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The Sacrifices of the Rulers of the World's Richest Countries That Lead to Development

Looking at the countless protocol vehicles stopped on the side of the road - one thing keeps coming to mind: those who pay for these protocol vehicles, the cost of fuel loaded in these vehicles. No one pays the wages of the drivers of these cars, like you and I. This luxurious life is only possible with tax money, which a common pays to the higher authorities. These things raise several questions in mind when authorities do not put any effort into a common man in return. If authorities stop spending too much on their luxurious lifestyle, then the expenditure can be saved?

In developed countries, getting a government position means getting a salary from public money. Indirectly, it means working honestly for the survival and betterment of the people. Today, I will you about the examples of government officials who gave their best for the betterment of the country.


Austrian President Thomas Källistel:

Currently, Austria is one of the twelve richest countries in the world. It is all because of the efforts of its president, Thomas Kallistel, who held the position of president from 1992 to 2004. He has promoted the country in every sphere of life. His honesty and dedication to his job ended in the establishment of a developed country.

Meanwhile, Thomas Kallistel lived in a three-room flat with his wife and three children. After the presidency, he asked his wife one day about the difference between life before the presidency and after the presidency. His wife replied that now the people of the neighborhood and the area live away from him. They don't like talking too much. When he inquired about this from the neighborhood, the people of his neighborhood said that they are inconvenienced by the arrival of protocol vehicles in the morning and evening.

After hearing this, Thomas Kallistel forbade his protocol cars from picking him up and dropping him off. He picked up public transportation every morning. He has made it his routine while going to the office. He did not want to see the neighbors in trouble so, he selected public transportation for their convenience.

Another aspect of his personality was that he died during his reign. He died of a heart attack in a journal hospital. Until his death, he lived in the same three-room flat.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel:

The reign of German Chancellor Angela Markel spanned a long sixteen years from 2005 to 2021. During this period, she brought her nation to the pinnacle of development, but the difference was the simplicity of her life.

Once a journalist asked her if she had worn this dress before, and her answer was, I am a government employee, not a model who wears a new dress every time.

Similarly, when she was asked whether there is any servant in her house or not and who washes the clothes in her house. She said that she does not need any servant. She and her husband do the housework. They even take out and straighten the clothes while their husbands put them in the washing machine.

Lessons learned from the above Government officials:

The two cases mentioned above show that nations progress only when their rulers set a good example for the people and have a direct impact on the development of the country. People also adopt the same characteristics after seeing them.

If our rulers consider themselves as servants of the people, instead of thinking of themselves as rulers, they can do something for the betterment of the people.

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