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The Willie Stark Strategy for Sanders Supporters

Robert Penn Warren, 1905 - 1989

Robert Penn Warren, 1905 - 1989

The greatest political fiction classic in American literature is Robert Penn Warren's "All the King's Men," hands down. Penn Warren was 41 when he published the novel, 13 years out of Yale and the Fugitives, a group of young Southern writers and poets who sought to bring Southern literature into modernity. Its members included Allen Tate. A full professor at Louisiana State, Warren won the Pulitzer for King's Men in 1947.

In the book, loosely based on the career of Louisiana Governor Huey "Kingfish" Long, the main character, Willie Stark, is brutally betrayed by his own party. With nowhere to go, after deep introspection, Willie decides that the people he represents will continue to be ignored until they make their voice heard, in an unmistakable manner. He decides to throw his votes to his opponent, away from the very candidate his presence in a local race was designed to benefit. He was to be used as a vote-splitter, with no chance of winning. So was conceived one of the most famous passages in American literature.

"I’m resigning in favor of MacMurfee. By God, everything I’ve said about MacMurfee stands and I’ll say it again, but I’m going to stump this state for him. Me and the other hicks, we are going to kill Joe Harrison so dead he’ll never even run for dogcatcher in this state. Then we’ll see what MacMurfee does. This is his last chance. The time has come. The truth is going to be told and I’m going to tell it. I’m going to tell it over this state from one end to the other if I have to ride the rods or steal me a mule to do it, and no man, Joe Harrison or any other man, can stop me. For I got me a gospel and I—”"

Willie Stark winds up causing a landslide for the man his own party was attempting to defeat, but with a purpose, employing the political strategy of the block vote. In block voting a group of voters can hand victory to either party, and thus establish itself as a force to be reckoned with.

Warren's Stark has become a realist, and realizes what a fool he has been to listen to the "fat cat's" false promises, false rhetoric. The machine is thoroughly corrupt, and it can only be demolished and rebuilt from the ground up.

"Oh, I’m a hick and I am the hick they were going to try to use and split the hick vote. But I’m standing here on my own hind legs, for even a dog can learn, and here I am on my own hind legs.” And he would lean at them. And demand, “Are you, are you on your hind legs? Have you learned that much yet? You think you can learn that much?”"

Fast forward seventy years to the present, and an enormous swell of voters, Warren's "hicks" who put their trust in a voting system, have been brutally betrayed, and are cornered into a choice of candidates, neither of whom they like. One, however, is part and parcel of the betrayal. With the mainstream media thoroughly complicit, Sanders supporters have nowhere to turn. A new report out of Stanford University concludes that:

"data suggest that election fraud is occurring in the 2016 Democratic Party Presidential Primary election. This fraud has overwhelmingly benefited Secretary Clinton at the expense of Senator Sanders."

Media coverage of even this heavy-hitter's report: zero. Multiple legal actions are moving forward to put a spotlight on the Clinton machine's cheating, but all seem to be hollering down a well at midnight. Boxed in, betrayed, Sanders supporters have a choice to make.

One thing and one thing only might get the Democratic party's attention, and that is a hard-headed, iron-clad guarantee that Hillary will not be the victor over the chosen bogeyman of the moment, Donald Trump, whom Bill Clinton had a conversation with, the contents of which nobody knows, just before Trump announced his candidacy. Trump is mean. Trump is nasty. In other words, he is the perfect candidate to scare voters into accepting that which they would ordinarily never accept, the War Party, Wall Street Hillary Clinton as President of the United States. The Republican Neocons responsible for the Iraq invasion are already lining up behind Hillary.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein recently spoke hard truth, as she often does: What we fear from Trump, Hillary has already done. Stein just said:

"Trump says very scary things—deporting immigrants, massive militarism and ignoring the climate. Hillary, unfortunately, has a track record for doing all of those things,"

Famous economist and Harvard Professor Jeffrey Sachs casts a wary eye on Clinton's ascent through the ranks of Monsanto, military-industrial-complex-dominated Washington, where the most interventionist foreign policy elements, in which Hillary has a full-fledged, VIP membership, are aching for war with Iran.

