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The World Hangs by a Thread in Pandemonium

Our life stages are unique, Kathy enjoys sharing her thoughts and stages through her writing and looks forward to learning about yours.

Threads hold us together!

Threads hold us together!

Thread is Important - It Holds Things Together!

Humanity hangs by a thread! This same thread we need to secure the fabric of our lives. Our quilts break apart to form masks to protect us from a new viral enemy. Still, these coverings don’t subdue the turmoil we feel under pressure. Yet, we try hard to concentrate on Some Good News!

SGN- John you're making people smile!

SGN- John you're making people smile!

Not Fluff Just Truth!

Not to add fluff, but we find hope in the common ground! Though we recognize the pains one feels when a child goes to sleep hungry. A neighbor can share a sandwich. At the same time, we understand the cruel penalties when paychecks don’t show up. Still, we learn to survive on much less.

Navigating the unknowns is proving to be tough. On the one hand, we can connect with the superhero within us. But we should not stand against our fellow superheroes—the conflict of protest blocking entry to our hospitals is not our best recourse. News media rushes to document the acting out. Do we need to add fuel to a burning fire? Why not spend more time on highlights that ignite cohesion in this chaos?

We can do Better!

We can do Better!

Tough Times!

Although this juncture is unprecedented, we can find answers to most problems using our collective brain and a little heart. For example, while many squat in our cozy homes. The homeless will meander the streets with no resources. Hence, airports came to the rescue. They opened their doors to give temporary shelter. This community effort solves one issue and uses space for those rejected in the everyday routine—a little karma for the cosmos.

While in our hiatus, people have died. Regardless of the numbers, it is a real tragedy. Would it have had more importance if it was your spouse, grandparent, or child? What if they were young and or famous? Does that make their lives matter more?

The world wakes to a sluggish schedule! People are hurting! Unable to get back a moment or a loved one in the worst case. Our desires lose impact as needs move to the forefront. Yet, through it all, we figure it out. Adjusting priorities could have some impressive gains on our resourcefulness.

My point of reference comes from my husband. He is a father, grandfather, and, yes, a nurse. No, don’t exalt his heroism, for he is a humble guy. But he knows we must keep going. Because no matter your age or position, your influence makes an impact. We can change the trajectory with collective discernment to find solutions.

A break from the full PPE with a cloth mask made by a caring friend.

A break from the full PPE with a cloth mask made by a caring friend.

I Get It! Do You?

I get it. The rule of covering your face in confined public places is annoying! How about we show some solidarity for our essential workers! Their skin breaks down as they work to save lives and remain safe. My sweet guy arrives home from the hospital ready for a break!

He came home later than expected on a recent Friday evening. He walks through the door, looks into my eyes, and says they require extra help this weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday! They requested, and I offered to step in. These patients still need us!

My heart plummets as I know they rely on him during this season. Caring is what he does. He cares for others in tough times. I realize he was looking forward to Friday's end! I even called him at lunch to remind him he was halfway there. But these essential workers put others before themselves and do it with cheerful and compassionate hearts.

Dinner was ready, leftovers with cornbread and not wanting to waste a morsel, made a notable desert from ripened bananas. But, of course, my guy first has to strip from the hospital scrubs. Next, spray the shoes and rush upstairs to shower off the remnants of exposure. Then he can take a breath, re-group, and switch gears to focus on family life.

Our adult kids are here as support for one another during this season. A crisis is not new to our family. Now, we see everyone learning to band together in this storm. The youngest of our crew is two years old at this writing and says, can I hug Pop-Pop? We try to explain, saying, soon, little guy. His question saddens us! He says, am I allowed to touch him in a sweet voice?

There is bewilderment in his expression of why the rules have changed. Even for hugs! It reminds us that he is the face of innocence among us. We must keep the little ones safe and remind them everything will be okay. Social distancing, limited wages, missed experiences, trying patience, loss of life, everything has an impact. Truth loses clarity when we look to the world for the answers.

Everyday, can I hug Pop Pop, yet?

Everyday, can I hug Pop Pop, yet?

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Let's Stitch Things Back Together!

