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The shapeshifters


The shapeshifters

- “Once a month,
for one evening,
we are free to wear
our natural skins.
We are on the outside
as we are internally.”

As the shapeshifters of public opinion, the media shapes politics to depict multifaceted, significant political issues as contests of personal image. Instead of focusing on investigating the specifics about policy differences among candidates, the media plays up - or down - their personalities and conflicts. Doesn’t this make politics appear ugly? Doesn’t it widespread feelings of pessimism?

- “No amount of speed could break me of this darkness ...
The sorrow is ever clinging to me.”


The insight

We have seen with this presidential campaign, if we hadn't before, multiple forces being employed at making it challenging to not get entangled in the content of the news. Yet – trying to keep a positive outlook on things – the insight we have gained from this election process can turn us into discerning media consumers.

- "I loathe the partial shift ..."

From now on, if we didn’t before, when we watch, read and listen to the news, we need to see that we know (or will look for) the answers to the questions that follow.

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- "The hunt is on."

The questions that follow

  1. Who owns the media source?
  2. What could be their agenda?
  3. Who is reporting?
  4. Where are the original sources?
  5. What are the issues being discussed?
  6. What are the issues being silenced?
  7. Why are these news and not others?
  8. What biases do we bring to the news?
  9. How is our opinion shapeshifting?
  10. What has shaped our point of view?

- "Is there more to see?"
- "No. Just a long walk back to Hope."



© 2016 Aydasara Ortega Torres

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