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The Youngest Serial Killer of India

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The Frightening Story of a 7-Year-Old Serial Killer

The Frightening Story of a 7-Year-Old Serial Killer

“I am hungry. I want biscuits!”

Inspector Shatrughan Kumar, an officer in charge of Bhagalpur police station in the Bihar state of India was shocked as he looked at the dark, thin person sitting calmly before him.

Here is the guy who has murdered three infants in cold blood and he has the audacity to sit in a police station and demand biscuits, Shatrughan’s blood boiled with fury as he controlled the urge to bash him into pulp there and then.

Except that he couldn’t. The person sitting before him was a mere 7-year-old kid who had killed three babies by stoning them with brick on their heads and burying them under bushes and dry leaves. When he was afterward questioned by the police officers, he showed no remorse as he described his crime in gory detail with a sort of pride in his eyes. As he confessed.

“I repeatedly hit her with a brick and killed her.”

Nearing 8 years, when he was finally arrested Amardeep Sada earned the infamous distinction of being the youngest serial killer in the world. His crown was only recently usurped by another killer, an unidentified 4-year-old boy from Saudi Arabia who would become one of the youngest reported murderers in history.

The story of Amardeep Sada

Amardeep Sada was born in 1998, to a poor Indian couple who were working as laborers in Bihar. It was a difficult life for the family with his parents barely earning enough to meet the ends. When Amardeep was 7 years old. His mother gave birth to a baby girl. They now had four mouths to feed and survival became tougher for the family in the meager income.

As a child, Amardeep was a reserved, quiet child, playing with knick-knacks, climbing trees, and roaming about the village. He had no friends and he was a loner who enjoyed being in his own company.

During this time, his aunt along with his 6-month-old cousin visited their home. Amardeep’s aunt had just found a job in the city and she wanted to leave her child in their house till she settles in her job.

A few days after his aunt left, his mother went to the local market to buy vegetables leaving Amardeep in charge of the two babies.

That was when something stirred inside him as he saw his 6-month-year old cousin fast asleep in his bed. Initially, he started pinching and slapping him, jumping with glee as the baby began to cry. Gradually he became bolder as he put his hands around the infant’s throat in a bid to stop his breathing. The baby began to gasp for air and began to cry.

Amardeep began to laugh and started enjoying his act. Finally, he killed the baby by strangulation. He then quietly went to the nearby forest, picked up a brick, and bashed the baby’s head to a pulp. He then buried the baby under the grass and returned home as if nothing had happened.

Her mother was shocked when he later confessed to her. She did not know what to do. Later that evening his father also bashed him for his gruesome act but it was too late. Then they committed their first mistake.

Their parental instincts kicked in, as instead of handing him over to the police, they shielded him and cooked some ‘accident’ story to his aunt. We don’t know if the aunt believed the tale but for the moment Amardeep escaped scot-free.

He became emboldened further and his next victim was his own 8-month-old sister. It was a winter afternoon and his parents were taking a nap when Amardeep turned his attention towards her.

He approached her smiling as he gently lifted her from the cot and strangled her to death. Amardeep’s mother woke up hearing the faint wails of the baby but it was too late. Both parents were shocked as his father slapped him and asked, “Why did you do it?”

Amardeep’s answer was shocking: “Just like that”.

This time the neighbors came to know who advised them to hand him over to the police. But again his parents repeated their mistake and shielded him, imploring the neighbors not to reveal the matter. Amardeep again escaped scot-free and was now addicted to the ‘game’ as he called it.

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The third infant was an outsider and this time Amardeep was finally caught in the act.

One day in 2007, walking around the primary school in the area, he saw an infant inside a pram under a tree. His mother had gone to the school for some work leaving her 6-month-baby sleeping under the tree. He lifted the baby from the pram and took her into the forests behind the school. There he smashed her face with a rock killing her and finally buried her in the grass.

As her mother came back and saw the pram empty, she raised hue and cry. Everyone began searching for the baby and finally, somebody remembered that they had seen Amardeep carrying her. Amardeep was taken into questioning where he confessed his crime in vivid detail. He also confessed to his earlier crimes.

The police decided that they had enough evidence with the confession to run a case against him. But according to Indian law, he could not be convicted as he was too young to be punished. He was imprisoned for three years in a juvenile remand home after which his whereabouts remain unknown to this day.

Why did he kill?

Psychiatrists who had examined him surmise that he might be suffering from ‘conduct disorders’ that prevent him from knowing the difference between right and wrong.

It was because of this disorder Amardeep found a sadistic pleasure in torturing or killing someone weaker than him. His actions were due to a chemical imbalance in the brain which might be hereditary also in some cases.

And had he not been stopped, his brutalities would have increased with every murder and his deteriorating mental state would have made him an uncontrollable serial killer.

Amardeep was also given medications and psychiatric counseling sessions during his three years in the juvenile remand home and hopefully, he should have reformed by now and be leading the life of a responsible citizen somewhere in this world.

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Ravi Rajan (author) from Mumbai on March 16, 2021:

Thanks Harriet,Hopefully he should have reformed by today

Harriet Dionela from Taguig City, Philippines on March 16, 2021:

This is so disturbing. Hopefully he received proper referrals, assessments, and interventions and treatment. Even if he is reformed by now constant follow up is still needed.

BBYCGN from Uninhabited Regions on March 16, 2021:

A sad story. It makes me wonder if this “Chemical Imbalance” is another phrase for Sadistic Sociopath, or Antisocial Personality Disorder. He was so young!

Ravi Rajan (author) from Mumbai on March 10, 2021:

Yes it is a sad story

EK Jadoon from Abbottabad Pakistan on March 10, 2021:

Alas! It was a tragidy. I feel sorry for victims. But I don't know why these people left their children alone with an unmature boy.

Ravi Rajan (author) from Mumbai on March 10, 2021:

Yes, it is a sad story Miebakagh. We can only hope he is now free of his illness.

Miebakagh Fiberesima from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on March 10, 2021:

This is a very sad story. I pity the child boy. However, the babes souls are resting ln peace.

Ravi Rajan (author) from Mumbai on March 10, 2021:

Thanks, Flourish. We can only hope he would have reformed by now and leading a responsible life.

FlourishAnyway from USA on March 10, 2021:

This is really disturbing that a child so young could commit these murders and equally disturbing that he is on the loose, untreated for the psychiatric disturbance that ails him. Society isn't safe with him out there.

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