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The need to justify the existence of government departments and Agencies

Today our federal government and state governments in some cases have grown out of control. Every government department or agency at all levels of government should be reviewed to determine if their existence is justified. The function of each of them needs to be compared to the applicable constitution and/or laws that are in place. There may be some exceptions as in the case of the federal government. Our country is different from when we declared our independence and the Constitution was written approved. Today there are issues facing our country that were not envisioned when the Constitution was first written and they must be addressed in some cases at the federal level, some cases at the state level and in some cases by both levels of government. This kind of analysis has been needed for a long time. It should not be about political ideology of any political party but about the Constitution.

In addition to deciding if the existence of any government department or agency they must be looked at whether their actions fall in line with the Constitution and the laws passed by Congress or state legislatures as applicable. The Constitution is specific about the function of the federal government and their authority and responsibilities. Under Article 10 it states that any topic not identified as the function of the federal government falls back to the states. The federal government was created in the minds of the framers of the Constitution to be a support function for the states and it should be.

Common sense within the functions of government at the state and federal levels needs to be energized. Today however it is hard to find the philosophy of common sense within many state government functions and the functions of our federal government. Obviously we need certain functions performed by the federal government and certain functions performed by state governments but they should not be in conflict with each other. Joint efforts by both state and federal governments to protect the safety and security of all citizens and visitors to our country needs to be in place.

There are certain functions and departments within the federal government that are clearly justified and they should remain in existence but the function and their responsibilities and authority must be clearly identified through laws passed by Congress. While it is important to allow departments and agencies to have some flexibility to perform their responsibilities limits must be identified. If a department or agency wants to do something that is not within their authority they must or should go to Congress to give them the authorization they need. Any authorization must be within the current laws or revisions which then must be approved by the President

Getting off the subject some but the jurisdiction for each department and agency must be tied specifically to the laws passed by Congress. In addition each law passed by Congress should directly reflect the authority given it under the Constitution or the Amendments which have been added. The size of government at the federal level needs to be such that the departments, agencies and organizations should be either restructured or eliminated given a lack of authority for their existence. There are a number of functions within the federal government which it has absorbed and is the right decision. This is not the case with all functions within the government.

In addition any new departments or agencies must have the justification with respect to the Constitution or federal laws which should identify their legality


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