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The Family System in Asia Is Headed for Destruction


The family system in Asia is headed for destruction.

According to an estimate, there are more than 1,300 cases registered in each family court in Asian countries. There is a joint family system in Asian countries. 9 out of ten families are part of the joint family system. Families are closely related to each other. Despite the relationship, the number of cases in family courts is increasing day by day. Most Muslims are found in Asian countries in terms of religion, and in Muslim culture, both husband and wife are given equal rights and respect each other. Nevertheless, what are the reasons that the family system in the Asian country is going towards destruction?

  • There is no panchayat system.
  • end of stamina.
  • source of income.
  • Education
  • Panchayats used to play an important role in settling disputes between families in Asian countries. The Panchayat system has been lost in Asian countries for the past few years. No institution or state is playing its role in promoting it. Due to this, society is suffering severe degradation. The higher authorities should take this matter seriously and restore the panchayat system so that we can resolve social and family disputes only through the panchayat system. It is a matter of concern for our society that people in our society have lost their tolerance. One person does not tolerate another person's opinion or disagreement. Fighting between families over small things has become normal. Husband and wife do not tolerate each other's words. At this stage, it seems necessary to record a related incident:

“In the recent past, a woman named Aaliya married Faizan in the year 2000. In the beginning, their relationship was ideal. Five children were born from Aaliya's womb and Faizan's sperm. There was a petty quarrel between them, which is a normal thing in any society. Despite having five children, the wife could not tolerate this petty quarrel and demanded a divorce. While Faizan did not want to divorce her, the wife came to the family court and demanded a divorce, and finally the wife was divorced by the court.”

  • From this real incident, we can deduce that it is the fault of the five children, who are innocent and not even adults. Due to the lack of tolerance between the parents, the five children will lose their father's love. Therefore, in our curriculum, the subject of endurance must be included so that small matters can be tolerated.
  • A good economic position plays an important role in any prosperous society. The average annual income in Asian countries is about US $900. According to an estimate, a family of five needs about 250 dollars per month. The family system can be strengthened by stabilising the economic position of individuals as much as possible. In the present era, no society or state can achieve development without education. Good education plays a key role in giving people patience, endurance, strength, good economic development, etc. According to a survey, the population of Asia is about 4.561 billion, while not a single university is included in the top 10 universities in the world, which is a momentary concern. Because of this, the quality of education in Asia is far behind other countries.
  • Considering the above events, we can conclude that to strengthen the family system, it is necessary to restore and strengthen the Panchayat system, to create resilience within individuals; for the state to stabilize the economic position of individuals, and to make education free and easy so that everyone can get an education easily. If these measures are taken by Asian countries as soon as possible, then surely in the next few years the family system will be totally destroyed, and then we will not be able to do anything which will cause great damage.

© 2022 Syed Awais Anwar

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