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The occult signs and Illuminati symbols all around us

Illuminati and Masonic symbolism is all around

You don't have to go or look far to find occult symbols and symbolism as used by the Illuminati and by Freemasons and other occult practitioners. Architecture and even the design of cities make use of esoteric and astrological symbolism, and corporate logos of businesses do too, however, most people are not aware of this.

It is as if we live in a world designed and manipulated by occultists or sorcerers, who display their magical symbols all around knowing that the majority of people don't have any knowledge of what is going on.

New World Order

Once you start to learn about the symbols and imagery used it is likely you will find and see more and more examples all around and often it will make you wonder exactly what is going on. You may start to see the world in a different way when you realise just how common this use of occult symbolism actually is. The all-seeing eye in a pyramid, seen in the American dollar bill as a symbol of the New World Order, is very often found thinly disguised in logos of companies like AOL for example.

Where I live on the island of Tenerife it appears as if it is mainly Catholics that live here and that Catholicism is the main faith, but looking past the images of Jesus and the Madonna and the various saints it is easy to find occult symbols in artwork and sculptures in churches as well as in public places.

In the Church of San Marcos (Saint Mark) in Icod de los Vinos there is a skull and bones painted amongst other religious imagery. I am sure you have heard of the Skull and Bones secret society, which President Bush is a member of. I shocked a friend when I pointed out this image painted in the local church.

There are pyramids on a shopping centre in Puerto de la Cruz and an obelisk, which is a phallic symbol, in a street in the resort of Los Cristianos. Images of the sun are often found in churches here too.

In Parque García Sanabria in the capital of Tenerife there are sculptures that are very interesting, especially from an occult viewpoint. There are a group of monoliths and an exhibit displaying all the zodiac signs.Why are they in a public park we may ask?

Speaking of the zodiac it is said that we are in the Piscean age so perhaps it is not surprising that there are fish shown in the imagery in a church in the village of Vilaflor. This sort of esoteric symbolism is all over the place and extends into the names of hotels even.

There is a Hotel Semiramis in Puerto de la Cruz too. Semiramis in legend was the daughter of the fish-goddess Atargatis, and was herself connected with the doves of Ishtar or Astartë. She is associated with ancient Babylon.

Again in Icod de los Vinos on a wooden door of a building in a main street we find two mermen. These fish people are an important part of an ancient and occult belief system. It is said that a fish-god brought knowledge to people by day and retired to the sea by night. The extraterrestrial or other-dimensional beings who visited the Dogon tribe in Africa are said to be amphibious. Then of course, there is the fish-shaped headgear the Pope wears to this day. What is all that about?

Even the back of buses on Tenerife carry masonic symbolism including the well-known handshake along with other symbols not so widely known.

Freeman who presents the excellent Freeman Perspective shows knows a lot about the subject I have briefly discussed here and his shows are a very good place to find out more about what all this means so I have added some of his video presentations to this article.

Visit Freeman's very informative site here:

and again here:

Copyright © 2010 Steve Andrews. All Rights Reserved.

Occult images found in Tenerife

Skull and bones in a church in Icod

Skull and bones in a church in Icod



Masonic checkerboard in painting in a church in Puerto

Masonic checkerboard in painting in a church in Puerto

Fish, lamp and sun symbol in a church in Vilaflor

Fish, lamp and sun symbol in a church in Vilaflor

The Sun in a church in Puerto de la Cruz

The Sun in a church in Puerto de la Cruz

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Monoliths in Parque García Sanabria

Monoliths in Parque García Sanabria

Mermen on a door in Icod town centre

Mermen on a door in Icod town centre

Pyramids on the Martianez shopping centre in Puerto de la Cruz

Pyramids on the Martianez shopping centre in Puerto de la Cruz

Signs of the zodiac on display in Parque García Sanabria

Signs of the zodiac on display in Parque García Sanabria

Virgin and baby Jesus or Isis and Horus?

Virgin and baby Jesus or Isis and Horus?

Back of a Tenerife bus

Back of a Tenerife bus


Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on May 18, 2016:

I wish I did because it is a really annoying and frustrating problem that happens far too often here!

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on January 25, 2013:

Thank you for explaining your views in this detailed feedback!

erickcb on January 25, 2013:

I read through these comments and feel I should give some direction.

As you can see there is a multitude of people who are aware to some level or another that the world is being fooled. Many people see the very same parallels that are pointed out in this article and there are countless other examples all over the world of these same symbols hinting at..esoteric knowledge. One would be later realize that this controlling group of men many call the illuminati are indeed global and traces of their presence can be found in even the remotest corners of the world.

