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This Life Is a Passport

Our enemy that we fight is of the unseen. Our spiritual battle that is manifest in our daily lives.

Division the ultimate scheme


I'm Not Racist......

Life is a mutha#uckin passport.
Meaning we've been given this life
To earn a pass to another place.
Unfiltered is what you want.
Unfiltered Is what I want.
Is what I'm 'bout to give.
Niggas killin' everybody,
BUT the right niggas.
The white nigga.
Not, the "white boy."
The white nigga.
That is our presidential tweet
empowered white nigga,
These niggas
Stirrin' up the pot.
Want the blacks they call nigga,
to rot, In Hell.
While they rape pillage and murder, any nigga,
doing well.

Spreading hate/Blinding humanity

Speaking like they chosen,
Hoping hate will spread fear,
Keeping the masses frozen.
Petrified ready to sign over our soul.
In the name of peace,
These white niggas are trying to derail,
while the real niggas ready to prevail.
Ready to deal with the next tale,
being prepared, to cover the evil
behind the actions of these white
niggas trying to send "us all" to hell.
The ultimate plot is in the realm of the unseen.
Using all of humanity as pawns in the ultimate scheme,

The Ultimate keep us divided


Souls for sale.....

For the devil to reign supreme, claiming every soul that isn't praying to be redeemed.
The third party stirring up chaos, so we don't turn to GOD who will guide us and empower us,
to save us.
While the enemy is trying to claim us to destroy us.
Please recognize the ultimate plot.
World domination is the most evil thought.
Don't be the soul
purchased and bought.

13th Chair at the Table.....

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Truest enemy is unseen....


© 2017 Abdul Hood

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