let's look at the Fed for a moment.

First Bank of the United States


In order to try to solve the chaos of multiple currencies floating around at the time and to provide a place for the repository of government monies, the First Bank of the United States was established in 1791. This was a private, profit making bank, headquartered in New York City and was chartered by Congress in which the government would buy and own shares, albeit only 25%. The bank was put in place to, among other things:

1) provide financial order,

2) establish credit for the new nation,

3) issue currency produced by the yet to be approved US Mint (1792),

4) be a source of capital for investors.

It was charted for 20 years and was a monopoly in that Congress would not charter any other Federal bank. To regulate the bank, Congress forbade it from buying US bonds and required a rotation of directors. Congress allowed the charter to expire in 1811 however the bank still survives today and is the lead bank of the Federal Reserve Banks.

Second Bank of the United States


The Second Bank of the United States was formed in 1816. It was formed for largely the same reasons as the first bank with the added incentive of helping to pay off the debt created from the War of 1812. This bank, also a private, for-profit corporation, was again largely unregulated by the government. Consequently, the following tale can be told (from Wikipedia) :

"... the U.S. agricultural sector underwent an expansion. The Bank aided this boom through its lending, which encouraged speculation in land. This lending allowed almost anyone to borrow money and speculate in land, sometimes doubling or even tripling the prices of land. The land sales for 1819, alone, totaled some 55 million acres (220,000 km²). With such a boom, hardly anyone noticed the widespread fraud occurring at the Bank as well as the economic bubble that had been created.

In the summer of 1818, the national bank managers realized the bank's massive over-extension, and instituted a policy of contraction and the calling in of loans. This recalling of loans simultaneously curtailed land sales and slowed the U.S. production boom due to the recovery of Europe. The result was the Panic of 1819 and ..".

Son-of-a-gun, doesn't that sound familiar!

The same article could have been the apparent source of another claim in this section:

"... By the early 1830s, President Jackson had come to thoroughly dislike the Second Bank of the United States because of its fraud and corruption. Jackson then had an investigation done on the Bank which he said established “beyond question that this great and powerful institution had been actively engaged in attempting to influence the elections of the public officers by means of its money.”

Needless to say, this bank's charter was not renewed and it later failed altogether.

Federal Reserve Website

The Federal Reserve System Was Born


The nation was again without a Federally chartered bank until 1907 when, after a series of financial panics which culminated in the Panic of 1907, Congress and the President began to act. On December 23, 1913, Congress passed, and President Wilson signed, Title 12 U.S.C. ch.3. This is the law, known as the Glass-Owen bill, which created the Federal Reserve System. Later, it was renamed the Federal Reserve Act.

In 1907, the government was still pro-big business (possibly at the insistence of the Cartel and because of the political philosophy of the party then in power); it still had a laissez-faire attitude toward business. [Note - This is the same kind of environment we experienced from 1999 to 2008.] Consequently, from 1908 to 1912, Congress tried to enact legislation that still resembled Orthodox financial policy by keeping the Federal Reserve bank in privatehands, as Jawed's sources described. In 1913, the Democrats took over both Houses of Congress and the Presidency (déjà vu) and restructured the legislation to look much like it does today. It must be pointed out that what was finally enacted, and modified in later years, is not what is described in "Control of the Economy Through the Federal Reserve."

As it turns out, as we shall see, it is quite the opposite! A case can easily be made that the Banking Cartel probably had great influence in the design of the First and Second Banks of the United States. The Democrats, however. learned from history (for a change) and adopted a very Cartel-unfriendly structure for the Federal Reserve. As we look at how the Federal Reserve System was crafted this time around, you will find that private banks and financial institutions still have a large part to play, but, it is based on the theories that underlie the fundamental aspects of the Unorthodox financial policy the Democrats adopted.

My research shows that one of the new laws key features undermines the main thesis in "New World Order and 2012"; let alone the assertions in the section we are reviewing, That attribute is that the Federal Reserve banks will be controlled by a Public entity, not a Private one! This was a sea-change in philosophy for America and set the stage for changes in other countries worldwide.