Some people will come to know through careful research that ALL of these esoteric symbols and this ''knowledge'' relate in some way or another to the Sun, Moon, Celestial Bodies, and cycles of nature. Even the word illuminati meaning illumined takes on a characteristic of the Sun/stars. Now to make a long story as short as possible, I want to inform all those who posted here the truth about what you are seeing and what is actually going on..

You are under mind control. And their techniques are used on a global scale on all peoples and it works wonders. You could say 'they' have perfected the art of mass manipulation. They have the complete knowledge and understanding of the human being. The biggest threat to a group of men/women who desire complete control over all of humanity is individuals who can point out their dubious methods and give back to the people what these evil men took: their personal power. That is the reason they do all of the things they do. Including why they put up these symbols everywhere. In order to free ones self from the mind control they would have to go and research and find out whatever they can about the ins and outs of behaviour modification, persuasion, group psychology, psycho linguistics, etc... Then one would be better able to understand the methods these men use to control the masses, and hopefully be able to free themselves from the mind prison they are in.

As a start: Consider the evidence of past civilizations springing up out of nowhere with fully operating economies, caste systems, armies, etc... i.e. Sumeria.. How can this be? There must be older civilizations out there who are precursors because this level of sophistication doesn't come popping up out of nowhere. This requires MUCH knowledge already in order to convince a bunch of free men that they are 'lesser' beings and get them to follow these invisible things called 'laws' which, apparently, are 'brought down' from the heavens by the 'gods.' Sumeria also had already intact a full pantheon of gods, mastery over the domestication of animals, agriculture, and the arts.. We have been told a LIE and that lie is that mankind has only come THIS far, say in the past 12,000 years or so.. And as one can see through thoroughly researching the histories...mankind is far older than we are being led on to believe...

Clearly, we have had dynasties of families who have remained in complete power since at LEAST Sumerian times, and they hold the keys to the 'real' knowledge which no doubt is in highly secret archives. This secret knowledge that has been passed down over AGES most likely consists of the techniques perfected down through time of 'how to control populations of people.'

The real secret they do not want regular man to find out is he in fact is the true source of 'the truth' and that involves 'knowing thyself' so they are not able to be manipulated by the MASSIVE indoctrination they are taught from birth to death.

For example I will try to demonstrate a mind control technique I have come to recognize in my own experiences here on Earth.

Now, if one wanted to control masses efficiently, and make them obey YOU as TOP AUTHORITY, you could tell them this big guy in the sky is the all powerful, all knowing, ALL and only God. And he has placed YOU(the leaders of mankind) in positions of power to rule over the rest of the sinners. (benevolently of course)

After the population has been primed by you with stories of hell fire and eternal torment if they DISOBEY this almighty and 'invisible' god who sees into their souls, their mind will now 'see' the deity in symbols that appear to take on the characteristics of this deity...including colors, shapes, words and relationships they've made between other stimuli and the deity through other forms of indoctrination that you have provided them with..some of which include:

-colors red, yellow, orange, blue, white...

-circles, squares, triangles, hexagons, cubes, pyra-mids, pyramids w/eye inside..

-bulls, eagles, lions, phoenix, snakes

-son/sun/light, enlightenment, illuminati,

-life, creation, wisdom, knowledge, power, authority, love, infinity..

The actual list is quite, quite long...

When studying up into esoterica, one will learn all of the above are all symbols and characteristics and relations of.. you guessed it..the Sun.. the ultimate and most universal of all symbols in MANKIND'S PSYCHE

AKA 'the all seeing eye in heaven(sky)...aka God..aka the HIGHEST AUTHORITY IN EXISTENCE.

So, now every time one is confronted with one of these characteristics, WHICH ARE EVERYWHERE. their subconscious mind automatically relates them to the deity and ALL of the things that resonate with it.. ULTIMATELY REMINDING THEM:


-Amongst other programmed behaviors that are attached to this single,universally understood stimuli--the sun.

Keep in mind these characteristics/symbols/words are


Now you have masses of people SELF-POLICING themselves in the name of God. And your work is done as YOU have set yourself up as being the leaders of mankind (governments, monarchies, priests etc) and thus are the ''closest'' group to the deity himself, so when the people's invisible God does not live up to their expectations... they look to you for direction...

And the rest is HISTORY.

Hopefully you can understand my example as cryptic as it is..

