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The Number of Child Marriages in Bangladesh Has Increased by About 50 Percent During Corona Pandemic.


The situation in Bangladesh during the Corona period is one and a half years. In these 18 months, more than 12 lakh corona patients have been identified in Bangladesh and more than 20,000 people have died. In the beginning, Corona got some control through a few severe lockdowns, but now it is increasing at an alarming rate again. The main reasons for this are non-compliance with human hygiene, free movement on the roads, and the delta variant of India. In Corona, people's lives have come to a standstill, especially the middle and lower-middle classes.

Reasons for the increase of child marriage in Bangladesh in Corona:

During the time of Corona's situation in Bangladesh, there has been a big change in public life due to infection and death..It has also affected the economy. Many parents are marrying off their daughters as a tool to reduce their income. About 46 percent of girls get married between the ages of 13 and 15. This information has come up in the survey of 'Foundation for People'. Experts are blaming school closures, declining incomes, and insecurity for this. Experts urge policymakers to have clear and coordinated plans to prevent child marriage in cowardly situations.
With the support of UNICEF, UNFP, and Plan Bangladesh, the Foundation for People surveyed child marriage in 64 Upazilas of 21 districts from April to October 2020. According to a recent report, 13,006 child marriages have taken place in 21 districts. Of these, 1,512 child marriages were reported in Barguna, 1,272 in Kurigram, and 1,222 in Nilphamari.

Between the ages of 16 and 18, 50.7 percent of girls were married, between 13 and 15 years of age, 48.7 percent, and 1.6 percent of girls were married between the ages of 10 and 12.

Prolonged school closures and declining incomes in Corona are being blamed for the rise in child marriage.

Besides, representatives of different professions including migrant workers working in different countries have returned to the country at this time. In the social reality, the demand for a boy working in exile as a 'pot' is high. And the parents are trying to get married in this blocked situation. On the other hand, the surveillance of the law enforcement agencies is getting less now. Some are taking advantage of that opportunity. Many poor parents of the society want to marry their daughter at this time, at this time the movement of people has decreased. So you don't have to entertain too many people. This is also reducing their costs.

Consequences of increasing child marriage at a high rate:

As a result of child marriage, a girl's beautiful life is being ruined, her desires and dreams are being ruined. This adversely affects the economy of the country as child marriage hinders women's participation in education and the labor market. According to some researchers, the high rate of child marriage hinders each of the 6 Millennium Development Goals and global efforts to alleviate poverty.

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