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There's a Lot Of Deceiving; I Say, I Say (Part 5)

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!

I say, I say...

I say, I say...

Invested in deception

I thought that I had wrapped up this, 'I Say, I Say' series, but the Democrats have forced me to keep it open.

Jerrold Nadler (D) won't allow a wrap-up; he will not tap out, call it a day, move on... in order to try something new for him (like doing his job for example) Instead he head-hunts Donald Trump, no time for his real job, the one that he was actually elected by the people to do!

So, in the meantime, lucky for you, I am not about to tap out!

So, one more chapter from me and from Foghorn Leghorn.

When they stop, I'll stop!

The never-ending saga of Operation Get the President, goes on and on and on....

No facts, no evidence, nothing tried ever sticks!

Even the long awaited Mueller Report, which kept the left breathless in anticipation, failed to make a case against President Trump, disappointing the Investigators and the haters, but they were not the least bit deterred.

Nothing keeps the Left, from trying to come up with something, anything, even if that means inventing something and then rushing to have it patented.

I guess when you stop, take a deep breath and really think about it...

Let's do this together ~ Stop ~ breathe ~ deep thoughts ~

Are you with me?

What else does the left have?

Seriously, what does the Democratic Party have to offer?

I'll wait.....

That's right, not a darn thing and so they keep beating the poor dead horse.

Can you think of a better analogy?

Nor I!

Wouldn't you think that just one would come forward and say, hey guys, gals, this is really starting to be a little embarrassing!

Life-long, die-hard Democrats are beginning to abandon us, in droves. They're starting movements and Facebook groups, sharing their walk-away stories...

If a die-hard Democrat has had enough, shouldn't we rethink our strategy...or whatever this is?

But, easier said than done, they cannot just walk away from this (as card-carrying members of their party are doing) for they are too invested in this -

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They have a lot to lose...everything!

From the earliest days of the campaign, when Hillary Clinton was in, as the 'chosen one' and when Donald Trump was first declaring his candidacy, the investing began!

Unfortunately for us and for this Nation, it was a huge investment in deception, corruption and entitlement.

Well to be crystal clear, it only continued, but their mission changed.

The mission became, deceive the public; target, frame, defame and take out, Donald J. Trump!

Dead horses and dinosaurs

Once we had received word that Attorney General William Barr would be delving into the Russian inquiry, we thought we might finally be getting to the root of all of this.

What initially led to, spying on Presidential candidate Donald Trump and how did they propose to get away with it?

Whether we call it, investigating the Investigators, unmasking deception, getting to the bottom of the mass corruption or something entirely was underway!

What does one do when they've been dealing in, associating in, investing the point of being up to their eyeballs deep in...attempts to deceive?

What do would you do? (pretend for a moment that you are capable...)

You throw up more smokescreens, you throw out one accusation after another until...when nothing else works, in what must be a pure act of desperation, you bring in John Dean. Yes, meek and mild John Dean, from those meek and mild...and by today's standards, oh so very tame, Watergate days.

He, John Dean, who hasn't been the least bit shy about his loathing and disdain for one, Donald J. Trump, but, there he was, on my television screen presented before us as an unbiased source.

Not looking so fresh John Dean, freshly out of the mothballs...(oh, what's that you say...there's a book) telling us all about how Donald Trump is worse than Nixon ever was?

Yes, that’s why he was there, to trash our President and have him appear so much worse than disgraced President Richard Nixon and to sell his book, in the process.

Mr. Dean also recently reminded us all, that the media is as involved in taking out Trump as they ever were in taking out Nixon...

No....the media wants to take out this President too, say it isn't so...we had no idea!

Hmm, but for a lack of anything resembling evidence, Mr. Dean!

John Dean during the Watergate Hearings

John Dean during the Watergate Hearings

Let's get to the bottom of this, once and for all

As much as I have enjoyed writing this Series and as often as I do not need an excuse to introduce my favorite cartoon character, Foghorn Leghorn, to yet another generation, I, as the majority of this Nation... am so over all of this!

These 'processes', are endless, similar to appeals in the Court system, there is always one more appeal, keeping the convicted away from death's door, to live on, one more day...

  • Who all is involved in this deception the masking of it?
  • How high up does it go?
  • Will we ever get the answers we seek?
  • Will the true criminals be unmasked and do jail time for their crimes?

Will we have to contend with Nadler and Company for the next four years, as they continue to pull dead and dying things out of their hats, using their stalling tactics, whatever it takes, to save their necks?

I sure hope not, I'd love to see what our President can accomplish, without one hand constantly tied behind his back!

~ God Bless America ~

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© 2019 Angie B Williams


Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on July 24, 2019:

Hello there Paula. I got back in town just in time to catch the tail end of that spectacle....

Shouldn't Mueller have at least thumbed through 'his report'? Yikes, pretty ugly.

I love Dan too, but I haven't caught his show, didn't know he had one.

Suzie from Carson City on July 24, 2019:

Hello there folks!! What a WONDERFUL DAY! I simply had no time to watch the BIG IMPORTANT hearing (cough cough) today.

But I did take the time to tune into my favorite show. "The Dan Bongino Show." Sharing with you. I positively LOVE Dan.....I can't imagine anyone not loving him! He's so well established, intelligent, personable, fully experienced & wonderful to listen to!! Peace my friends!

Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on July 24, 2019:

I watched a little of the Mueller hearing today and I have one question; was Mueller a part of, privy to, involved in the least with...the Mueller Report?

Angie B Williams (author) from Central Florida, USA on June 13, 2019:

Hi Pop, so true. They have nothing, so they have no other choice but to continually attempt to portray our President, Donald J. the worst light possible. They keep failing, but they keep on trying and on top of all of that....they must continually attempt to cover up mass corruption!

I'm with you, lock them up, throw away the key Mr. A.G.

breakfastpop on June 13, 2019:

The Dems cannot run on the issues. They cannot run on the reality of the president's accomplishments. All they have is fantasy and lies. That is the platform they have chosen.I am sick of them, and I am praying that Barr rounds them up, locks them up and throws away the key.

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