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on May 23, 2012:

Know what is real?

Illman on May 22, 2012:

How do we even know this is real???

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on March 12, 2012:

Are you talking to me?

THE DREAMER on March 12, 2012:

don't be an ignorant fool and live in denial...know the truth...the Illuminati EXISTS!!

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on February 20, 2012:

Good question! Who knows?

giovanni on February 19, 2012:

how true all of this illuminati stuff?

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on February 13, 2012:

I really couldn't answer but thanks for posting!

rlklinsky on February 13, 2012:

Did I just see Glen Campbell flash the Illuminati sign after he finished singing on the Grammay's Sunday night? And is it true that Illuminati members, in order to gain more popularity, have to have someone killed? Was Whitney Houston sacrificed on behalf of an Illuminati? Thanks for the insightful & informative hub!

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on February 02, 2012:

Several answers: power, greed, because they believe they should!

justasking on February 02, 2012:

i agree with almost every post in here. I agree that if u control education, media, finances and government u can control the masses. But i have only one question, why? Why posting all these symbols in movies, advertising and evento music? I mean, as kaizer zouse said (of course quoting Baudelair's short story): "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist"

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on January 20, 2012:

Thanks for posting your comments, Sam!

Sam on January 19, 2012:

Good work bard, indeed the world is built upon piles and piles of secretes and one can only pray for divine knowledge so as to know the truth. after all, history was written by men and it is always favourable to those on the winning side,(roman catholic as a case scenerio) i've been following eric phelps (spectrum news) you and him are doing a good work. I am actually a roman catholic, but i am begining to see most of our belief from a different view that is contrary to the doctrine. The only option left for me now is to have faith in the creator of the whole universe and his son the saviour.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on December 07, 2011:

Thank you for your feedback, Bonedaddy!

Bonedaddy on December 06, 2011:

Good one Bard. Mate well done, on the generation of real interest in these guys through your hub, I tip my hat to you..I never interact on these sites but I can see you are "on to them".

Oh yeah and Catholic Mason, I feel sorry for you champ..If you ever get to the 32nd degree, you will be drinking blood (or at the very least liquid resembling it) from a skull, while you make a pledge to Beelzebub..but.. as Dash has quite rightly suggested you would most likely not be interested in finding out more because of your very real fear of being "blackballed".. If you have a local business, you will be shunned and outcast from the order, your business will fail, you will then have no chance of getting a bank loan at your local branch and a curse put upon your family, but you already know that now don't you..

Anyhoo, I don't need to tell Bard any of this, but for any others, the work started by Hitler in the south pole at the end of the second world war continues. Just for an aetiology, Goering was ordered to embark on a mission to discover a snow covered rock formation which could be used for an underground base..After locating such an area, 100 U-boats were dispatched and were in the Allied inventory records of "unable to be located" or "missing" at the end of the tragic fracas, we know as WW.II. Third Reich gold and reportedly "ufo, contacts,& knowledge of technology" was secreted on board.. said U-boats dispatched and cargo transported to Antarctica..Eventually the Americans learned of it and the inside consensus was the base was subsequently nuked and that this was the reason for the hole in the southern ozone layer(considering only Australia NewZealand, the southern tips Africa and South America and Antarctica comprise the entire liveable land masses..and being the most untouched hemisphere, it was hard to understand how such a thing as a hole in the ozone layer could happen..) But current satellite observations, determine the base as still present and not surprisingly, only approximately 1km from the above and below ground bases of the U.S, UK, Russia, China and others who will lead the New World Order after the worlds population has been culled. (We estimate of course that British and French Nuclear testing not only in Australia but French pacific Islands caused the ozone damage.. (but you wont see that in your history books folks, they just call it "climate change")..Sad truth is in fact, with a vastly reduced population, individuals (survivors)will prove much weaker resistance and will be more easily controlled. And for anyone wondering how they will be able to chip everyone without major resistance..this is a huge cull.. Some think Nibiru will play a part Ref: leaked pre recorded Obama Asteroid World Wide Catastrophe speech, where any survivors are urged to "stay underground for at least 12 months" (when considering the amount of lifeless bodies creating disease and polluting water supplies, this would be both a project-able and foreseeable scenario and outcome of such an event.There is some general rhetoric regarding an ability to reverse the polarity of our beautiful earth (particularly with this planet "X" or Nibiru or Wormwood as it has been called)and HAARP, to create such a tragedy...Anyway, our biggest question is to ourselves...if we wait for the demise of billions to happen, it would be tantamount to knowing you are going to be killed but then doing nothing. Or having 100 people lined up to be shot, three guards and 3 machine gun personnel, but no one prepared to action, to storm the hostiles for the greater good and at some level of personal risk to them self, overcome the evil..

