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They Color Us Black

Blacks In America will never be truly exonerated from hateful racist people, who has nothing better to do. It's 2020 black skin is here to


Being Black

The color of black's skin doesn't define who black people are.. We were not born with black blood running threw our veins, the blood in blacks body is red just like the white man. Blacks for centuries has been judged by the color of their skins, not what's inside. African Americans never asked to born Black, it was the will of God. I have heard hundredths of stories handed down from generations to generations about the treatment of Africans, and how their animals was treated better.. Black's never asked the white man to invade there villages and huts in the middle of the night with guns.They were captured beaten and lead to cargo ships, to come to a country they knew nothing about. For months they sailed across the ocean chained together in unsanitary conditions to be auctioned off to the highest bidders. Blacks were brought America to serve the needs of the white man forever by working basically for nothing. Some Blacks worked in homes as maids, plantations and other contribute to help building America.

From sun up to sundown threw blood ,sweat and tears Blacks had to do what they was told to do. They lived in the worse houses wore hand-me-down clothing and was never allow to go to school. After President Abraham Lincoln freed Slaves, white people in the South didn't want blacks to have the same rights they did, so they started groups opposing Blacks.

Throughout Generations it is understandable why Blacks feel the way they do after listening to stories told about treatments of their ancestors. Blacks have came a long ways from slavery to the president of the United States

Blacks in America are here to stay and have earned the right to be treated like human bein and will no longer except those who believe they are better than we are because they was born White.

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