Hearing part of a story makes it difficult to define fact from fiction. Somewhere in the middle is the truth. Nurses are often the targets of people's anger facing the emotions of tough decisions. They don't get to hear the entire story. But the care workers have tried to mend the brokenness. We are all essential in this crisis. Would we experience this level of connectivity without this worldwide hiatus? Does God want our focus back?

How do we manage life's attacks? The chaos and injustice have been a spectator sport of sorts. Do you watch any news reports? Then you understand skewed information causes anxiety. Hardship is part of this journey, but kindness is the lifeblood of a future. The allowance of differing opinions while living in unity creates hope and togetherness. Love one another, help where you can, and trust in our future. Remind yourself that not planning too far ahead may have its perks.

We live in a world, but conflict does not trap our progress. Compassion sewn into our hearts' linings. We were beginning when God knitted us together in our mother's womb. We can prevail and generate less chaos. Novel experiences allow for growth, even within the struggle. If we choose our words and consider their presentation, the banter can be quiet enough for people to listen. Then we can mend our quilts back together.


In Conclusion

I recently shared this comment with some sweet friends on a Facebook post. I saw firsthand the banter of frustration I addressed in this Hub. I added my comment here, as it is a decent conclusion/summary. I love my friends; I know they are great people. So, seeing them frustrated as both sides of this issue present makes it real. This isolation is getting to all of us.

"I may not be the best grammatically, but I have the heart!"
While this isolation frustrates, confinement makes people a tad grumpy in their presentation. We all need to take a breath. Let's be better than this isolation; remain kind to one another.

My hubby is a hospice nurse, and thus I see a different side of things. I am very immune-compromised, and so there's that. I also have a daughter who was expecting during all the chaos. I saw the fears creep in all around my family and friends. I feel the release of frustrations with friends on both sides of the issue. I also understand people are hurting and want to get back to normal. They need help, paychecks, and jobs. I suppose I know the struggle, as I have been ill for many years.

Last week, I received a fancy breathing machine in my home as they felt it was necessary. I crash without some help from my old diaphragm. Not to play the pity card, know that I get it. Finances from being critically ill have taken a hit over the years. Fear at the beginning of my journey was crazy. Now we have found a balance. This type of uncertainty became our reality long ago. We cared for my illness and feel safe.

I have played on this playground, and It's no joke!
We also need to get back to living! But we need to know that to pretend an illness is not there does not make it go away. I wish it did. I may have tried, occasionally, with my health issue. But unfortunately, it did not help me pretend.

Anything hurts more when it's close. I pray we stay safe and well! We will get through this. Maybe breathe in and out while we can. Consider our words. Trust the process, or at least love one another. Let the big guys fight it out and keep people safe as best they know. There is no perfection until we get to the other side.
Peace & God Bless

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Kathy Henderson


Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on May 22, 2020:

Thank you, Dora -

Thanks for your sweet comment.

Hubby came home today and said some of his co-workers tested positive so they tested him. He was negative, praising God for that this Friday evening!

I too am greatly concerned for the children. I believe we can all set a great example of joy in a storm for them, here's to hoping we do!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on May 20, 2020:

I appreciate your honesty in pouring your heart out about this traumatic experience we all share. Thanks to your husband and others in the caregiver role. They deserve our commendation for their personal sacrifices. As for the children, I keep wondering how this social distancing will affect them; they thrive on embraces.

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on May 15, 2020:

Lorna -

Hello lovely lady, it is a blessing in disguise to have this common ground in difficulty. Hearing that your experience in Ireland is similar is strangely comforting. If this is worldwide, people must understand it is critical to be smart in how we move forward. I believe we will all learn much about ourselves from this season. Our grandchildren will learn about this. They will also learn how we treated one another.

Thank you for your kindness, may we all be kind in this timing. You stay safe too, Blessings and HUGS

Lorna Lamon on May 15, 2020:

I think we all have a similar story to share Kathy. Here in Ireland I am working from home, as we are still in lockdown. There is so much I miss, however, many people have lost so much more.

I think in some way this virus has united the planet and I truly hope that when it passes, we will remember to continue caring for others. Life will be different and it is up to us the difference we make. I pray you and your lovely family continue to stay safe and be well.

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