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There Was No Reason to Believe Him in The First Place

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After all, the things he described just do not happen in a civilized society.

There was never any reason to believe him. After all, the things he described just do not happen in a civilized society. Who grabs a woman by the “woohoo” and doesn’t get slapped, or arrested, or a lawsuit flung in their face?

Did he really believe Mexico was sending us all their thieves and drug lords and infamous criminals? Not a chance! But, politicians (or celebrities) will say anything to get elected.

Did he really expect walling off our southern border would stop the flow of illegals into the country? No, but it made him look tough in the eyes of his followers.

Undoubtedly, his knowledge of his subject matter — that is, his followers — was without question, vast. That doesn’t mean what he knew about them wasn’t suspect, not at all. His interpretation of the facts could come across as somewhat skewed. Or, as a friend of mine puts it: He was W-O-D… WAY OUT D’ERE!

I am not implying he was wrong, or, for that matter, that he was right. His thought process, as opposed to the average Joe and Jane Doe roaming the streets of the world, is and was completely different. It was very difficult for many voters to decipher his true meaning when he made off-the-cuff remarks.

His attitude, and that of those who surround him, was indifference. He would launch withering attacks if your views didn’t coalesce with his. It was his way or no way, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

In 2020, we were offered an opportunity to right the ship, so to speak. Some 7,059,547 more of us voted for Biden to replace Trump. That means Trump lost the popular vote. He can recount all the votes of the general election and he will never make up a 7+ Million vote difference.

The same holds true for the Electoral College. If every state conducted a recount, there would be no change in the outcome. Trump lost the Electoral College vote, plain and simple. Our country cannot be held at fault for his inability to accept defeat.

Searching for fraud sufficient enough to overturn the election results turned out to be futile. Despite the many lawsuits filed to force recounts, and to ferret out fraud, very little was found. Trump lost all of those, too.


What we need is a Paradigm Shift

Fast approaching us now is another vote in 2022. That will offer America another chance to accept or reject Trump’s divisive rhetoric.

What is disconcerting to see and hear is the same lies being repeated over and over again. It’s like 2020 is happening all over again.

Listen, I’m not interested in two more months of apathy and indifference to the problems facing this country, much less two or more years of waiting for no change to occur.

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We need a Paradigm Shift. We need to shift away from divisive policies and procedures. We need to come up with better ways to attack the problems we suffer in our neighborhoods, cities, counties, and states.

It is one thing to identify racism, bias, and hatred as the culprits responsible for preventing us from making progress toward a more unified society. It is another to implement the necessary changes to abolish these problems.

The answers begin in every home across America. We need a different mindset, one that doesn’t teach hatred, bigotry, racism, and bias to our children. That mentality has no standing in modern society, having been born in a different era in America’s history.

We have to stop recreating our past history and start building a new legacy, one of which every man, woman, and child can be proud of. It won’t be easy to achieve this. Winning progress for a country never comes without having to pay a steep price.

Changing a country’s mental outlook on these problems is quite daunting and will take decades, perhaps, to accomplish. That change begins with a single step and it is time for us to take a step in the right direction for ourselves, and for our children’s futures.

Our mid-term elections, coming next November, will offer us yet another chance to right our ship. It is imperative that we discuss the priorities of our country, and not re-litigate the 2020 election. What’s done is done! Nothing is going to change that.

Rightfully, we should move on to the larger questions facing our nation:

  • Discrimination
  • Bias
  • Hatred
  • Immigration
  • Vaccinations
  • Gun control
  • Education
  • Foreign Aid
  • Economic advancement
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Uniting Congress and the Senate to work together to help solve these problems.
  • Senatorial and Congressional term limits that are similar to the constraints placed on the Presidency.
  • Controlling the money flow into our mainstream political process, especially from foreign influences.

Those aren’t the only problems we face, but they are a good start, and they represent a place to begin. Every voter should hold his or her representatives and Senators accountable for their votes.

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