Mr. Gause's video, which is the only authority offered in Jawed's hub, claims several things that either are not true at all or mis-characterizes the facts that are true. For example, Mr. Gause, who is making the presentation, starts off by saying (paraphrasing) 'that when Congress overspends it authorizes the Treasury Department to issue IOUs which are sent to the Federal Reserve banks.' Well, true enough. When Congress runs a deficit (and when hasn't it except for too brief a period under President Clinton) it certainly does authorize Treasury to offer debt instruments (bonds of one sort or another for the most part) to fund the deficit. The other "IOU" the Treasury produces is ... the dollar bill! or more generally, currency. Now, the Treasury has to turn these debt instruments into cash.

This leads to one reason why the Federal Reserve System was set up in the first place; the Federal Reserve banks act as the middleman between the Treasury and the Public. Mr. Gause, however, implies, in the way he delivers this information, that this structure should be considered something sinister because of his next claim ... 'the Federal Reserve banks are private and not government institutions'.

Prior to 1913, Mr. Gause would be correct! But from 1913 forward, he is absolutely wrong. As can be seen in the graph above, the Federal Reserve System is made up of three levels that sit between Congress and the Public, 1) the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, 2) the Federal Reserve Banks, and 3) the private banks.

There are two main levers for controlling the economy, fiscal policy and monetary policy. Congress and the President determine fiscal policy while the Board of Governors determine monetary policy. Both are firmly under government control. The Chairman of the Board of Governors (currently Mr. Bernanke and previously Mr, Greenspan) is appointed by the President and approved by the Senate. He sits for a term that extends past the Presidential election cycle so that the incumbent is not beholden to who appointed him. Also note that the Chairman is a federal employee. The Board of Governors is made up of the Chairman and a set of members chosen from the Federal Reserve Banks. All but one of these seats are periodically changed. The other main duty of the Board of Governors is to oversee the Federal Reserve Banks, a set of quasi-government institutions that, together, act as the Bank of the United States. Each Federal Reserve bank is controlled by a Board of Directors whose membership is chosen and a very specific way. This is key to understanding why Mr. Gause is wrong and why wind is taken out of this conspiracy theories sales

To explain how the Federal Reserve Bank Board of Directors come into being, I offer the following excerpt from the Federal Reserve website:

"Bank boards of directors are divided into three classes of three persons each. Class A directors represent the member commercial banks in the District, and most are bankers. Class B and class C directors are selected to represent the public, with due consideration to the interests of agriculture, commerce, industry, services, labor, and consumers [the critical difference]. Class A and class B directors are elected by member banks in the District, while class C directors are appointed by the System's Board of Governors in Washington. All head office directors serve three-year terms. Two directors of each Bank are designated by the Board of Governors as chairman and deputy chairman of their nine-member board for one-year terms.

Directors cannot be members of Congress, and class B and class C directors cannot be officers, directors, or employees of a bank. Nor can class C directors own stock in a bank. In addition, all class C directors must reside in the District for at least two years before their appointment. Because a Reserve Bank directorship is a form of public service, directors are also expected to avoid participation in partisan political activities.'

It is through these government controlled banks that the nation issues currency and sells debt instruments to fund the deficit.The three other main points that Mr. Gause makes are equally misleading or wrong.

  • The FRBs (which are not privately held as is claimed in the video. It is true that commercial banks may own the stock of FRBs, but, it is non-voting stock. They do earn interest, however, that is limited to 6%. One of the main purposes of the FRB is to regulate the commercial banks in their district.
  • The FRBs authorize the Treasury to print money. -- Not so. Congress does that. It is through the FRB, however, that the Department of Treasury makes this new currency available to the public
  • The FRBs hold these "IOUs" and collect interest on them yet provided no principal. -- Half true. Admittedly, it is the FRBs purpose to sell these debt instruments to the public but they don't collect interest on it. In fact, the government must Pay interest.
  • The FRBs now have your and my tax dollars. -- Yes, I guess they do; after a fashion. Where the FRBs make their money to pay for their operating costs is by lending money to member (private) banks. Since the FRBs are not-for-profit, any excess earnings over and above their operating costs is turned back to the Treasury.

So, where does that leave us? More importantly, where does that leave the thesis of "New World Order and 2012"? It leaves it in shambles!

The foundation behind the conspiracy of the International Banking Cartel rests solely on their control over the Federal Reserve banks. It has just been shown that, today anyway, this critical claim is simply not true. Given that, logic would have it that while there still might be a conspiracy out there, it is not going to succeed in the manner that is suggested in "New World Order and 2012". To succeed, the conspirators must find another venue for exercising their power.

