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The Debate Over Transgenderisim


In the U.S the transmovement has gained momentum. Trans people are now a protected class. You can be charged with a hate crime for any offense against them. As of late the trans people have pushed for more and more rights.

An alarming trend that has developed from this is the sexualization of children. We will discuss this and other behaviors that have gotten to the point of being disturbing.

Trans in womens sports

One demand being made is for men who identify as a woman be allowed to compete against women in womens sports.

One example of this is Lia Thomas who won the womens Ivy League competition against biological females, who refused to take the stage with her for the awards ceremony. thomas was also nominated for NCAA Woman of the year award but was not chosen.

Another issue is men and boys who identify as women be allowed to share the locker rooms, showers and bathrooms with biological females. This is dangerous and morally wrong.

There have been several cases of sexual assualts on biological females by transgenders identifying as a female. At least a few of these were children. There are biological females being assualted by trans convicts in the prisons. A study revealed that trans identifying as women are 5 times more likely to commit sexual assualts than other inmates.

Trans who identify as a women should serve their terms in a prison that is determined by their biological sex.

As for lLia Thomas, she had an unfair advantage over the female competitors. men have a larger muscule mass than females. That coupled with testosterone gives then an unfair edge over biological females.

Drag queens and the children

Most recently there has been an outpouring of rage from parents across the nation over schools, libraries, and other places where children are present , using drag queens to put on inappropiate shows and have story hour for children.

The bad thing about this is these are grown men dressed up like women, in very scant costumes. They are dancing, humping, twerking, crawling on the floor and holding these children on their laps. At the shows the kids put money in there underwear.

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This is wrong on every level, morally and socially. Why do these people feel the need to perform adult shows and be around children?

Something is wrong when this is allowed.

Pushing transgender

Many schools around the country are including transgender and gender identity in their classrooms and curriculum.

Most parents were unaware of what their children were being taught before the COVID lockdowns when children were taking classes on zoom. It soon became apparent that students were being taught that you are not necessarily the the gender you were born with. gender is fluid. Boys can be girls and girls can be boys. Men can get pregnant and have babies, and have periods

In a time when the world is confusing enough for children, our government has to throw this into the mix, begining as early as kindergarten. In some states if a child, for example a girl, decides she wants to be a boy and be called by a boys name in school but doesnt want to tell her parents the school will not notify the parents and call the child by his preferred name. The schools state the parents have no authority over the child while they are in school, not over the curriculum or issues concerning gender identity.

The worst part of the gender identity trend is there are prestigeous hospitals doing sex change surgeries on minor children without the parents consent. They are casterating little boys and removing the breasts and doing hysterectomies on little girls.

There are also doctors and hospitals who are providing puberty blocking medications to minors without the consent of the parents. These medications block development and secondary sex characteristics from occurring.

The damage from the puberty blockers and surgeries are irreversible if the child changes their mind later on when older, which has occured many times. The physical and emotional damage is done. Parents should always have a say in any medical procedure involving their child.


The government is taking ever more control over our lives, our children, and families. The madness must stop. parents and citizens must take back control or our country is lost.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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