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The Year 20-20


The President Lied About The Coronavirus


I am a elderly women who have experience a lot in my years, I have never seem a year like 2020. I have seen this country go from good to bad in almost four years under the leadership of a president who have defied every rule of law .

In 2016 one of the worst presidents ever walked through the doors of the White House. He was going to get the very best people in his administration, he brought the worst. He lies at the drop of a hat, every time he opens his mouth.

President Trump brags about having one of the best economy of any president, Trump inherited the economy from Obama. President Trump lashed out at strong black women of color and spark the act of racism because of his behavior. president believes he has the authority to treat people any way he because he is the president.

Trump told Black women who was born in this country to go back Where they came from. Innocent children were put in cages on the border like animals because of a administration and a president who didn't seem to care. There was once a Republican party but that Party no longer exists, it's all the party of Donald Trump. What ever he does they protect him, knowing he is unfit.

The president went after Black athletics who took a knee because of police brutality. Trump have disrespected dead and disable soldiers who fought in Vietnam, calling them sucker and losers.

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One of the worst things Trump has done is to tell lies about a virus that has taken the lives of thousand of people. Trump showed no empathy toward the victim's families as if he didn't care.

In February he knew the virus was deadly and more dangerous than the Flu, and never warned the public. Trump continue to lie about the virus saying it was harmless and would soon leave. The virus is still here and still killing people. President Trump has given up to the virus, what it is, is what it is he told a reporter.

In November it's time for every one to go to the poll and vote Trump out of office along with his Republican party.


Maxine Daniels Foster (author) from Boston MA on September 22, 2020:

2020 is a year that has changed the lives of every America, nothing will never be the same. 195 thousand plus lives has been taken and no one seems to care except families of the Victims. Some People not wearing masks, still having parties with over 50 people. We all must follow the guild lines to protect each other.

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