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The Importance of Stewardship or Let's Be Good Stewards of Our Only Planet!

I am a long-time Futurist, and technologist. In my career, I have spanned the birth of personal computers, to the rise of Cloud Computing.

We are the stewards of planet earth. We are responsible.

We are the stewards of planet earth. We are responsible.

My father was a bi8logoist by training, but truly he loved nature in every form.

Like many scientists educated in the 1950s and 1960s, my father was aware of the critical need for global conservation. For him, this meant that if you cut down a tree for a Christmas decoration or heat the house, you planted ten. Dad was a biologist that studied frogs. I remember as a young man; my father said always listen to tree frogs. I remember I was about eight years old, asking him why dad? My father looked at me and replied because frogs are the environmental beacons. Term the frogs begin to struggle, then something bad is happening. I'm not sure there was ever a time in my life when I didn't, thanks to the guidance of my father, understand that our planet is truly our responsibility. As the dominant creature on Earth today, we are responsible for making sure that we do not destroy the other life on the planet and, of course, the planet itself.

I have long been an advocate considering, learning about, and ultimately doing something about climate change before it's too late. However, I also want to caution people who believe science will pull a miracle out of their hats and save the day. The likelihood of that happening is very small. The reality is we are going to have to cut our carbon output. Relying on this concept of getting to zero emissions is good. But not the concept of net-zero emissions. Zero means that if you emit a thousand tons of carbon into the atmosphere, you offset that by removing a thousand tons. Ultimately, that won't work because we need to reduce the carbon in our atmosphere today. Not just the element carbon but all the iterations of carbon, carbon is not quite as quick to bond as hydrogen and oxygen. But carbon is still pretty prevalent in things we are putting into our atmosphere. All of the greenhouse gases contain carbon. Side note: they are Greenhouse gases because they do what we do in a greenhouse when the gasses increase. Keep the air in the greenhouse warmer than it is outside. In the case of our atmosphere, we are the inside.

As I mentioned in the previous article, if we all agree and work hard to cut 5% of our carbon emissions personally from the atmosphere, that's a good start. The move away from fossil fuel-powered fuel sources will be critical. If we can get away from coal-fired power plants and greenhouse gas-intensive farming, we will reduce enough carbon in the world that if people still burn internal combustion engines in their cars, it's not going to be as big of an impact. Unfortunately, today, the farming methods and systems used to feed about 50% of the world's population represent about a third of the total greenhouse gases emitted. First of all, we only feed half the world's people. That one worries me. Because ultimately, people may fight over ideology, the reality is that food is a bigger driver. When there was still a USSR, the Ukraine portion of the USSR produced nearly 50% of the total food produced in the former Soviet Union. Is it any wonder why they invaded Ukraine? Food is critical. So is safe water, by the way,

If we don't take care, there will be nothing left.

If we don't take care, there will be nothing left.

Look upon my works ye mighty and despair. But as far as the travelers could see there was only sand. Ozymandias

A roundabout way brings us back to the original point I brought up. My father, like many of his peers, believed in conservation. Over the last few years, I have moved beyond that into another realm. It is one heavily advocated by one of my favorite scientists Bill Nye. Bill Nye and others call it Stewardship. We as a population are the stewards of the planet Earth. That tiny blue ball in the pictures taken from various shuttles that landed on the moon and Mars is our home. Since we don't currently have another suitable home, it behooves us to take the time to make sure we take care of our planet. That is Stewardship.

I will end today with the definition of the word stewardship. Because what I believe to be a steward is different than the dictionary definition truly presents. I believe stewards are responsible for the safe journey of the planet. It is not merely the planet Earth surviving. It is not just the animals surviving. No, we are talking about the concept of creating an environment where all can flourish!. We can make the world into anything we want to be ultimate. We are the stewards. However, it is our responsibility to consider the impact we are having on the other creatures that live with us as stewards. Being a good steward means you care about the world around you. You worry about the impact of humanity on the world we live in. But you also worry about tomorrow. So I'll end with this last thing that I heard recently and bothers me. More than 60% of the children in this world today are unable to breathe clean air. But that doesn't mean they have things blocking their noses; it means the very air in the world where they live is not clean by the World Health Organization WHO standards. When people can't breathe clean air, because if children are breeding clean air, neither are the adults around them, we are not good stewards when people can't breathe clean air.

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