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This country has failed! More gun violence more pro gun but pro life? Make it make sense!

This is America pro gun but also pro life good ole boy USA - a joke!

An elementary school! This was a coward!!! They are literally trying to blame the pandemic?!?! Really? Mental health issues? Really?!?? These ppl are frequenting the same sites and they are being fed a reason to do these crimes. Someone or certain people are giving them the fire and pointing them in the direction to shoot up these places especially when it’s children that cannot possibly be bullies to an 18 year old that don’t attend the same school… when they shoot up schools with children it’s a terrorist act and or threat! And they won’t tell on the people they are actually doing it for because it’s bigger than all of us it’s an action to set in motion other events. All that other BS will be a lie. And they bring up mental health issues he must be white enough for them! I don’t care what they say if he was Black that wouldn’t be their excuse they would be on every platform calling him the predator they already knew he was, mental health wouldn‘t be a topic discussed. I can only say that because they haven’t done it ever before! As this is horrific and disheartening I’m tired of being tired and angered by these senseless acts of violence. This country is set in motion To be the worse country to reside in! Our stress levels are at their highest! We have the most racist and ignorant people in office! Every decision they’ve made has crippled us as a nation! They can’t see past their ignorance to evolve into a better existence. We need guns off the streets! We need gun control! The greedy needs to be stopped and we all know they are the ones protected when it comes to fighting against guns! If the greedy wasn’t on the side of Pro Guns they would have been banned by now! A correctional officer was just arrested for selling guns on the street illegally! Our system is a joke! They caught him on purpose while they’ve allowed the others to skate by freely. We know the guns are on the street by the same people creating the laws! Greed is in control of this nation. Pro life is a joke! They’ll have no empathy for the children dead! They’ll call it a hoax or try to run some political game over it! The lives lost will not have a mark in history that it should because that’s not what this nation stands proudly on! The History is in violence and this my friends is REVELATIONS.

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