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The influence of the Brotherhood in the Middle East

Who are the Muslim Brotherhood?

An Islamic group claiming comprehensive reform, is considered the largest political opposition movement in the Middle East. It was also classified as a terrorist group in Russia and Kazakhstan, and it was also classified in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Egypt after the military coup in Egypt 2013 and 2014.

Brotherhood goals and means

Of course, the Brotherhood advocates comprehensive reform, both political and economic, and they seek to destroy, revolutions and break out against rulers on the contrary. It also has a role in supporting jihadist groups that it considers resistance movements against foreign intervention and occupation.

Organizational hierarchy in this terrorist group

1- General Guide
2- Global General Guidance Office
3- The International General Shura Council
Or the relationship between the General Command and the leaders of the countries
The country is divided into administrative offices
The administrative office is divided into regions
The regions are divided into divisions
And people are divided into families

Community funding sources

The Brotherhood is self-financing, meaning that the Brotherhood depends on the group’s members as the only source to finance the terrorist activities they carry out. According to their statute, the group’s members are divided according to the group’s classification as supportive, affiliated, regular and active. According to the group’s mechanisms, the member is escalated from one stage to another. After passing their psychological tests to change the individual's thought and terrorism. Nevertheless, the individual is obligated to pay a monthly subscription to the group, with the exception of those classified as supporters, students and those with low salaries, except God’s curse on them all. They also have some self-financing such as hospitals, care and others to build funds to demolish peoples, displace the poor and groups, spread revolutions and spread Murder and others because of their claim to Islam.

Visions and ideas of the group and means of education

This group, which is characterized as claiming Islam, has visions and ideas to confuse the individual, families and groups by spreading correct ideas about Islam, but to serve their political interests. Brotherhood means to spread terrorist ideas in several ways
The families and the battalion is a grouping larger than the families
the trip
Camps and campsites
The course

The history of this terrorist group claiming reform

The activity of this terrorist group in Egypt appeared as a comprehensive collective movement claiming social and political reform. It was founded by Hassan Al-Banna in 1928 in the city of Ismailia, and soon it moved to Cairo. In the 1930s, the social and political interaction of the Brotherhood increased and they became one of the influential currents politically and socially. During World War II, the Brotherhood worked to spread their ideology in both eastern Jordan and Palestine, and the Syrian branch moved to the capital, Damascus in 1944. After World War II, this terrorist group participated in the 1948 war to liberate Palestine with battalions launched from Egypt under the leadership of Ahmed Abdel Aziz and Sa`a Mahmoud Labib And Sheikh Muhammad Farghali and Saeed Ramadan, from Syria under the leadership of Mustafa al-Sibai, from Jordan, Abd al-Latif Abu Qura and Kamil al-Sharif, and from Iraq under the leadership of Muhammad Mahmoud al-Sawaf and Palestine. Mahmoud was assassinated and the Brotherhood condemned the killing of Al-Nuqrashi. The one who carried out this act was a student of the veterinary medicine school at Fouad Al-Awal University in Cairo, named Abda For Majid Hassan, a student of the Brotherhood, and he committed his act wearing the uniform of a police officer, and then the founder of the group was assassinated on Saturday evening, February 12, 1949. .

Some members of the Global General Guidance Office

Muhammad Badi ': the group’s general guide and a member of the Global Guidance Bureau since 2007
Muhammad Mahdi Akef, the former general guide of the group
Rashed Ghannouchi: He is a politician, thinker, leader of the terrorist movement Ennahda, and a member of the group's global guidance office
Ibrahim Mounir: an Egyptian living in London, the spokesman for the Brotherhood in Europe, and the general supervisor of the Brotherhood’s message website
Abdul Majeed Thunaibat: Former general observer of the Jordan Brotherhood and member of the Jordanian Senate

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