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There Was a Trump

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Global Situation

Not only did Donald Trump lose the 2020 election, he also lost history. After four years of completing his first term with his unpredictable steps, inverted statements and hollow claims, he launched an astonishing election campaign.

In 2016, he received 305 electoral votes, compared to Hillary Clinton's 227. In 2020, Donald Trump received 11 million more votes than in the last election, but only 232 electoral votes compared to Joe Biden's 306.

The 2000 US election was marred by a constitutional crisis, but the Democratic candidate, Al Gore, conceded defeat after a court ruling. Donald Trump had no such intention.

He refused to concede defeat and encouraged his supporters in violent resistance. Trump's presence in a crowd gathered in Washington in early December was an indirect support for the uproar.

The series reached its climax on January 6 when his unruly supporters stormed the Congress building just as Biden's presidency was being formally ratified.

Five people lost their lives in a riot inside the House of Representatives. In response to this incredible event, the US Congress passed an impeachment motion against Donald Trump exactly a week later. One by one, Donald Trump's close friends began to leave him.

Ten members of Trump's own Republican Party openly supported the impeachment. Trump is the first president in US history to have the honor of being impeached twice during his presidency.

At the moment, Donald Trump is the main character in the White House in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's novel "Autumn of the Patriarch", which was called "the loneliness of power" by the genius writer of Latin America.

Donald Trump has lost all traces of personal dignity and political authority, but it is important to understand that this is not just the story of a property dealer or a television personality reaching the presidency of a superpower, the fact that world history has taken a new turn. Has arrived

The story begins exactly thirty years after the end of the Cold War. The two years from the fall of 1989 to the winter of 1991 passed with a new hope.

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The idea was that the capitalist world would continue the journey of democratic values ​​after the success of the communist dictatorship. Those who thought so were in the wrong.

There is exactly the same inevitable contradiction between the dynamics of capital and democracy that is found in the tyranny of dictatorship and democratic freedoms. It is a historical mistake to assume that democracy can reach a compromise based on coexistence with open market profiteering without any conscious struggle.

In fact, the defeat of the communist rival has opened up new horizons for capitalism. During the Cold War, the capitalist bloc adopted religion as an important part of its policy. This parable of division and strife took the form of terrorism in the years to come.

If anyone thinks that Western policy makers were unaware of the storm that was brewing under the guise of fundamentalism, it would be naive.

The war and civil war in vast regions around the world, including 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Libya, was in fact the protection of the armaments industry. The resulting devastation and human suffering are consequences that counters sitting in their multi-storey offices do not care about.

The conspiracy to turn the democratic mechanism into a tool of capital gave rise to extremist nationalism, cultural divisions and populist politics. Governments devoid of democratic austerity and dictatorial tendencies cannot be placed in the classical division of the right and the left.

Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Putin of Russia and Narendra Modi of India have a lot in common. (Names of some countries, as you know, cannot be taken for granted). The populist leader raises slogans against the "corrupt elite" in the name of the people.

It tramples on global values ​​in the name of national sovereignty, hates democratic and constitutional complexities. Deeply believes in his charismatic personality.

He despises general decency. Makes incredible promises without hesitation. Gives a decade of external conspiracies. Takes refuge in aggressive behavior. Prefers personal opinion better than collective counseling. Always in the throes of a crisis.

A key point of satisfaction in recent US events is that Trump has been defeated by the constitutional system, not by any rival. It remains to be seen whether Washington's events will influence the rise of populist politics around the world.

According to election rules, he was due to hand over power in a dignified manner, but Donald Trump, in keeping with his reputation, made his last days in the White House a spectacle.

Trump made two unusual announcements during the election campaign. First 1 He will run for a third term after completing his second term. Another shocking statement was that he would not accept the election results if he lost. In fact, Trump wanted to say that he does not care about democratic traditions and laws. On the night of November 3, there was more curiosity about Donald Trump's reaction than the election results.

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