THAT is the situation the world finds itself in NOW..If we stand back to back we can do it...and hunt these people out now, stand up for ourselves..but if we do not we will pay..our children will pay.."woe will it be for women with child in those days".."men will live in caves and will pray that the mountain swallow them, for this would be better, than to live such as this in these days"..

So what to do??its up to us!! Band together...and take them out the 7 day war when Israel performed what is now commonly accepted as the "pre-emptive strike"...

If we dont, I dont like our chances after the four "angels" are unleashed and one third of the worlds population is decimated and then another....also Ref:Georgia Guidestones written in many languages for all to see the agenda of culling the world population down five hundred million..

And for us Aussies, its the real reason Julia Gillard kisses up to Obama....because she wants a seat in the U.S base and clemency...

Anyway.. pretty sure after reading ALL the comments on your hub, and all though your not an Aussie Bards, you ARE a good citizen of the world and are equally appalled at the situation as it stands. I just hope, that if we cant do it ourselves... that they get it in the neck in a big way at some point in the near future.. but like all fabians and WWG strategies, these things dont happen in a year or even ten...they happen in 25 year and 50 year people forget..And the mentality is that even if they don't get to see it... their children WILL and so on..A goal achieved over generations.

Anyway, the good book not only tells us about the nephilim and their presence here on earth before, but it says Jesus returns before all these things we watch out for our souls I guess, and keep our eyes to the sky's..don't know what it all about or what it all means..but odds are, we will most likely soon find out..look out Dec 2012, God bless us all..

Later Bards and fellow concerned good citizens of the world

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on November 26, 2011:

Thanks for your comments!

Shenny on November 26, 2011:

actually im so glad dat i can contribute cuz i myself i'hve bein tinkin'bout writing a research or a book bout this people. what interests me most is y are they in this? what are they gaining? and why pope john paul II. its so sad. but as a believer i feel we could help them out. and dis may sound weird but im just a kid. but im interested in this stuff dont ind my language, ican't sound all too adult!! moving on, i just feel even as we believers know the truth, we hve to spread it to d world, cuz if we dont do dat now, is it wen we d childrenof the lamb r being tortured dat we will? if we cant do it now den y r we called christains. at the same time, and the whites were blessed i tink they missued d opportunity. ps. i hope im not going off point, but i just had to let my feelings out.

Mimi on November 07, 2011:

Can you confirm that the new south african flag has some sort of occult/mason background and what about clothing lines like nike, CAT etc. And what about car makers - jeez what are we as Believers allowed to wear/drive and display - seems like there is nothing out there that does not have some sort of occult background or symbolism? Cheers - By the way, my wardrobe is running out fast.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on November 06, 2011:

Very true - the whites have had the best technology it appears! I wonder how that came about?

Jamell jones on November 06, 2011:

Coming from a 17 year old black teen i can see that we are considered one of the most descructive races to mankind. We were only thought of that way because (with all do respect) white people just somehow always had better technology then the rest of the world.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on October 22, 2011:

I don't understand what you mean!

vinche on October 22, 2011:

why are all these due the blacks?

Book of Genesis on September 26, 2011:

Travail Dawn of a New Day Shows How Secret Societies Oppress Black People in America.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on September 03, 2011:

I was just about to suggest you write your own hubs seeing as you have so much to say so I am glad to hear you are going to be doing so anyway and I did not need to suggest this!

Tabaris2eyesopen on September 03, 2011:

Those pics shows exactly what we have here great Hub you will hear more.... Wow it's sad how to most they mean nothing but to those who know.... Why do they do this? This hole island has Masonic symbols everywhere.....

Ibezim Victor on September 02, 2011:

Illuminati is simply hiding under the shadows of those symbols but they will soon reveal themselves to the world

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on August 31, 2011:

Well, it is obvious that members of such societies do so and their symbolism is often used in the performances and images of stars. Nothing new about this though!

nexus6ftm on August 30, 2011:

do you have any knowledge on secret societies working within the music industry?

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on August 19, 2011:

Thanks for posting!

