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The Hate on Feminism Explained

A silent observer looking around. At times he must protect his identity with avatars and weird sounding names.


We need empowered women in our world. They are better than men in some ways. Based on how I see it, women are more precise and focused on certain jobs. Not because men are inferior. Men are good in their own rights. But in areas where they have difficulties, the ladies will step in to finish the tasks.

It seems that both genders have human weaknesses that could only be compensated by their combined strengths. That’s why feminism is crucial in our modern world. Women aren’t just birth machines, or someone stuck in household works. Through feminism men are reminded that women are not inferior house workers. Women can’t do everything men can do, and so are men. Both genders are equals.

Then why is feminism so hated? Feminism is responsible for giving women the right to vote and equal opportunities in the civilized world. Modern society owed feminism a lot. We could partly blame this to the backward misogynist that refused to grow up. As much as we hated it, sexism is still rampant in today’s world.

Then there are cases where feminism ideology is mishandled, and what we have here is the caricature of what women fought years ago.

Radicalization Sets In

Ideologies and beliefs deserve the deepest love when they are in their purest forms. Without human corruptions they are raw and powerful. Yet as history showed, any ideologies we have, no matter how sincere is always subject to corruption. Principles get twisted, philosophies turned on its head and religions abused. And if there is someone to be blamed, it’s the stupid humans who managed them. Human nature always has a darker side. And this vile psyche of humanity is what messing things up. Any ideologies are subject to human corruptions, and feminism is one of them.

And now we are seeing the mutated form of the once noble movement.


And now that the ideologies of feminism get mishandled and corrupted, some of its principles get twisted in some ways. Now people accuse modern feminism to be as sexist as the patriarchy they sworn to fight. This is not always true though, as we could still see certain feminist movement fight for equality and not dominance. But we got to blame radicalization for eschewing the notion of equality. Some extremist movements, with their confused sense of justice simply want men out of their lives. They see this world dominated by so called patriarchy. And to combat such oppression, they thought that the best way is to be above every man. Now misandry isn’t as common as any other acts of hatred. But we got to thank the minority of hateful women for ruining the movement. They are not so widespread, but they are the loudest. They are so loud that the public wrongfully associates them with every feminist movement.


Kerby Martin in her (in)famous shirt.

Kerby Martin in her (in)famous shirt.

And with misandry comes ridiculous intolerance. The image of a raving radical feminist getting triggered by simple mention of men is an internet joke, but not without basis in reality. Again this is gross misunderstanding of the original intent of the movement, and how some movements hijacked this ignorance and sell them as the truth. They didn’t understand that feminism is about free choice, not compliance. But in the end we got several laughable instances where radical feminists show their thin skins. For them all women should follow their ideology without question. One good example is the case of Kerby Martin, a female high school student from Cypress, Texas. She was working on the paper to test feminist intolerance. And to prove a point, she wore a shirt with “#Meninist” print and posted her photo online. Within hours her Twitter account was mobbed by angry feminists with one threatening to egg her car, while the other wishing her to be raped.

Do note that she never said anything offensive, she just wore a shirt.

Then there is Nia Sanchez, Miss USA and martial artist. She just said that women should take self defense lesson for protection but feminists never took her views lightly. They did what they do best, which is to mob her social media account with their own nonsense.

Victim Culture

For feminists, this is offensive and unacceptable.

For feminists, this is offensive and unacceptable.

And now that we speak of Ms. Nia Sanchez, we have this feeling that radicalized feminism has adverse effects on women everywhere. The main goal of the original feminist movement is to empower women. But as critics noted, radical feminists are making a victim out of them. Women seem to become weaker and louder, not stronger and more empowered. The problem here is when some feminist group seeks to identify and overcome the problem; others chose to dwell on them. Now the revolutionary #MeToo, where women share their harassment encounters is helpful when it comes to public awareness. But accounts of clumsy flirting, unwanted compliments and even unintentional brushing got mixed up with legitimate rape cases. Soon it gave an impression that women are fearful and neurotic victims who can’t tell what harassment are. That a simple sight of a guy scratching his head is a sign of rape.