This isn't to say that bad things can't happen for clearly we know they did! While the Cartel doesn't have control of the Fed, they certainly wield power if they can get government to change fiscal policy. As has been mentioned, in 1999, the first step was taken with the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act. When President Bush came to power while the very conservative, pro-big business Republican part of today still controlled Congress, the die was cast and the financial meltdown that followed was inevitable. Regulatory authority was diminished, oversight by the SEC was reduced, the brakes were released and unfettered greed took its place.

I don't mean to say that this was the plan of President Bush and the Republican Congress. But it necessarily follows from their core principals of lightly regulated free market and laissez-faire policies. While those who might make up the conspiracy, the Cartel of Bankers, are most probably part of the Republican party, I don't believe they necessarily control it. Certainly not in the sense attributed to them in controlling the Fed, however, they would nevertheless have a lot of influence.

Why should we worry? Every time these principals and policies have been implemented in our history, the outcome has been the same, if not almost identical ... rapid growth, greed by the powerful, bubble-bursting, financial collapse of the American economy. All you have to do is study what led up to the Panic of 1819, the Panic of 1912, the Great Depression of 1929, and the almost Great Depression of 2008 to understand the cause and effect.


This is a logical break in the analysis of "New World Order and 2012". After summarizing what we have learned to this point, I will stop here because I have yet to publish a hub and would like to get one out there to see what sort of response I get and how this website works.

The bottom line for what has been presented to this point is that there is an on-going conspiracy of International Bankers who intends to take over the planet and its people and install a One-world Government that is at the very least, controlled by them if not actually made up from their ranks. Evidence was presented to show that this conspiracy has been in place for quite some time. It was further argued that how this take over was to be accomplished was by having the US Federal Reserve System firmly in these conspirators hands. Substantiation was offered that this is already the case by way of Mr. Gause's video explanation of how the Fed works today and who owns it, i.e., the Private banks. Consequently, America, and presumably the world, is now on the verge of massive social unrest and martial law along with a host of other catastrophes that set the stage for the coming take over.

Analysis shows, however, that there must be a lot of doubt that these predictions will come true by 2012 or any other time. It was revealed that there are many factual inaccuracies and breakdowns in logic. The whole conspiracy theory's sustainability rests solely on the belief that the conspirators have already taken over the Federal Reserve System. Unfortunately, it was clearly shown this conjecture to be false. As a result, the entire basis for a successful conspiracy evaporated guaranteeing, based on the assumptions presented in "New World". its failure.

I will pick up with the section titled "2012" in a short while. There are many more interesting ideas, claims and thoughts to look into.

© 2010 Scott Belford


Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on March 15, 2012:

Economics is not my field, so I appreciate analyses by those who are experts. I think there is a certain truth to some of the conspiracy theories, but some are overdone. But if "they" are going to take over by the end of 2012, "they" have about 9 months, so they'd better hurry up. Greed is a major force to be reckoned with, though. Thanks for the info. Voted you up and interesting.

Scott Belford (author) from Keystone Heights, FL on October 07, 2011:

Thank you Hollie, I appreciate you stopping by and reading as well as commenting on my hub. There is no doubt the rich and powerful, many of them financial types, I think bankers is to narrow a term now-a-days, hold the levers of power and one half of Congress. I don't know so much about secret societies as just inner circles of the influential that money buys.

As to the 2008 debacle, I truly don't believed it was "engineered" as in someone or some group of people purposefully causing it to happen, but, it might as have been "engineered" because, as history clearly shows, what happened is a natural consequence of unrestained Conservative economic policy put into practice.

The book I suggest reading at the top of the hub, the Official Report, is an easy read and you only need to read the first 100 or so pages in order to get a clear understanding as to what really happened to cause what would have been a Great Depression if it weren't for the courageous, if not belated, action of President Bush with TARP and then President Obama's stimulus program.

Hollie Thomas from United Kingdom on October 07, 2011:

This is really interesting reading My Estoric. I completely agree that there are secret societies and there's no doubt in my mind that the elite (Bilderberg, Rockerfella amongst others) are the puppet masters. I also believe the 2008 crash was completely engineered. We only have to take a look around the world to see the ramifications of the event and the stranglehold the bankers have on so many economies.

Scott Belford (author) from Keystone Heights, FL on September 05, 2011:

Thanks GM, this was my first hub in the world of Hubpages (well into any public writing at all, for that matter) and my introduction to Wikipedia as well, lol.

Grace Marguerite Williams from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York on September 05, 2011:

Very interesting hub.

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