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The Myth of the American Invasion

The myth of White Colonization


The Truth

Over the course of the last few decades, it has become increasingly popular to blame the worlds woes on European colonization. This has led to a distortion and misperception that white settlers “stole” the land from the native Americans. This misconception is currently used for the argument in favor of open borders and the vilification of white people as a whole, yet I will present evidence here as to why this is an erroneous line of thought.

Native American tribes and clans within those tribes were constantly at war with one another over trade disputes, resources, and territory. In the North, we saw the Algonquin and Iroquois tribes whose war prowess was legendary. In fact, all tribes had an established war strategy; something that would not have been in place had there not been a long tradition of warfare and tribal warrior ranking. The native American people were hardly a unified people, but a squabbling collection of mini governments all vying for the land. Europeans arrived and simply became another tribe to enter the mix. Often times, agreements were made between the indigenous people and the settlers with respect to land boundaries.

The arrival of the Europeans also ended oppression for many people as well. Take for example, the case of the Aztecs. They were not originally from the Mexican altiplano, but rather abandoned their lands in the American southwest known as Aztlan. When they arrived on the banks of lake Texcoco, just outside of what is Mexico city today, they displaced a people known as the Otomies. So, they, themselves were invaders. The Aztecs were an imperial people who subjucated countless tribes in the altiplano and Mexican lowlands. Warfare was a part of life and was even incorporated into their religion. Just about everyone has heard the accounts of the Aztecs sacrificing people to the gods by the thousands by excising their hearts. What they do not realize is that these were in fact, prisoners of war. The occupation and subjucation of the Aztecs would not have been possible without the assistance of the tribes that the Aztecs themselves had subjucated. Tribes of the coast such as the Huastec were all to happy to assist in toppling the Aztec choke hold on the region.

Conquistadores at Tenochtitlan

Conquistadores at Tenochtitlan

The Aztecs had only been on the Altiplano for approximately 250 years when the Spanish arrived and today it is considered that it was their territory. It is interesting that European settlements along the east coast have been established for at least this amount of time, yet modern activists refuse to accept their validity. The idea is to portray the native Americans as a single group who held hands and sang cumbaya until the evil white man came. This simply was not the case, not even in the caribbean at the time of Columbus. At one time a group of Arawak people known as the Taino occupied all of the Antilles, greater and lesser. A tribe known as the Caribe indians came up from south America and displaced or conquered the Taino living in the lesser Antilles. In some cases, the women were spared but integrated into their society. The Caribes also made attempts to displace the Taino in Puerto Rico, but were not successful due to the size of the population of Tainos on the island. Columbus arrived at an Arawak village shortly after it had been attacked by Caribes and was told that they were cannibalistic. He dispatched a ship to locate them and verified that they were, in fact, cannibals. His men killed the occupants of the Caribe village.

Perhaps one impact aspect of the contact between Europe and the new world was the introduction of diseases to which the natives had no immunity. It is believed that more indiginous people died of illness than on Spanish steel.

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Cannibalism Depicted and Bones

Cannibalism Depicted and Bones

Human Nature

This is really nothing new either. Since the beginning of man's story warfare and colonization has been a theme and is probably a part of primate behavior since Dr. Jane Goodall witnessed a war within a population of chimpanzees. Sub Saharan Africa has always been a warlike region and is still that way today. But let us look at the events that happened as anatomically modern humans left Africa and flowed into the Levant, Europe, and Asia. In every place that they encountered the Neanderthal and the Denisovan, they eventually displaced them and occupied their lands. In some cases there was interbreeding, adding their DNA to the human genome.

This all may be politically inconvenient, but it certainly dispels the myth that Europeans stole the land from the native Americans. While the Europeans were simply another tribe competing for the land, they had superior technology. Had things been different, that may have not been the case. The idea that white people are any more or less warlike and empirical than any other people of the Earth is simply a lie. China once occupied Japan and Korea, African tribes were in constant combat, native Americans, both north and south, were frequently overtaking one another.

The vilification of white people has also brushed aside another group of people: white slaves. This article has been composed by a descendant of one of those white slaves. In order to vilify a race of people, you must victimize another.

Comments from upstate, NY on August 27, 2019:

Great points made in refuting the American Invasion myth! No,the American Indians were conquering, subjugating, enslaving and murdering each other long before the Europeans set foot in the Americas.

Today, many of the nations established by European settlers have resided on the land far longer than many tribes can claim to!

Thomas Greenwell (author) from Melbourne Florida on August 21, 2019:

So true.

RTalloni on August 12, 2019:

A good dose of fact-based reality changes false narratives, but, sadly, it does not change the thinking of those who have purposed in their hearts and minds to vilify certain groups even though they victimize those who listen to and follow them.

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