Dr. James Dazouloute on August 19, 2011:

This is very interesting, we all mostly walk around blindly but symbols do have meaning for they embody and shape whoever is using them. Thanks, Dr. James Dazouloute

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on July 18, 2011:

Yes and that is a point I would make: that companies use masonic symbols in their logos. Freeman Fly of the Freeman Perspective is on video explaining this in detail as does Michael Tsarion on another. This is why I gave links to Freeman's sites. He is from a masonic family so knows what he is talking about.

David on July 18, 2011:

Very interesting Hub, I honestly don't see how I've missed it for so long. The pictures are interesting, but reading people's comments have shown that people really haven't read as much of the Bible as they would like to think... in the Bible, it mentions Solomon's Temple contained a checkerboard floor. While the Masons do use that design, could that be a little bit of conspiracy freak-out? Also, the van doesn't have Masonic symbols on it, those are the symbols of the company that owns the van. As someone posted earlier, maybe you just need some Light...


Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on May 04, 2011:

Thank you, Sarah!

sarah on May 03, 2011:

hey great site! very informative, you should get onto dailymotion and watch the 'signs' from episode 0. Faith will save everyone in the end, in Islam we believe (as Christians do) in the coming of Christ. I have found true peace through religion, and after discovering more than I probably should have, I sure enjoy praying these days! True inspiration Bard, keep up the good work!!

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on February 25, 2011:

In many ways that shows just how widespread this sort of thing is that symbols you regard as "traditional" are ones used by or have meaning to occult practitioners!

jake on February 25, 2011:

I saw nothing unusual or occult here. most were just traditional symbols, but not occult.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on January 13, 2011:

No, why should they?

chochito on January 13, 2011:

if illuminatis existed, wouldn't they stop this conversation rite now....???

Didier on January 11, 2011:

To bard, or you of them, too !But anyway,all these ideas are great.

Dash on December 15, 2010:

One other thing. For unbelievers and believers alike. Keep in mind that demons, which are actually what David Icke is referring to wether he believes in Christ or not, these so called aliens that have had encounters with us which sound like demons as well along with other unexplained things that manifest themselves, have in every instance fled or stopped what they were doing to a human at the mention of the name of Jesus, not Buddah, not Allah, not Muhammed, nobody but Christ. Take care everyone.

Dash on December 15, 2010:

CatholicMason you are hillarious. No one is attacking a certain organization i.e. freemasons. I would have to also assume that most here that have done some sort of research have realised that churches have indeed become infiltrated along with the freemasons. However I as a Bible beleiving, Jesus loving Christian who is also a common citizen of America, also know that regardless of the level of infiltration, the freemasons are far more prone (at least in the past) to do things that are considered more immoral and dare not ask any questions because of their status in freemasonry. For example, if a freemason is a cop and sees a mason sign on a car that did some illegal act, you better believe they will get away with it. If a cop is a Chistian, and sees someone do something of this nature . . wrong will be wrong.(That line is thinning as we become a police state) There are those who do wrong things in the church as well out in the open that have ties to these guys, but there is a higher chance of whistleblowing for lack of a better word due to the fact that the institution of church is founded in love and not shrouded in secrecy. It is a fact that you obviously and many others do not know what the highest of your group know. The things you do so called for the public to bring unity, happiness etc. i.e. fundraisers, are to keep those like you in the dark to a degree. I suggest you ask more questions where you go . . serious questions for longer periods of time and show genuine interest in the real endeavors of your group. That is if you aren't too afaid. But then again, if you do that and somehow get to a point where certain knowledges are revealed to you, you wouldn't care too much about posting in a forumn such as this now would you? May God be with you and all others on this board. Jesus gave us the wisdom he wanted us to have for purity, satan ruined it and you all better believe we are not stuck. The road IS hard to a point but you will all see that Christ is real and loves us, but we MUST be given a choice. What you do with that choice is up to you otherwise we would be slaves and wouldn't Truly love our creator. I suggest everyone at least try to speak with Christ as if he's real at least one time. Tell him the truth. Adress God and tell him that you don't know what to believe, tell him that you don't know if he's real, but then ask him to make himself real to you. Also (for the thinking individuals that want to try instead of defy) purposely get rid of ANY anger during the timeframe you have given God to prove himself. No matter wha it is, pretend it can't affect you. Your not gonna see some thunder bolt strike your house, but hey. Give God time and he will honor your request. You WILL still face trials, hardship etc.. it's not all going to go away. But I guarantee you, something will have changed for the better. Praise God! I love you all. Good bye.

allie on November 22, 2010:

wowww!!!! thanks that was so intersting!!!!!!! :]

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on November 20, 2010:

Thanks for your feedback, Muddz!

