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The Wrong Trousers: Nothing to Do With Wallace and Gromit

Nicky Morgan

Nicky Morgan

Theresa May

Theresa May

David Cameron

David Cameron

The British Conservative party is split over many things such as Brexit or how correct are the caps on benefits that are causing many people in the UK hardship and suffering. Theresa May who took over from David Cameron as Prime Minister has long been known for dressing up and dressing in the latest fashions and when she wore a pair of cow hide leather trousers the other day costing £995,00 it caused consternation to many in the media, the opposition parties and even in her own Conservative party.

One such rebel from the backbenches was former Education Secretary who served under David Cameron Nicky Morgan. She attacked Theresa May for spending nearly a £1000.00 on a pair of trousers and said many voters would be angry after suffering 10 years or more of austerity imposed on them by the Conservative government and yet Theresa May can afford to go and spend that amount of money on a pair of trousers.

£995.00 would in some cases not even be a months wage for those who are on zero hours contracts or where only one is working in the house. Theresa May stated when first installed in 10 Downing Street that she felt the pain of the British populace trying to make ends meet and said she wanted a country that works for everyone not just the elite few.

Realising perhaps that this statement and the fact she bought a pair of expensive trousers would seem like she was contradicting herself May responded to Morgan's jibe. She did not mention the trousers but she simply repeated her mantra that she wanted a country for everyone and she said she originally said those words on the steps of Downing Street because she had heard ordinary people saying life in the UK right now was a struggle and wanted to impress upon them she cared.

Nicky Morgan was due to attend a Brexit meeting as were other Tory MP's from the back benches who were for a soft Brexit and wanted the UK in the referendum to stay in the EU but was snubbed at the last minute. Nicky Morgan being snubbed was obviously because of what she said about May and the trousers and some fellow back bench Tories who were also attending the meeting called May's snub to Morgan the "Politics of the playground".

Nicky Morgan fell out with Theresa May over education policy and was sacked by May and exiled onto the back benches. Many could say when Nicky Morgan sat alongside Theresa May in the House of Commons in David Cameron's government why did she not become more of a rebel then if she disagreed with some Tory policies or indeed what cabinet Tory ministers spent their money on. In Morgan's defence you have to tow the party line when you are a minister in cabinet with a job to do and now Morgan is on the backbenches though still a Tory she is now free to speak her mind. She represents the town of Loughborough and there is a market there and she said her constituents who browse this market would be angry at May's spending on items they cant even hope to buy on their meagre money and £995.00 would be a lot of money to these people.

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Questioned about her own spending Morgan replied that she has nothing in her wardrobe worth £995.00 and even her wedding dress was not that expensive. It seems there is a bit of a civil war going on in the Tory party as was said earlier with Heidi Allen on the backbenches attacking her own Tory party for austerity and cut backs and even Boris Johnson having a disagreement between himself and Theresa May over Saudi Arabia and now Nicky Morgan.

Nicky Morgan's Loughborough a town she is MP for

Loughborough town in England.

Loughborough town in England.

Short bio of Nicky Morgan

1) Nicky Morgan or Nicola Ann as she was christened was born in Kingston Upon Thames on 1 October 1972.

2) Married to Jonathon Morgan with one son.

3) Studied Jurisprudence at St Hugh's College in Oxford.

4) When she was serving as MP for Loughborough she was Education Secretary and Minister for Women and Equal Status in David Cameron's cabinet.

5) Worked as a solicitor in 1994 before being elected to Parliament

6) Was removed from the cabinet by Theresa May in 2016 and returned to back bench politics

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