Sachs has a problem with Clinton. She lies, about important things, like her role in starting and perpetuating the Syrian bloodbath. After Clinton claimed that she had "helped negotiate" a Syrian ceasefire, Professor Sachs fumed:

"This is the kind of compulsive misrepresentation that makes Clinton unfit to be President. Clinton’s role in Syria has been to help instigate and prolong the Syrian bloodbath, not to bring it to a close."

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The fact is that Donald Trump has no friends in Washington, and would be out of his depth. If elected his position would be very similar to Jimmy Carter's, an outsider with no party behind him to run interference, and drive home an agenda. There are a million and one ways to stop a president from doing what he wants to do, and the political animals in Washington know all of them. Clinton, on the other hand, would be in her element among the corrupt and amoral, and positioned to do major damage on behalf of her fracking, job-exporting, saber-rattling friends.

As the Democratic Convention approaches, Sanders voters who trusted the system, raised money, went door-to-door in all weather, and worked their hearts out as if any of this determined a damned thing, have a choice to make, if the DNC goes through with the sick dog and pony show and declares Hillary the nominee. At that point the hard reality is that either Trump or Clinton will be president.

Reward the election theft, and bring the depraved scheme of the Hillary political faction to fruition? Or shove Trump into the hot-seat for four years, if he can survive that long without being impeached, and raze the structures of corruption and election fraud to the ground?

One thing is sure: a Hillary victory means eight years of Hillary. Such determined ruthlessness will never give up power a single nanosecond before.

Willie Stark was on a roll. He told the crowd to make sure the powers-that-be understood that the hicks had learned how to "stand on their hind legs."

"Vote for MacMurfee this time, he told them, for he is all you have to vote for. But vote strong, strong enough to show what you can do. Vote him in and then if he doesn’t deliver, nail up his hide. “Yeah,” he would say, leaning, “yeah, nail him up if he don’t deliver. Hand me the hammer and I’ll nail him.”

Politics is ugly. No one said it was anything else. But it is also true, as the intellectual giant Warren said, no one ever helped a hick, except the hicks themselves. By voting strong, and nailing up hides. No one forced this state of affairs upon the voters but the Democratic Party itself, by its unprecedented arrogance and corruption.

The stakes are now higher than the election of any single candidate. Now it is whether Americans are to have any voice whatsoever left in the selection of its leaders, or if they will be foisted upon them by a self-perpetuating government forevermore. Even Sanders, now in a high-wire act between the Democratic party and his supporters, recently said "Defeating Donald Trump cannot be our only goal."

Once the Democratic machine understands that its candidate is absolutely, 100% guaranteed to lose through the deliberate actions of the Sanders block, despite Sanders' own calls for "defeating Trump," it may be more disposed to entertain the many seating challenges which will be put forth at the convention, of Clinton delegates tainted by election fraud. If the party does not self-destruct, a desperate scramble might ensue for a way to dump Hillary.

Clinton is already neck-and-neck with Trump in the polls, with Trump nipping at her heels, while Sanders still does and always did solidly beat Trump. The irony is if the object was always to beat Trump, Bernie Sanders would be the nominee.

The lawless Clinton gang must know that they will lose, who made them lose, and why they lost, in the general election. Then and only then will the parties know that rampant election fraud will no longer be tolerated by Americans, who have grown up politically, and learned how to stand on their hind legs.


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Jill Spencer from United States on June 18, 2016:

Interesting hub! I don't think, however, that Bernie will do a Willie Stark. He doesn't seem to personalize politics or take the actions of the DNC as a personal attack. For him, it's about issues, and it's clear to him why the DNC, as the corporate tool it is, would resist his vision of change. I'm not sure that, even if Bernie did emulate Stark, his supporters would do as instructed. I wouldn't vote for Trump at his bidding; however, I will vote Green of my own volition unless some major changes happen before the election. Thanks again for an interesting article. Shared! --Jill

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