Muddz on November 20, 2010:

Bard..totally enjoyed reading all the posts..on the occult groups and the symbols used by the masons and all are truly all around us, every where you look has these symbols..n yes they do all have what i have read the symbols seen n the religious research that ive done these symbols, sites n structures are all to pave the way for the FAKE ISLAM he is known as THE DAJJAL..the ANTI CHRIST..the man with the one eye which floats from his face n is the all seeing eye that we are all too familiar with..the pyramids n egypt is the proof of all the structures to try n open gatewayz to the demonic world as it is known to our scientists..the symbols belong to various devils who possess various powers that the masons n other occult groups worship..on DAJJAL...try n read the book 'DAJJAL THE ANTI CHRIST' by Ahmed describes the dajjal as an individual, dajjal as a culture and dajjal as a society..every thing ive read on all the great posts here are in detail in the book..itz as though everyone has read the book..great work im enjoying this..thank you Bard..keep em posted.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on November 11, 2010:

Thanks for posting, Timonweller!

timonweller on November 11, 2010:

Nice hub, its good to hear about all the occult symbology of old being brought back to modern attention. It's amazing how much is around us everywhere.

daniel on September 29, 2010:

does anybody know what are the symbols and meanings of the symbols that are on the obelisk in the illuminati cross also i noticed there is two moons at the bottom anybody know what kind of moons are those ones? i read there is on it all the Planetary Symbols: Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, The Moon, and The Sun but cant find uranus and pluto anybody know where they are?

Ayesha Afzal on September 24, 2010:

tell me more about the letter G !

macdaddy on September 07, 2010:

Click on my name or paste this site

macdaddy on September 07, 2010:

I just came back to USA from Ireland you should see all the mystery babylon symbols amazing and sad at the same time.Check out this website if you are interested in symbols.Download ten of his audio shows and the watch the video "The money Masters" on google video.I guarantee you will never be the same again.You will have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on August 28, 2010:

Thanks for that!

PrometheusKid from Heaven on August 27, 2010:

The symbols of the wise always become the idols of the ignorant multitude. What the Chiefs of the Order really believed and taught, is indicated to the Adepts by the hints contained in the high Degrees of Free-Masonry, and by the symbols which only the Adepts understand.

Albert Pike

The Arrival on August 23, 2010:

here is only a small picture of what is going on. if u want to know more i highly recommend u should see a documentary named.."the arrival"'s unlike anything u hav seen in ur ifetime. then u will know what they are up to

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on August 11, 2010:

Thank you for posting!

Dipika on August 11, 2010:

I am shocked to know this...It seems very interesting to me..I want to know more regarding this matter.I have read "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown and in his book he has said a lot about this which people won't believe at first...

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on August 10, 2010:

Thank you, KITKAT!

KITKAT on August 10, 2010:

What we all fail to realize is that we are so caught up in protecting what we grew up believing, it is difficult to change because it is our individual truth based on biases, those who taught us like the church or our parents. Even when someone comes and shows us it is wrong by showing us facts. If we are aware, we can feel the wimds of change all around us. We can see the degeneration of society. We see that those who are supposed to uphold the law are the very same ones that break them and get away with it. I think we have no time to protect that which we believe just because of tradition or who taught it to us. We owe it to ourselves to find out the truth. If there is a mastermind out there trying to cause chaos for it's own evil purpose, the only way we can overcome it is by learning the truth and not being ignorant. Go on with your mission to seek the truth and share with us. thank you

GHOST on August 10, 2010:

DUDES,we need to burst all those that are responsible for staff that has been happening around us using the srongest weapon we have,,,,,,'THE BIBLE',,,

john onwubuya on July 13, 2010:

i have heard about it and i will like to join

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on July 07, 2010:

Thank you for posting, Marliza!

Marliza Gunter on July 06, 2010:

Only by chance that I found this hub...yes...the GOLDEN DAWN is more in our face than we know it...

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on June 14, 2010:

You will find that conspiracy theorists use the term Illuminati a lot for the secret society occultists believed to be behind the control of the world. Many, such as David Icke, also draw parallels between the Freemasons and the Illuminati or claim that the people in these groups are members of both. The Illuminati is often used as a generalised term to describe the cabal/the shadow government/ the secret rulers of the world with the idea that they control all religions just like they control all politics too. Occult symbols are in general use - a sun symbol is a sun symbol is it not?