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I was told how earlier feminist generations are not afraid to take their places among men. They want to erase the notion that women are timid and weak. But seeing how some modern feminist dwell in victim culture, feminism as empowerment is evaporating. And how they violently rejected the views of Nia Sanchez was a chilling indication.

“Girly” Feminism

This type of notion simply won’t work with all women. The problem is some feminist movements are pushing this questionable notion and not all feminists agreed with it. Simply it could divide the movement as a whole. The so called “Girly” Feminism is often associated with the rise of skimpy culture. This is because they advocate free expression of sexuality as the challenge to objectification. Meaning no one should control the way they dress and even undress. They have the freedom to go skimpy or go naked.

And this is where the problem sets in.

Second Wave Feminism fought against pornography, and now they see a naked protester giving men what they want. As a guy I attest to it, that seeing a woman naked won’t bring in a message. It will just entice. This ideology further objectified women, hence supporting patriarchy even more.

Lack of Clear Goals

Lastly, radical feminism seems to have no idea what they are fighting for, who is the enemy, what is the problem, what women really want or how can they help. Back then feminists are united under one goal. Now the movement branched out into groups that have their own agenda up to the point where they are only helpful to a certain minority. Critics often pointed out that modern day feminism only benefits Western women as the most vocals are white middle-class ladies. This was best demonstrated by the failure of FEMEN; they are so keen to “protect” Muslim women that they forget that their culture works differently. What is oppressive for FEMEN might not be for Muslim women. As it turns out, it is their choice to don the hijab. And FEMEN’s naked photo of their member in fake beards and turban was deemed Islamophobic.


Mamerto Adan (author) from Cabuyao on October 02, 2018:

By the way, about the two women sparring I meant to show that when it comes to radical movements training in martial arts is a form of victim blaming.They always say that women have no need for self defense as teaching men not to rape is the key. I myself like Nia Sanchez was once trolled in a facebook group. I was suggesting to a member to get a self defense class to protect herself from a pervert. But a woman replied that I just worsening things up. Teach men not to rape or something like that.

Mamerto Adan (author) from Cabuyao on October 01, 2018:

Thanks mr happy for stopping by!

Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on October 01, 2018:

"But accounts of clumsy flirting, unwanted compliments and even unintentional brushing mingled with the legitimate rape cases. Soon it gave an impression that women are fearful and neurotic victims who can’t tell what harassments are." - Here I must say that "unwanted compliments" can easily become harrasment if they are not so to begin with. Also, "clumsy flirting" has to be acknowldeged and talked about. For example, I am celibate and abstinent so, personally I do not wish anyone to be flirting with me, of any sex.

Regarding the statement: "For feminists, this is offensive and unacceptable", underneath the photo of two women sparring, what did You mean? I trained in martial arts for roughly seven and a half years. I met many women who participated in competitions and who considered themselves feminists.

"As a guy I attest to it, that seeing a woman naked won’t bring in a message but just entice." - Well, that's true but it is also true that men should not be slaves to their hormones and run around like dogs with their tongue out. Thus, we need to behave properly and not judge people by how they dress, or not dress. Maybe this is more acceptable for me because growing up in Europe, where nude beaches are common, people do not find "nakedness" a big deal, or necessarily enticing. It's just a matter of controlling our hormones and ego, in my opinion.

"What is oppressive for FEMEN might not be for Muslim women. As it turns out, it is their choice to don the hijab. " - If anyone wants to wear a hijab, or a burka, or whatever, that is fine. What is not fine in my opinion is telling women what they can do, or cannot do. Just this summer women finally got the right to drive in Saudi Arabia. Many women have applied for driver's licences. I am sure some women will not wish to drive. That is their choice. The same with the hijab: if women wish to wear it, fine but if they do not wish to wear it, they should be able to not wear it. That's just my opinion.

Thank You for your piece of writing. This is a subject I think people should talk about and I am glad that You did. All the best!

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