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A Storm Is Brewing; Will It Be the Storm Which Finishes Us off or Will the People Be the Storm Which Sees Us Through?

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


Do We Accept Defeat or Do We Take Our Beloved Country Back

Eventually the current course which America is on, which has taken us further and further into dark and uncharted territory, will come to an end, what becomes of us, if the present course isn't rectified and/or redirected?

What becomes of a Country that turns its back on all that built it into the exceptional Nation that it is and on all which has sustained it thus far?

In addition to that, how on earth are we benefited by a wide-open and not properly secured, southern border?

We aren't, it's quite the opposite; we are more exposed and susceptible to greater harm

We've repeatedly read and have heard the stories about our current fentanyl problem. It has surpassed the "problem" category, it is a death sentence for those who have had the misfortune of coming into contact with it...

Oftentimes, one time is all it takes for the poisoned pill to claim its victim

It is coming across the border in unknown quantities; there are an estimated 300 deaths per day, as a result!

Not to mention the people flooding across, we don't know the intentions of the getaways, how could anyone possibly know their intentions?

We have food lines and gas hikes, although the gas prices are coming down some, as we get much closer to the mid-term elections.

Does the voting public ignore these many things, including deadly drugs, coming across, robbing America of its children?

Does the voting public ignore the criminals and cartels spilling over and into and spreading throughout this Nation?

Does the voting public ignore the fact that our energy independence was pulled out from under us...over politics & will the little breaks and occasional relief offered to us lowly peasants, insure it stays, for the most part, ignored?


does the voting public, once and for all, say enough with destructive progressive policy and unprecedented spending?

Enough with the deadly, life-altering, life destroying drugs flooding across, masquerading as candy...

Enough with the multi-faceted destruction of our Republic?

A Storm, It is a Comin' (A Poem)

Don't look beyond what you are only meant to see

If you are tempted, then simply walk away, best to just let things be

The only way to make hay into us becoming a Banana Republic,

is to dismiss God, chastise the patriot, dumb down the general public

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It's imperative to stop any tea party style movement

The key is to make these particular movements, ones you'll be taught to resent

Can't afford a groundswell, can't allow another grass roots effort to rise

For our Republic to be defeated, we have to be caught by the element of surprise

Make sure you tune into the right propaganda outlets, the appropriate mind-numbing news

It is imperative you are told how to think and dumb down to the fact, it's not up to you, to choose

Any pro-God, Pro-America, lover of the United States and freedom, must be stopped and defeated

Any talk of the Constitution and of our so-called God-given Rights, devalued and unseated

It won't be on any ballot, it won't be up for vote or debate, in this you'll have no voice

Stay focused on fighting with the climate, dismiss our ever-growing, money-grubbing, "forget about "We the People", Gov, in this, you'll be given no choice

It will take all of us shutting down to allow it, it will take us fighting our common sense and each other, to make it all come true

You and I must be on board to destroy us, it has become our civic duty; it's what is required; it's what we must do

Over the Top?

You think I'm being over-dramatic, you think this is over the top?

Where is our Government's entire focus and do you see any point where they might stop?

It's not on our security/our safety, it's not on life, liberty, nor happy pursuits; pursuits we were absolutely once free to choose

They trick us time and again with their overspending, they instill fear in order to over-regulate, they deceive as they grow government; they are capable of any type ruse

There's nothing for you to see here, ignore me and these words, you aren't meant to see

Allow for something our way to come, something wicked that will terminate entirely - the entire concept of men and women's quest to live, "free"


Career politicians are getting wealthier, as you clip coupons, cut back on spending, cancel vacations, forced to use less fuel

While they line their massive pockets, scratch each other's backs, passing bloated bill after bill, you get mocked for not going along, you get made out to be so darn cruel

In this we must ignore those who know best, who escaped everything our Gov promises replaces our anachronistic desire, our innate need, to live free

Their pleas get sent to a back burner, along with those of us whom believe, these numbers aren't mean to grow bigger, larger numbers can't come to agree

There's nothing to tend to on that back burner, nothing urgently needing tending, by you nor I

And this is how we are defeated - this is how great Republics die!

Alive and Kicking

The devil is alive and kicking, the devil plans to get his due

The only thing standing against him; is the heart and desire of me and of you

The government is doing their part, working to replace God; being all things they believe we require, it's how this game gets played

But the truth is, it will mean tyranny, reigning down like fire, like locusts on us, for there will be a price to be paid

It will happen; it will be fast, it will be furious; it will happen in the blink of an eye

But We the People have the power to change things, we must not be torn apart; together we stop it, together we deny

One way or the other, there is a storm, it's a comin', United States of America, people of the world, on this you can place your bet

The question is: will the storm control and destroy us, or will we be the storm they'll not see coming, the storm they'll not soon, forget?

AB Williams

© 2022 A B Williams

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