CatholicMason on June 13, 2010:

I've worked out what is it that is so misleading your this hub, it states: "...symbolism as used by the Illuminati and by Freemasons..." The mere mention, however unintentional, of the long since deal cult of the Illuminati alongside of the current Freemasons society infer connection -- where in fact there is not.

Where it is possible that someone may have joined both groups, should not be so written to suggest that they are the same. I know many Freemasons that are Christians; so based on what is implied in this hub, it would be safe to say that the Illuminati have infiltrated the Christian religion and therefore Christians are EVIL!

Mate, hypotheical dreaming does not make fact. I strongly suggest that you fix up the inacurate inferences; lest you see yourself as a joke.

nemo on May 17, 2010:

bush was a member of the skull and bones, kennedy was killed by the government...where will it end?

Ray on May 08, 2010:

the more i learn about this, the more i see it around us.

thanks for this though it helps me understand the signs around us.

THX :]

jesus on May 06, 2010:


Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on April 21, 2010:

Thank you!

Loveofnight Anderson from Baltimore, Maryland on April 20, 2010:

it's nice to know that i am not alone in my thoughts, we need to really see with our eyes and not just look.......great hub

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on April 12, 2010:

Several reasons: firstly the masons would tell you they are not as secretive as is claimed and indeed books and websites exist where you can read all about their beliefs and ways, secondly it is thought that for a magical ritual to work the symbols used in it have to be displayed to focus the engergies needed, and thirdly so that other knowledgeable members of the Freemasons and others in the know can read the signs that are there - it is after all a form of communication.

JonJoniJonathan on April 12, 2010:

Hi. I'm just curios why Illuminati always show their occult symbols everywhere including in the movies and some music video clip? Should not they disclose their existing since they are secret society? But yet they are always show their symbol everywhere like they want us to know their existence.

CeceQendra on April 03, 2010:

Okay Thanks :))

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on April 03, 2010:

There are loads of videos, books and websites devoted to these subjects and I suggest you research them for your answers and make up your own mind about these matters! Thank you for reading and posting though!

CeceQendra on April 02, 2010:

Ohh and..Did Illuminati and Masons torture people?

CeceQendra on April 02, 2010:

Wait..Are the illuminati and masons Satanic or devil worshipers??? People are saying that Rihanna is a devil worshiper and they are talking about the song Umbrella..and a devil rain man?? Do you think its true..oh and Jay-Z is showing that pyramid all seeing eye thing in his pics..what does that mean??? Plss tell..

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on March 07, 2010:

Thank you, Stormy!

StormRyder on March 07, 2010:

This was a very interesting hub and a good read..learned some things I had no clue of..L0L

Thanks for your insight!!


Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on February 12, 2010:

Thanks for posting, Mel22 and Curious Not Obssed!

Curious, Not Obssed. on February 12, 2010:

started finding out about Illuminati a while ago and how some people think they killed people such as Tupac, Bob Marley & Michael Jackson. I think more people need to open their eyes to what's going on around them!

mel22 from , on February 04, 2010:

So many pple unaware my friend ! Thanks 4 waking them up.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on January 25, 2010:

Yes, I have heard all that but thanks for posting the info here!

autum springs on January 24, 2010:

well i have been doin a lot of reserch on the whole topic of Illuminati and i have found out alot of information. And yes they are putting things out here in plain sight to the ignorant pulic. However it all goes hand in hand with the american election as well did you know that we dont relly need and presidential election they just do it because they are tryin to keep the people of america busy as well as not finding out about how they are trying to create a one world government.

also did you knw that all 43 presidents have carried the same European royal bloodline into the office, and 34 have genetic descendants from one person. Charlemagne, the brutal 8th century king of the Franks. 19 of them directly descended from king Edward the third of England. The presidency canidate with the most royal genes has won every single American election.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on January 21, 2010:

I am not saying that all Freemasons are Illuminati. Where have I said that? They may well all be being controlled and influenced by them though as Freemasonry is said to have been heavily infiltrated by them. I agree with you that just because some people in a group or family are bad this doesn't mean the rest are and have actually got hubs here in support of David de Rothschild.

A point I am trying to convey with this hub is that cities and towns and businesses and advertising are full of occult symbolis and a majority of people are not aware of this so it truly is occult (hidden) but in plain view.

CatholicMason on January 20, 2010:

Your "new world order" thing is a bit off the mark. This has nothing to do with the Freemasons. It's quite possible that some of the Illuminati were Freemasons, that doesn't mean that all Freemasons are Illuminati.

Just because some people are bad, doesn't make the entire group evil. For example, Adolf Hitler was a Christian. Then there was Waco Texas, The Crusades and a whole history of evil Christians.

Actually, this gives me an idea for a new hub on the "Evils of Christianity" Thanks mate!

Elocution on January 20, 2010:

IT's true, Washington DC was built by masons. It's just they were not Freemasons. I just love reading the hogwash from the illinformed, ignorant and uneducated!

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on January 18, 2010:

You are welcome! Thank you for posting!

Sabina Jamshed on January 18, 2010:

This is very important information. The symbols are all around us. The owl has been used as an occult symbol for a long time.

Its better late than never! People are beginning to wake up and look around. Thanks for sharing this!

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on December 25, 2009:

Yes, this stuff is right in front of everyone's faces but we are not supposed to know what it all means! Nevertheless, a symbol is neither good nor bad and an owl is a very beautiful bird. I am not at all sure about how much conspiracy stuff is nothing more than yet another money-maker and another version of consumerism - get the DVD and the latest book about whatever!

The more I think about it all - consumerism and capitalism are the main problems. They are what pull in the money to support the crazy system and most of it is not stuff we need! Problem is everyone (well most) want more stuff - the controllers and the controlled, the elite and the poor! Life has become a pursuit of material possessions and money and the more of these things you have the higher your status (but not necessarily your happiness).

JG the IGNITER from The U.S. Government protects Nazi War Criminals on December 25, 2009:

You know, I am not religious but I very much know God. (My own personal road and experiences.) I am a bit "touched" since I was a child, lol, and all I can say is that this concerns me greatly-something very bad about this. The owl, magog is not something I feel comfortable with our world leaders praying to/effigy sacrafices of children? Many, many representations here in the United States and also throughout the world of these symbols-such as the Owl. I have a great story to tell about the "owl," as I am writing Igniter-Nazi's hidden among us. This Hub and response of yours has initiated it.

Could it be that these signs are not conspiracy but right in front of our faces, for years and that we have been duped? I just get very, very bad feelings about where we are headed and this is some of the reason why.

Hide in plain sight perhaps?

Is it just me?

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on December 25, 2009:

In Cardiff there is now a building shaped like an owl and called the Owl Venue:

It's not the only owl-shaped building there - there is a hotel that looks like an owl too:

JG the IGNITER from The U.S. Government protects Nazi War Criminals on December 25, 2009:

The US is full of these symbols also. I suppose my biggest concern is that our world leaders are known for their visits to "Bohemian Grove." (2700 acre redwood forest, located in Monte Rio, CA) The membership list has included every Republican U.S. president (as well as some Democrats) since 1923, many cabinet officials, and director; & CEO's of large corporations, including major financial institutions.

Or world leaders, performing pagan rituals (including the "Cremation of Care", in which the members wearing red-hooded robes, cremate a coffin effigy (Child) of "Dull Care" at the base of a 40 foot owl altar) Magog? Interesting.

CIA/FBI keep all those who are not invited personally from entering. The Summer Solstice festival brings them all in...summer solstice? Where have I heard this before?

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on December 04, 2009:

Thank you, ciidoctor! I am glad you liked it!

ciidoctor on December 03, 2009:

nice hub.thank you bard.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on October 24, 2009:

I don't mind! I don't personally worship anything or anyone!

Caz Zee from Nigeria on October 24, 2009:

Well I truly agree with you, Mr Bard( I'll call U that if U don't mind). The Bible says we should worship ONLY Jesus and NO ONE ELSE! In that case, Catholicism and other religion following the same 'road' isn't true to God's ways.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on October 24, 2009:

It certainly incorporates many elements of older pagan religions and as I am noticing on the island I live on where the people are mainly Catholic, a lot of it is centred around the Madonna/Virgin Mary rather than God or Jesus.

Caz Zee from Nigeria on October 24, 2009:

Great hub. Also read about the catholic religion saying it originated from Babylonish paganism. Help me out if I'm wrong.

Steve Andrews (author) from Lisbon, Portugal on October 14, 2009:

Thank you!

Bamboo Frog from The Rainforest on October 14, 2009:

This fascinating topic struck a chord with a lot of curious and impassioned hubbers. I can't wait to read all of the juicy comments when I have a free hour. :) Thanks for the interesting information. Being surrounded by occult symbols and being totally unknowing reminds me of reading anything by Umberto Eco. That's how I feel reading his writing.

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